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Chapter 1 Ashley Whitten

Ashley Whitten was THE teen pop star. She had a multi-platinum CD out, number 1 songs on all the major radio stations, topped the Billboard charts, and yet was still the sweetest girl and completely down to earth. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was medium height and she was skinny. She had great style and every girl dreamed of being her and all the guys thought she was hot.

She walked up the steps to her house in LA. She was just coming home from school where she found out she was almost failing like every subject. She was wearing a pink tank top with pink beads on it, jean capris, and really cute pink heels. Her long blonde hair was down and curly with a pink headband. In her hands were a Louis Vitton bag and her pink Ipod.

"I'm home!" Ashley said closing the door behind her and putting her stuff on the hall table.

"Ashley Marie Whitten may we please see you in our office." Mrs. Whitten called from upstairs.

Ashley cringed at the tone of her mother's voice and the use of her full name. She was in trouble for something. Ashley sighed and walked down the hall to her mom and dad's office. She walked in and saw them standing there with their arms crossed. She sighed and sat down in one of the brown leather chairs.

"What did I do exactly?" Ashley asked confused.

"YOU ARE FAILING!" Mr. Whitten yelled, "Your principal called today saying that you are getting very poor grades in all of your classes. Well that is all of your classes except choir!"

"I'm sorry I have some other stuff on my mind right now!" Ashley retorted.

"Yes, but your grades are very important." Mrs. Whitten said, "Your father and I have made a decision that we feel is best for you."

"And that would be…?" Ashley asked a little scared of what this "solution" was.

"We decided that since the semester just ended and all that this would be the best time to do this. We are transferring you to Playa Linda High School in Playa Linda, California. It's a small town and it is laid back. You will be able to focus on your school work and all instead of here where it's all the glitz and glamour of LA. You will be moving in with your Uncle Johnny for the time being." Mr. Whitten said.

"WHAT!?!? You can't make me move. What about my career?" Ashley asked very upset.

"You will be able to drive to LA to do a couple of concerts and stuff, but if you want to continue in this job you are going to have to bring your grades up. We talked to your label and stuff and they support our decision." Mrs. Whitten said, "You have no choice. Go pack, you leave in 2 hours."

Ashley just shook her head and ran upstairs to her room crying. She hated her parents for doing this. They were going to ruin and her career. She slowly packed everything into her pink, orange, and yellow Vera Bradley duffel bag. Her mom and dad came up two hours later to tell her it was time to go. She said goodbye to her puppy Jewel and then she went out to the black Range Rover with her parents.

"Here, come with us." Mr. Whitten said and Ashley sighed and followed.

Mr. and Mrs. Whitten took her out to the large shed in the back.

"Well now that we won't be with you…we thought you would need this." Mrs. Whitten said.

Mr. Whitten opened the two shed doors to reveal a red Ferrari.

"Oh. My. God!" Ashley said in shock. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

She ran over and hugged both of her parents and suddenly she stopped.

"Wait, are you trying to bribe me?" Ashley asked.

"Umm…maybe…" Mr. Whitten said.

"Well I'll take it!" Ashley said.

Hey maybe her parents weren't so bad after all…! Ashley hopped into her new car and her parents got into the Range Rover. Ashley followed them out of the driveway and on to the road. She listened to the radio the whole way there. The drive there took about 2 hours. They finally pulled up in front of a cute beach house and her parents pulled into the driveway. She pulled into a spot in front of the house on the street. She turned the car off and got out. She walked over to her parents. She hadn't really ever known her Uncle Johnny but her parents talk to him all of the time on the phone.

She followed them up to the front door and they knocked. A couple seconds later a brunette boy about 10 years old answered the door.

"Hi sweetie is Johnny Durrant here?" Mrs. Whitten asked.

"Yea, sure come on in. JOHNNY!" Derrick yelled.

They all walked into the house and Johnny appeared about 30 seconds later. He smiled and immediately went up to hug Mr. and Mrs. Whitten.

"It's been so long since I've seen you!" Johnny said excited.

"Yea, I know. And you remember Ashley. The last time you saw her I think she was 4." Mrs. Whitten said.

"Yes of course, hello Ashley." Johnny said and gave Ashley a hug.

"Hi Uncle Johnny." Ashley said.

"Well we will go get your stuff out of the car and up to the room you will be sharing with Nikki in a second. First I would like you to meet everyone." Johnny said, "GUYS COME ON DOWN ASHLEY IS HERE!"

All of a sudden a lot of people appeared in the room. Nikki was the first to speak.

"OMG your Ashley Whitten!" Nikki said excited. "I'm sharing a room with THE Ashley Whitten! I have to go tell Amber."

Nikki ran off and Bradin rolled his eyes and laughed.

"Well that was Nikki…I'm sure she'll get over the star struck thing eventually." Johnny said and Ashley laughed. "This is Ava, we are engaged. Then this is Derrick and that is Bradin and they are Ava's nephews and Nikki is Ava's niece. Then this is Susannah and her husband Matt and Jay and his girlfriend Erika."

"Hi." Ashley said.

"Okay well Sharon and Ken I will get you two drinks. Come on in and sit down. Bradin will you go out and help Ashley bring her stuff in?" Johnny asked.

"Yea sure." Bradin said.

Bradin and Ashley walked outside to the car.

"So you're some famous singer or something?" Bradin asked.

"Yes, famous pop singer." Ashley said.

"Well that might explain why I've never heard of you." Bradin said.

"Not a pop music fan or something?" Ashley asked.

"No, its way too sugar coated." Bradin said.

"That's why I love it. Life sucks enough, why not have something that can make you happy?" Ashley asked.

"It's too little kid-ish." Bradin said and Ashley laughed and rolled her eyes.

"No, it's just you don't think it's cool. Yes I do have connections with Radio Disney, but it's not all little kid music. Pop is the most misunderstood genre there is out there." Ashley said.

"Oh yea and how is that?" Bradin asked.

"You for example. You think all pop music is just yay I'm alive let's make a song about it! That isn't true. It's just really upbeat but it's not all like that. Older kids just shun it and are all like I have to be rebellious and dark and like punk. I, on the other hand am not going to be all dark and depressed just because that is what everyone expects me to be." Ashley said.

"You are really something else aren't you?" Bradin asked and Ashley only smiled at him and walked away.

Bradin watched her walk away for a couple of seconds in shock and then followed her into the house and up to his sister's room. Once they were done Bradin and Ashley sat down on the bed with Nikki.

"So is it like really cool being a celebrity?" Nikki asked Ashley.

"It can be cool. I mean I love performing and my fans are awesome, but sometimes it is just way too stressful." Ashley said.

"Not to sound mean or anything, but why are you here?" Nikki asked.

"No it's okay. I'm here because of my grades. I am doing very poorly in school right now so my parents said that I need to get out of the whole Hollywood scene and focus on school. It sucks I looked at my schedule and like all of my classes are remedial." Ashley said.

"Then you might be in some of my brother's classes. He is in remedial classes as well!" Nikki said and Bradin glared at her.

"Thanks Nik." Bradin said and Ashley laughed.

"So what is your excuse? Mine is my career, why are your grades bad?" Ashley asked laughing.

"Surfing…I was so into becoming a better surfer that I put school last…but now my aunt pulled me off the surf team." Bradin said.

"And he overdosed on performance enhancing drugs." Nikki said and Ashley gave Bradin and look that said "you did now did you?"

"Yeah, once again thanks Nik." Bradin said, "I was really into being a better surfer and I took drugs, fell down a flight of steps and ended up getting my stomach pumped in the hospital with a nasty bruise around my eye."

"So you are a surfer? Well you fit the type. Blonde haired hot jock." Ashley said. "You probably party every weekend, listen to punk music, think you are the hottest guy in the world and have had about 50 girlfriends in three months."

"Hey and you get mad when other people stereotype you." Bradin said.

"Okay I have a bet for you." Ashley said and Bradin nodded, "You teach me to surf and about the whole surfer world and I'll teach you to dance and sing and all about the whole pop scene. Then we will see whose judgments were right."

Bradin thought about it for a second.

"You're on…but be prepared to be surprised pop princess." Bradin said.

"Oh yea, you be prepared to find pop music isn't as uncool as you think surfer jock." Ashley said.

And the two shook on it.

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