Chapter 16: The Aftermath

Ashley groaned as light suddenly poured into her hotel room. She grabbed her blankets and pulled them over her head to block out the sudden intrusion.

"Come on Ash, you have to get out of bed eventually," Bradin said walking over to her bed and sitting on the edge, "It's been three days; you can't let Brenna get to you!"

"But she showed everyone that picture! It's all over the news…I can't show my face in public…everyone thinks I am a fake!" Ashley yelled out from under the covers.

"Yeah, well you need to get back out there! It's not you in the picture and you need to make sure they all know it," Bradin argued in response.

"None of them will believe me, everyone is judging me! I swore I would never get that reputation of being that girl and yet here I am with that rep! I can't even imagine how many fans I have disappointed!" Ashley replied while sitting up and allowing the sheets to pool on the bed in front of her.

"But you didn't do anything! Ashley it is not your fault that your sister did that!" Bradin yelled getting frustrated.

"Yeah, well the world will never believe it's not me and I will under no circumstances tell them that it is my sister!" Ashley yelled back and stormed into the bathroom where she slammed the door and locked it behind her.

Bradin groaned in frustration. He couldn't understand her! Why in the world we she not just go out, tell the world it is her sister, have them look real carefully at it, and then MOVE ON! It's simple really, but no she was going all dramatic on the situation.

Bradin got up off of the bed and left the room in search of Nikki and Amber. Maybe some the girls could get her thinking logically again. After ten minutes of searching he finally found them by the pool talking.

"Hey guys," Bradin said while sitting down on the chair next to them.

"Hey Brae, how is it going with Ashley?" Nikki asked and Bradin shook his head.

"It's not…she isn't thinking logically!" Bradin answered and then put his head in his hands.

"Do you want us to go talk to her?" Amber asked as if she were reading Bradin's mind.

"That would be great," Bradin mumbled.

Amber and Nikki immediately got up and headed to the hotel room in which Nikki and Ashley were sharing. Nikki pulled out her key and opened the door. The two walked into the room slowly and looked around. They were shocked to find all of Ashley's stuff missing as well as Ashley herself.

"What the hell?" Amber said confused.

"Ashley?" Nikki asked even though she knew she would get no reply.

(With Ashley)

"Hey Kevin, I'm coming to see you…is that okay?" Ashley asked into the phone.

"Yeah that's fine…I think I know exactly why you are coming…" Kevin replied and Ashley sighed.

"Yeah, can we talk about it when I get there?" Ashley asked.

"Sure, I will be waiting for you." Kevin replied and Ashley smiled.
"Thanks Kev, you are the best!" Ashley replied and Kevin laughed in reply and then they both hung up.

"Where to Miss?" the cab driver asked Ashley.
"113 East Wood Road in Dallas, Texas." Ashley replied.

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