House had been pleasantly surprised when she brought him add she'd printed off the internet.

"You're not worried about someone recognizing you there?"

"Well I figure that anyone there is probably also shopping for pretty hardcore stuff. Nothing to be shy about."

Not surprisingly, there is no one they recognize in the sex toy shop. House watches as Cameron's eyes widen to take in all the products. It is as she described it, "pretty hardcore," and he can tell from the way squeezes his hand that she's already getting turned on. "You can pick out one present," he tells her.

"We're only getting one thing?"

"You are only choosing one thing," he clarifies.

She laughs and kisses him on the cheek, and he lets her hand slip from his so she can lead the way through the store.

He follows a few steps behind so he can watch her. She is adorably curious about everything; she picks things up and puts them down. She mocks some of the more serious items: some things are definitely out of their league. Occasionally her reaction surprises the hell out of him. She holds up a butt plug with leather strands coming out of it, like a pony's tail, and whispers, "Hot, right?"

Instantly he pictures her naked, on her knees. "It is," he agrees.

She swishes it through the air against her thighs. "But you might want to use it like that, and I like your hand best."

"Do you."

"Mhmm," she answers coyly, and drops the toy. She moves on.

She spends a long time looking at the vibrating nipple clams, and he figures that it's what she'll come back to in the end. She looks at the paddles and riding crops, and even tries out a few, but his guess that she won't pick one of these is correct. When she finally does choose, he congratulates himself on making her pick something out herself, because he would have never guessed she'd want to try that.

"This is my present." She extends the red ball gag by it's black leather strap.

He feels slightly faint as blood rushes from his head. He steps closer and takes it from her. He puts his hand on her throat over her collar, not squeezing—just holding her there. He speaks low, playfully warning, for only her to hear. "No one will hear you scream."

"I know," she whispers.

"Let's make sure you like it. Hold up your hair." After he buckles it on, she lets down her hair and arranges it on her shoulders. "Well?"

She nods.

"Do you want me to take it off?"

Her eyes dart left than right as she considers his question. She shakes her head.


The fact that she can't speak somehow works to dissolve House's inhibitions. It's much easier to talk dirty than usual, a fact he takes advantage of during the entire drive home. The result is that by the time they pull up her panties are saturated.

Luckily for Cameron's modesty the street is dark and deserted, and no one sees House leading her inside gagged.

The second she is inside Cameron follows the instructions she received in the car. She strips quickly and brings him the wrist and ankle restraints, the blindfold already on her forehead. He buckles them on. Cameron lies as he directed, and he ties her down tightly: wrists to corners of the headboard, then those ropes come down to each ankle, so her knees are bent and spread as far as possible.

He bends and kisses her forehead. "You ok?"

She nods vigorously.

He holds up his hands with his fingers widely splayed, the way a small child would indicate 'ten.' "Safeword."

She nods her understanding.

"Let's see you do it."

Cameron's fingers snap wide apart.

"Good girl."

She lets her hands relax again.

Cameron lifts her head off the pillow so she can watch House undress. She gives a little moan around the gag when she sees how hard he is already. She wants him in her mouth. Her tongue swirls around the ball and she's already thrilled with her present—she comes much harder with something to suck on. She's throbbing with anticipation, and he can tell.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you."

She can't answer, but she hums against the gag and lifts her ass off the mattress.

"Not yet."

She moans her disappointment, then watches avidly as he approaches her and lies on his side next to her. He runs his hand over her belly, her ribs, then teasingly over her breast. Cameron shivers, and her nipple becomes erect. He repeats this treatment on the other side as he sucks the hardened nipple between his lips and tugs, watching for her reaction. She moans and squirms in obvious delight. He continues to play with her breasts until both nipples are extremely hard and she is moaning almost continuously.

He pauses to reach into the bedside drawer, and pulls out two clothespins. He loves the way her eyes widen and she swallows at the sight. He clips the first one on gently, slowly easing on the pressure as she moans, then lets her get used to it for a moment. The second one he just clips on quickly, and she jerks and makes a surprised squeak. He flicks the first impromptu nipple clamp experimentally, and is excited by the protesting sound she makes. He flicks them each in turn, making her thrash a bit against the ropes.

House kneels between her spread thighs and takes in the erotic site of her: hard pink nipples pinched by the wood of the clothespins; bound, gagged, and helpless. Completely at his disposal. He runs his hand down her thighs and up her hips and back, alternating between gentle trails and grazing her with his fingernails. With each pass he comes closer and closer to her center, until he is occasionally brushing a finger or thumb over her damp folds.

He pulls the blindfold over her eyes.

Cameron adjusts to the fact she can no longer see. After a moment House begins again to slide his hands all over her legs, occasionally darting over her wet, swollen lips. Now that she's in the dark her other senses heighten. His touch has more detail, and she is more aware of the sound and speed of her breathing. She can't remember ever having been this turned on.

Suddenly she feels him plunge his fingers into her, and she loudly moans her approval.

As House fucks her with his hand, he listens to her never ending moaning against the gag, and lets that inform him of what she likes. He wiggles his middle finger as fast as he can against his index fingers, locks his elbows and drills into her as fast as he can. Within moments he can feel her rhythmically clamping around his fingers.

He holds his hand motionless inside her, and watches as she slumps to motionless, breathes slower and deeper. He can still feel the aftershocks; she is still tight around him. He waits with his fingers still deep inside her tight hot cunt.

As soon as her orgasm has passed, House starts wiggling his fingers again. She moans low and exhales hard, clearly enjoying the sensation. She's still very tight around him, but he starts to shallowly slide his fingers in and out, slowly fucking her. Soon he has built back up to shoving into her as fast as he can, and she is back to one long moan.

He doesn't stop.

Again and again House forces Cameron to orgasm, giving her almost no respite between. It starts to take longer and longer between each as she becomes over stimulated. She starts to thrash her head from side to side; it becomes clear that the word she's repeatedly moaning unintelligibly is 'stop.'

He locks his elbow and fucks her hard and fast. Her hands are balled into tight fists, if she meant 'stop' those hands would be telling him so. She comes again, screaming against the gag, ribs heaving with her panting.

He lets her have a few minutes off, but only long enough for him to find and clip-on her butterfly vibe. Now she is begging "Please please please please please" against the gag, but he doesn't turn it down. He moves between her knees and pushes into her pussy, already so slippery from her repeated orgasms.

He feels her come again around his cock after only a few minutes, and he pushes her blindfold off her eyes. Her eyelids flutter against the open air, and it takes her a few moments to regain the ability to focus them. When he's sure she's watching, he pulls off one of her clothespins and replaces it with his lips, swirling his tongue over the reddened flesh. He repeats this with the other side.

When she spasms around him a second time, House knows he's close to losing control. He gives her a few strokes to ride it out, the slips out of her. He kneels above her, stroking his wet erection until hot come lands on the smooth skin of her tummy. He leaves it there.

House eases himself to lie on his stomach. Her bound position holds her pretty pussy wide open for him, and he intends to take advantage. He presses the flat of his tongue against her clit, then roughly forces two fingers into her.

It must be good, because Cameron begins to squirm. House wraps his left hand under her bent knee and tightly grips her thigh, holding her in place. He relentlessly uses his hand and mouth to make Cameron come again and again, not pausing at all. He keeps his eyes glued to her, watching her reactions.

Cameron is past It's too good you have to stop; she can no longer think. House is making her body do things she wouldn't have thought possible. Every time she is convinced she couldn't come again, he proves her wrong. When he brings her to the edge one last time she feels the blood drain from her head, and blacks out.

House had been watching and notices immediately. He checks her respiration, pulse: she's fine. He unbuckles the gag and tips her head back to allow her to breathe more freely. He has just finished untying her when she starts to come around.

"How's my girl?"

She blinks blearily at him and presses her legs together; shivers. "Oh my god," she breathes.

"That good huh?"

"Mmmm, amazing."

He turns off the bedroom light and climbs into bed with her, arranges her against him like a perfect two-piece puzzle. As she falls asleep in his arms he wonders what it will take to feel like he's given her enough, if he could make her come till she passes out and still wants to give her more.