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The Break Down

He just broke down on me. He never even showed me he was in pain before now.

We were arguing about the dumbest thing, about who gets to shower first. I don't know what made him break down and cry in front of me, but that's exactly what he was doing now. He took the argument to the extreme, bringing up things I never even knew about him. I guess the stress of his life couldn't be held in anymore.

He's kneeling at my feet facing away from me, hunched over with his head in his hands. He's been a rock up until now, I didn't want to see him crying about things I really couldn't help him with. Seeing a guy cry was never something I could do, something about it made my throat tight, made me want to cry for them.

He's not crying anymore, just kneeling there. He wont look up at me, he wont even move. I stood silent, I mean… what do you say when someone breaks down? I wasn't going to say everything will be alright. It never is so why lie. Ask "Are you okay?"… no. For some reason that question starts up the water works all over again, and he's obviously not okay.

All I could think to do was be his shoulder to cry on, so I knelt behind him and wrapped my arms around the front of him. He went stiff for a second, as if he forgot I was there the whole time.

"Dean." I laid my chin on his shoulder. His body molded into mine with ease.

"I'm fine." He replied.

"No, your not." I sighed.

He swallowed loud enough that I could hear it but said nothing more. He put his hands on mine where they lay on his stomach. He sat back on his heels, forcing me to change the way I was kneeling behind him. I shifted so that one leg rested on each side of his body and cuddled up to his back. I laid my head between his shoulder bones and kept my harms wrapped around him.

"I know it's a stupid question but-"

"Don't ask it." He cut me off. I could hear the beginnings of another break down in his voice. He may have let a little of his emotions out, but he was still fighting to keep them in.

Dean was the closest friend I've had in a long time. He understood my world. He lived it. He was a shit load stronger then I was, both emotionally and physically. And now… now he was fighting back tears. Fighting to control his emotions.

A tear tore from my eyes, soaking into the cloth on his back.

Dean's hands tightened around mine and he turned his head to the side, trying to look at me.

"Why are you crying?" He asked in a low hoarse voice.

"Because you wont."

I let go of him then and he turned to fully face me. Tears trailed down my face like mini waterfalls, tears Dean should have let loose. I hugged him with my entire body, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and my legs around his waist. My head was now resting on his chest with his chin resting on the top of my head.

"This would be a great position." He whispered, trying to make light of the situation.

It actually made me laugh and I loosened my grip on him enough to let me lean away to see his face.

"You're an idiot." I shook my head.

He took a hand and wiped away my tears. I felt dumb being the one crying when he was the one hurt. But I knew it would help pull him back together. We sat there for five minutes in silence. I held onto him and he held onto me. The front of his shirt was soaked wet with my tears by the time I stopped crying.


"Its alright." He pulled away from me enough to shove his hands between us and started unbuttoning his shirt. Yes, he was wearing a button down, he had to look like a FBI agent today.

I watched him unbutton it, watched his bare chest reveal itself with each pull of a button. I suddenly agreed with Dean's joke. As a reflex, I pulled my hair band out of my hair and let my black curly hair slide over my shoulders and chest. I hadn't realized I had done that until Dean looked at me suspiciously. Hunt with a guy too long and he starts to pick up the moves you do around other guys. Something about loose hair always reminded me of sex, so I tended to take down my hair when I saw a hot guy.

He smiled and slowly brought his shirt off his shoulders.

"Wipe that smirk off your face."

He did as I said, but I could still see the smile in his eyes. It was an improvement from tears but it still pissed me off.

"Help me take this off." He shrugged his shoulders and the shirt slid a little further down. I wanted to say no, do it yourself, but my hands didn't agree with my mind.

I slid my hands slowly over his shoulders, feeling how strong and broad they felt under my hands. I trailed my hands down his arms till I touched the fabric of his shirt and paused there for a few seconds.

"Your such a jerk." I whispered breathlessly.

He gave a soft chuckle, "Always."

I leaned closer to him and pulled his shirt over his forearms and hands until the only skin it covered were my own hands. I let it drop from my fingertips to the floor at the side of our bodies and leaned back away from him. I was still sitting in his lap with my legs wrapped around his waist, but I was no longer hugging him with my arms. I looked into his face and he was smiling at me again. He was sure feeling better about himself. I needed to get out of his lap.

"Are you okay?" If he says yes, I'm getting up and going to take a nice cold shower.


Okay yay! I can get up now. No more cuddling… That's what my mind said, not what my body said. I leaned forward and hugged his upper body, resting my head on his chest once again. My hair creating a thin layer between my face and his chest.

"You sure?"

I felt a hand rest in the middle of my back, pushing my upper body into him. The other went to my hair, grabbing a fistful of curls. He pulled on my hair so that I had to take my face away from his body and made me look into his eyes.

There were no tears, no uncertainty. As a matter of fact, he was damn certain about one thing. His eyes held that lusty, desiring look that only men get when they know they already have you under their thumb. Like a lion who spots an injured prey, so sure it can make the kill. And in this case, I was the prey. So not good..

"Dean…" I tried to tell him to stop, but all I got out was his name before his mouth closed around mine.

His tongue danced around mine, licked the roof of my mouth, played along my teeth and caressed my tongue with a demanding firmness. Every time I thought he would break the kiss he nibbled and sucked on my lower lip, then focused back on the inside of my mouth.

The hand that was on my back slid to the top of my jeans and followed it to the front of my body. My hands grabbed the back of his head, played with his short hair. He played his index finger over the top of my jeans, tickling the little bit of flesh on my stomach that he touched. He slipped his finger into the front of my jeans teasingly. I moved my hips into his hand, wanting him to really touch me. At the same time I pushed my ass down into his groin so I rubbed against him. He moaned into my mouth at the gesture and took his hand away from my jeans. I made a sad whining sound and pushed into him again.

He took both hands and placed them on my hips, stopping me from rubbing against him again. When I stopped trying to fight his hands, he took the sides of my shirt and slipped it up and over my head so we had to break the kiss for only a split second. He threw it beside him where his shirt had landed when I threw it.

I grabbed onto the top of his dress pants and undid his belt while he unhooked my bra. I had to stop in the middle of unzipping his pants so he could slide the bra off my arms and to the floor. He started kissing my neck, sucking on my skin, nibbling on it every few seconds. It made it harder to focus on his zipper, harder to concentrate on just one thought. When I finally got his zipper all the way down he started to lay me on my back. Kissing his way down my neck and shoulders.

I laid on the motel carpeting as Dean made his way to my breast. I gasped when his mouth closed around my left nipple, when he started rolling his tongue around it, sucking hard enough for it to be on just this side of pain. I moaned with his mouth on me, when he switched from one breast to the other. Nibbling with his teeth.

As he played with my breast, his other hand went to my jeans and unbuttoned them. He shoved his hand inside of my pants and my moans grew louder and louder until he shoved his fingers inside me. His mouth came off my breasts and hovered over my lips. He watched me bite my lower lip, watched me as I raised my hips to meet his hands that stroked the inside of me so gently. I didn't want gentle, I wanted more. More of him that he was holding back from me with just the touch of his hand.

The orgasm hit me by surprise, tore a scream from my mouth and bowed my back. My hands dug into the carpet beneath me, grabbing onto whatever it could.

My eyes felt heavy, my mind racing. I felt Dean slide my pants off my hips, pulling my panties down with it. He slide them off my thighs, my calves and over my feet. I wasn't sure when he took off my shoes but he had, or maybe I kicked them off.

He pulled off his pants and positioned himself on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist so my feet rested on his ass and pulled his hips closer to mine. He smiled down at me and pushed his lips on mine, he licked the line of my mouth, asking for entry and I gave it to him. He kissed me deep and hard, but that wasn't the only spot on my body that I wanted him in deep and hard.

Dean pushed his hip on mine and moved back and forth, rubbing himself on my clit. His smooth hard flesh grinding against me. He was teasing me again and I really didn't want to be teased. I broke the kiss and tightened my legs around his hips, making it hard for him to move.

"Please Dean, please. Just fuck me, please." I was begging and didn't care. I wanted him inside me.

Dean positioned himself on his hands in a push up position. He placed his hips between my legs and nudged my thighs with his so I'd open my legs wider. I looked down the length of our bodies and watched him guide himself inside me. He slid every inch of him inside of me, I was so tight that he filled me up, he had to fight his way inside of me until there was nothing else to push in, until I completely sheathed him with my body. He pulled out slowly, so close to slipping right back out of me that I shoved my hips upward. It wasn't as hard and fast as he would have been able to do himself but it made us both moan. He changed his position on top of me and stood on his knees, never taking himself out of me. I kept my legs wrapped around his waist. He grabbed my hips with his hands so that he held my lower body off the floor and started to pull out again. I tried to push my hips into his but he tightened his grip on my hips and held me in place. Before he could slip out, he slowly pushed himself inside of me again, the new angle making it feel deeper. He drilled me like that for five minutes, dipping his hips like a dance, caressing the walls inside of me just right. I tried rolling my hips but he wouldn't let me do that either. He was in complete control and he knew it. It made me try harder.

"Stop… that." He moaned when I fought his hands and rolled my hips.

"Please…" I rolled my hips against him as he pushed inside of me again.

He tightened his grip on my hips and pulled me into him as he thrusts inside me, harder and faster. His stomach rolled all the way down to his hips like some sort of belly dancer, making him stroke along the right spot inside of me. He thrust into me harder and harder using my hips to pull me into him each time he pushed inside me. My moan changed into a higher more lustful cry each time he hit that spot. I felt him slowly loose the rhythm he held so firmly in place and pound into me faster with each thrust. I screamed for him, screamed his name and tightened my legs around him, helping him go deeper inside me. "Oh god, Dean! Yes, yes, Dean, yes."

He slowed his rhythm and let go of my hips so he could grab my back. He leaned down and lifted me up so I was clinging to him with just my arms and legs with him on his knees, hands on my back. I rolled my hips as I used his shoulders to help me pull myself up and down on him. He lifted off his knees and held onto my back with me riding him as he walked across the room towards the bed. He stumbled walking when I tightened my muscles between my legs. He dug his head in my neck and shook his head.

"The bed-"

"Wall." Is all I said. The bed was to far away and I didn't want to wait or stop just to get to it.

I tightened my muscles again and he moaned into my neck, I felt his legs buckle enough to make him sway forward. He stumbled to the closest wall and pinned me up to it with his hips thrusting into mine. One arm grabbed onto my ass and held me up, the other rested on the wall just above my head for support. I kept my body wrapped around him, my head in his shoulder where my hair dangled down his back. He shoved his face into my neck and shoved as hard and fast as he could inside me. His body trapped me against the wall, so I was forced to let him take the reigns again. He thrusts harder and harder, faster and faster inside me. His hips slammed into mine full force, shoving my ass and back against the wall over and over. Pain shot up my spine each time he shoved me up against the wall but I didn't care. From my angle I could see his ass go back and forth with each thrust he made, the sight tore moans from my mouth. He pounded into me harder and harder and brought me with one last thrust. I screamed and bit into his shoulder as he kept driving his hips into mine. Each thrust adding to the orgasm. He moaned when I bit harder into his shoulder to hold in my screams. I tasted something copper and sweet and raised my mouth off his shoulder and a scream tore from my throat, all he needed was to hear me scream one last time before he came and released inside me. He moaned into my neck and the warmth of his breath made me shuddered against him. The gesture made me writhe with him still inside me and he responded to it with another thrust.

"Oh god." He breathed, sliding us down to the floor.

"That was amazing."

He leaned into me with my back against the wall, head still tucked into the curve of my neck.

"You should cry more often. That was great." My voice was breathy and deeper then usual, my words came out a bit slurred. I knew it was a good fuck, and I knew I'd be hurting tomorrow.

"That really was." He lifted his head up from my neck and shifted further away from the wall so he could pull himself out of me. I stood propped up by the wall as he laid on his back beside me. Panting like a mad man. His body was covered in sweat, glossing him up like some oiled up stripper.

He closed his eyes like a typical guy, ready to pass out after such a lay. I got my legs under me with much effort and crawled down to his legs. He opened his eyes and looked down at me, propped up by his arms.

"What are you doing?"

I kneeled between his legs and bent down to his groin. I looked up at him with only my eyes as I answered his question. "I got to come twice, I'm evening it up." I grabbed him and squeezed playfully, putting just a bit more pressure then usual. He watched me take him into my mouth, watched me slide the head of him between my lips. I took him into my mouth as deep as I could before I shoved the rest of him down my throat. I wanted the feel of all of him in my mouth at least once no matter how hard it was. I came back up and placed my hand at the base of him, squeezing lightly as I shoved him inside my mouth again. I used my other hand and made a 'v' with my index and middle finger. I put my two fingers on either side of him just below my lips. Moving it with my mouth as I sucked on him hard and fast. One of his hands went to the back of my head and played with my hair. I rolled the tip of him with my tongue, playing my teeth very carefully over the length of him. I felt him grow hard and harder inside my mouth with each thrust of my head. His hand tightened around my hair and shoved my head down, taking more of him into my mouth then I could handle. I took the hand that made the 'v' and placed it on the floor beside his hips for support. Dean tightened his grip on my hair and started shoving me up and down on him so that I was deep throating him. He moaned above me, I rolled my eyes up to look at him and saw his eyes fluttering open and close. He used my hair to control how deep and fast I took him in my mouth. Each time he shoved all of him inside my mouth I started to choke, unable to breath or swallow past the thickness of him. One last push of his hands on my head and he came inside my mouth, so deep in my throat it was impossible not to swallow. I felt the warm thick liquid travel down my throat and hit my stomach.

He let go of my hair and I rose off of him slowly, letting my spit and whatever was left of his cum trail out of my mouth onto his shaft. I rose my head and looked up at him with liquid dripping down my chin and mouth. I licked my lips seductively and smiled at him sinfully. Pleased I evened the deal. He gave a nervous, drowsy laugh at the sight of me.

"We're even." He declared, voice heavy with orgasm.

I crawled back up to his side and wipe at my mouth with my bare arm before laying beside him. It wasn't long till I fell asleep next to him. I was exhausted.

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