Pairings: Parvati Patil/Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas/Lavender Brown, various other mentions. Warnings: Possible character death, violence and adult content. And seeing as this is a story about Seamus, language could very well be a problem.
Note: Spur of the moment fanfiction, my first full-length fanfiction in a long, long time and the first in the Harry Potter fandom.


Firewhisky Baths

Chapter 1: Parvati and the War


Parvati Patil, age 20, walked through the streets of Muggle London lost in thought. So lost, she had apparently lost a sense of where she was actually going. Parvati was thinking about the war.

The war had flared back up when she was in her sixth year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it had even been battled within the very walls of the magical school. And there had been casualties. After that fateful battle, after Dumbledore had been killed, her parents removed Parvati and her twin sister Padma from Hogwarts. Many students had, but the school remained open for the students whose parents' felt Hogwarts was safer than home.

Since her removal from Hogwarts, she had moved into a little cottage in Hogsmeade and worked in Madam Puddifoot's teashop. On occasions, like this one, she chanced a visit into Muggle London and occasionally Diagon Alley, and did very rarely run into someone she knew. Today wasn't one of those days.

The thick fog she had long since associated with the ever-present dementors was chilly against her bear face, even the Muggles noticed the fog. She had gone out for a bit of shopping, to take her mind off of things. New robes from Diagon Alley and a few new Muggle pieces for her to wear in these jaunts into London.

Unlike some, the war had not taken a toll on Parvati Patil's good looks. She was tall, with pretty dark eyes and waist length shiny black hair, that was currently tied back and adorned with a sparkling ornamental butterfly.

Fatalities were nearly daily, she always skimmed the Daily Prophet for any deaths or disappearances, she always looked for people she knew. But it hardly ever was, it was usually some stuffy old Ministry witch or wizard, so far, as far she she knew, none of her classmates had been killed yet.

People were switching over to the Dark Side right and left. People were hysterical still, Parvati thought that people would stop reporting seeing He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named walking through their rose bushes, but these accounts were, like attacks, almost daily. And sadly enough, they were taken seriously.

Sometimes, Parvati wondered about Harry Potter. He had left school like many other people, but he had left to hunt down He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Occasionally, you'd hear of he and his two partners being spotted somewhere, on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's trail. Parvati hoped he found him soon and she hoped he could put an end to this war.

There were always wild rumors that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was un-killable, or he had done something to himself to prevent death. She didn't know whether or not she should bother to believe half of what they printed in the Prophet. Finally, Parvati found herself in front of the Leaky Cauldron. She slipped in unnoticed, the pub was emptier than she had remembered from her school days, but not completely deserted. She waved a hand at the old barman, indicating she was only passing through, and went to the back wall. Tapping the right brick with her wand, she walked out into Diagon Alley.

Diagon Alley was dark and grey now, fog covered the street, there were only people in tight little groups, staying only to get a few items they needed and then promptly leaving. Many shops were boarded up and suspicious looking little stands had sprouted up instead.

"Aren't you a bit too pretty to be wandering around alone?" asked one particularly foul "vender", smiling to reveal broken yellow teeth.

"I'm afraid not," Parvati said briskly, walking to the end of the lane. She stopped into Madam Malkin's, to buy new robes for her work, for a very short amount of time. She stepped out carrying the small package, continued down the foggy street and when she got to a favorable spot, she Disapparated.

Hundreds of miles away, Parvati appeared outside her cozy little cottage in Hogsmeade. She walked to the door, tapped it with her wand to unlock it without setting off her alarm, and walked inside.

Her cottage was, for lack of a better term, shiny. There were pictures in gold-plated frames on the walls, there were candles with ornate holders and her furniture could only be described as positively feminine.

Parvati Patil lived alone, she had once had a boyfriend after Hogwarts, but she decided against marrying him, as when he asked she had only known him three months. In the midst of the war, people were eloping right and left and trying as fast as they could to have children, for fear of waking up the next day and dying.

While that was a very logical concern to Parvati, she wasn't interested in getting married and having children quite yet.

She fondly looked up at her most recent picture of she and Lavender Brown, her best friend, taken at Lavender's wedding to longtime friend Dean Thomas. It was the two of them and Parvati's identical twin sister Padma, all three waving and giggling happily.

Parvati picked on Lavender and Dean about their sudden wedding, siting that they were possibly made for each other simply because of each other's habits of being rather public with their affections.

Studying the picture, she saw so many of her old friends just walking in and out of the background. Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Dean's best friend and best man at his wedding, Seamus Finnigan. Strangely enough, Ginny Weasley had also come to that wedding, even though she and Dean had dated briefly in Dean's sixth year, and Lavender and Ginny's youngest older brother Ron had been a very public item themselves.

Parvati had asked Ginny if she had heard anything from Harry and the others lately, and she shook her head sadly and told her that she hadn't actually seen them since her eldest brother's wedding the summer of Dumbledore's death, and they hadn't written for months.

Parvati had always kind of admired Ginny for her toughness, but with six older brothers, she figured Ginny had to be tough to get by. But Ginny looked tired and saddened at the thought of her three friends.

Parvati shook her head, she had been taken out of her reminiscing by an owl landing on her kitchen table. She untied the scroll of parchment and sent the owl back off. She unfurled the letter and smiled when she realized who it was from.


How have you been? Everything has been great here, but I miss you! Next time you're in London, come see us, please? But before then, I'm coming to see you on Friday, because I have something important to tell you that I'd rather tell you in person. Letters are so impersonal.
I hope you've been well, I hope you're not too lonely down in Hogsmeade without me. How's work going? Any new men in your life I should hear about?
Well that's about it for this letter, I'll be at your house Friday at 8 o'clock. Be prepared for a nice dinner. We need to be catching up.

With love, Lavender.

She had completely forgotten Lavender and Dean lived in London now. She cursed herself, she could have gone and visited them. But then again...maybe the fates had wanted her to get home promptly instead of stopping to see old friends. She had always loved Divination, and she firmly believed in fate, so she explained her temporary forgetfulness of her old friend as fate that she was to return home in a timely manner.

Lavender would probably buy that excuse too. Now all she had to do was was wait for a grand sign from fate.

In the meantime, she started up the hall. She planned on taking a long, hot bubble bath to get her mind off the depressing day-to-day of the war. But as she walked to the back of her house, she heard a thud in the street outside.

Dammit, fate, Parvati thought as she walked back towards her front door, couldn't you have waited half an hour?

She flung open the door and looked around, expecting a dementor attack of a grand struggle between a group of Aurors and some Death Eaters. But no, it was so much simpler than that.

Lying in the gutter, sandy-blond hair sticking to his face, a bottle of firewhisky in his hand, was...

"Seamus? Seamus Finnigan?"

The Irishman stirred, only slightly. She kneeled down to get a better look at him and he opened one bleary, bloodshot eye. "I'll be damned..." he mumbled, almost incoherently. She grabbed his arm and forced him to stand. The nearly empty bottle of firewhisky slipped from his hand and shattered.

"Wha' brings you here, Parvati?" he asked, slurring a little as he stood unsteadily.

"...I live here, Seamus."

Seamus didn't reply immediately, instead he stumbled back and nearly fell back into his nice cozy gutter.

She grabbed his arm again, "come on," she said irritably. Parvati pulled her old schoolmate into her house and sat him down at the kitchen table.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

He looked around. "I was trying to Apparate to London and I guess..."

"You were too drunk and ended up in Hogsmeade?" she guess shrewdly.

He grinned sheepishly. She noticed that he looked a real mess, he had the stubble that you attribute to a few too many days of neglecting to shave, his hair was matted and tangled, his eyes were bloodshot.

"What's wrong with you Seamus?"

Seamus tried to shrug, but he swayed dangerously as a result of the motion. "I just fancied a night out with the drink," he said, but she knew he was dodging the real answer.

Parvati didn't question him further, instead she busied herself with making him a class of tea, hoping it would sober him up a little bit. She pondered what might have happened to get him in such a state where he felt the need to drink himself half to death. Nothing had been reported in today's paper, so she didn't figure it was a death or anything like that.

Setting the little teacup in front of Seamus, she suddenly giggled.

As he took a swig of tea, he nearly choked in his haste to question her. "What?"

She looked at the cup clutched in her hands, she smiled. "Remember in third year when we had to do tea leaves? And Professor Trelawney predicted Harry's death?"

He laughed a little. "She liked predicting his death, didn't she? Silly old woman," he said. He had a few other choice things he could say about Professor Trelawney, but he bit his tongue remembering Parvati's affection for the old fraud.

"Do you think he's going to...?" she asked, trailing off.

Seamus bit his lip. "Nah, if anyone can, it's Harry. He can do it." But his tone implied he was more trying to convince himself than comfort Parvati.

"I'm going to bed," she said abruptly. "I don't have a second bedroom in here, but feel free to use the sofa. The bathroom is the last room down that hall if you need a shower or anything," she told him.

"G'night Parvati," he said, finishing his tea and standing as well.

She walked back to her bedroom, and shut the door. She would find out what was really wrong with Seamus in the morning after he had really sobered himself up. She heard the bathroom door click open, and close again.

A few moments later, Parvati fell asleep. Blissfully unaware that she was the only one getting to sleep tonight.


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