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A Sleepovers Fun

Their father told them to spend the night at Tom's place for the night. I don't know much about them except that they're a couple of cuties. Tom is my friend's brother, he's eighteen years old. This kid Dean that came over is also eighteen; his little brother's name is Sam. I heard their father say something was too dangerous for them to come with him, then I walked up behind them to enter the house and they shut up and all went still. Weird, but it didn't stop me from eyeing the two new boys in town. They were cute, especially the one with the short spiky hair. The other one seemed much too young for my taste. I started looking over the tall one from bottom to top; my eyes followed the long length of his legs, up his narrow waist, over his chest, till I stopped at his mouth. Perfectly red and plump… luscious… I think I licked my own lips because when I moved to look at those gorgeous green eyes, there was a sense of humor staring back at me. I felt the blood rush up to my cheeks and turned away almost tripping on the front step of my friends house before he could see me blush. I cursed at myself mentally before Jeanna opened the door and ushered me inside.

So here's the deal, Jeanna's my best friend. I love her and all but she forced me to come over for the night for a sleep over with a bunch of her other friends whom I must say I hate with a passion. A bunch of girls in one room is not always what it looks like in the movies.

Tom's having those two boys from outside spend the night; he met them in one of his classes. He's supposed to be in charge of the night since their parents were out on business. Whatever, not my problem if things go wrong, my goal is to just make it through the night without someone's face hitting my fist.

Tom was in the living room waiting for everyone to come, sitting back with his feet on the coffee table.

"Autumn, I promise you'll have fun." Jeanna said from behind me.

"Tom, those kids are outside." I ignored the have fun comment because that was just a lie. Tom paced over to us and rubbed the top of my head like you would a dog. He was like a brother to me, a very annoying brother.

"Relax Autumn, worst comes to worst you can spend the night in mom and dads room. Or you know, I can trade bed spots with you and sleep with all those beautiful girls coming over."

"Tom!" Jeanna smacked his shoulder.

"I don't mind that idea at all." I said.

"Autumn! Tom, go get your friends inside." Jeanna shook her head and led me to her room up stairs.

Her friends came one by one, some of them my friends, some of them people I really can't stand. Everyone kept telling me to have fun so that's what I tried doing until the most blondest red head made a stupid comment. "No Becky, Staten Island isn't an island, it's got a bridge." That was my cue to leave. I got up from the spot I had claimed mine from the moment I walked in the room, the floor beside the window, when Jeanna shot a glance for me to sit down. The gaze did falter me, I knew we'd be arguing later if I left the room but dear god if I have to hear this red head talking about how she thought Staten Island wasn't an island when we live there… well, lets just say Jeanna would have preferred if I had left. I told her with my eyes that I just couldn't sit through this conversation and mouthed to her that I'd be back in a little. Then I was gone.

I was walking down the stairs when the sound of the sleepover drifted completely away and the sound of Godzilla on TV. filled my ears. When I reached the bottom step I could see the two new boys sitting on the couch watching TV. I'm not sure where Tom was but whatever. I walked into the living room as quite as possible and behind the couch. Before I could sit down, Tom came up behind me and decided to give me a bear hug.

"Tom, can't breath!" The two new guys turned around in their seats to see what was going on. Tom let go and I could immediately tell he was buzzed. "Have you been drinking? I haven't even been upstairs long and you already pulled out the alcohol?"

"You mad at me?" He asked.

"No, but sharing is caring."

That earned me a laugh from all of them.

"Is the sleep over boring you that much?"

"Cathy said Staten Island isn't an Island, because there's a bridge that connects it to other places. You tell me if I should be bored."

"Jesus, my sister has some dumb friends."

"You're telling me… so, what are you boys up to except drinking?"

"Watching TV."

The two boys hadn't said a word since I came in, it bugged me. Made me feel like I made them uncomfortable.

"Do they talk?" I asked Tom.

"We talk." The older one answered with a smile.

"Alright. Do you have names?"

"Yeah. Would you like to know them?"

That made me smile, I liked him immediately. I nodded my head and he introduced himself and his little brother to me.

"My names Dean and this is my brother Sammy."

"It's Sam." The little one said.

"I'm Autumn."

Tom nudged Dean's shoulder with a smile on his face. "Careful there Dean, I think she found her next prey."

"Tom, shut up." I beamed my eyes at him.

"Autumn!" Jeanna's voice yelled down the stairs.

"Aw crap. Yeah!?"

"I called you for a sleepover. Now are you going to come up with me, your best friend, or stay with the boys?"

I looked from one to the other of the boys and smiled. "I don't think you want me to answer that."

"Get up here Autumn!"

I rolled my eyes and sighed, "I guess I'll catch ya later." What a cock block, she tells me to try to have fun, and when I do, she yells at me. There's no winning tonight.

So I made it through the stupid discussions, the gossip, and no there was no pillow fight in just underwear's and bras. It was past midnight when everyone decided it time to go to sleep, so I laid there listening to one of the girls snore for an hour and decided to go check if the boys were still awake. I mean, really now, who sleeps at sleepover's?

I climbed over the mound of girls in my way and finally made it to the door. When I stepped out into the hallway I saw the light in Tom's room still on and made my way over.

"Tom?" I asked, poking my head through the door.

"He's sleeping." Dean said, standing up from the floor and walking towards me.

"What are you still doing up?" I asked, glancing around the room to see Sam knocked out as well.

"Someone in the other room is snoring too loud for me to sleep. You?"

"I'm just not tired."

We stood silent for a few seconds when he asked, "Want to go watch TV or something?"

"Sure, just be quite. These walls are really thin."

We sat down at the couch and flipped on the TV. I went for small talk as we searched through the channels.

"So how long have you been in town for?"

"About two weeks this Thursday."

"Where you from?"

He seemed to think about that for a few seconds before answering, "Kansas… so from what it sounded like, you're not into sleepovers all that much are you?"

"They're alright, as long as I don't have to pretend I'm having fun when I'm not."

He turned his head to look at me when he asked the next question; I focused harder on searching the TV guide. "So are you having fun?"

"Right now?"

"Right now." He responded.

"Yeah… but I have a feeling I'm going to be having more fun soon."

"That's funny."

I turned to face him and realized just how close we were sitting next to each other. "What's funny?"

"I thought the exact same thing."

My hand twitched and I accidentally pressed a button on the remote, choosing a channel.

Have you ever seen HBO at night? Its complete porn. We both jumped as a girl's moan filled the house at the channel I accidentally chose.

"Shit, shit, shit!" I cussed.

We fumbled with the remote, not wanting to wake up the entire house and finally muted the volume so that there was just some guy's ass on screen, humping the moaning girl. I had to laugh.

"Nice view." Dean laughed.

"Here, you choose the channel." I handed him the remote and he took it, pulling my hand with it so I leaned forward. Of course I could have pulled back, but what girl in her right mind would pass up a taste of those lips? Surely not me.

So I let him pull me into a kiss, let his tongue dance around mine. I started to climb into his lap when he broke the kiss and looked up at the stairs.

"Just stay quite and no one will wake up." I told him.

I moved off of the couch and kneeled down before him, spreading his legs open so I could squeeze between his legs. He stared at me as I unzipped his pants, tugging them over his hips and reaching into his boxers. He moaned when I gripped him and I let go immediately.

"You have to be quite." I said again. He nodded his head and grabbed my hand, leading it back to the inside of his boxers. I pulled him out, my eyes going wide with the sight of him. I leaned forward and kissed the tip of him, flicking my tongue over and around the head. He made a soft moan in his throat, keeping as quite as possible as I took him between my lips and into my hot, waiting mouth, bobbing up and down the length of his cock. My tongue worked around him, flicking and licking everywhere possible, letting my saliva help me take him deeper into my mouth each time.

His hands grabbed at the back of the couch, his knuckles turning white from the grip. I looked up at him as I closed my lips against the base of him and let my throat convulse around him, trying to breath past the chunk of meat shoved down my throat. His eyes met with mine and I watched the effort he put in to make sure he didn't moan too loud. I slowly slipped him out of my mouth, sucking so hard that the pop of his dick coming out of my mouth seemed to echo inside the room. I licked a line up his shaft playfully, a tremble ran through his body, it made me smile. I backed out from between his legs and pulled the pants and boxers fully off of him, stopping to take off his socks.

"Take your clothes off." He ordered, as I reached for his shirt. I stood up and did what he said, slipping off the pink tank top and bra first. He reached over and grabbed me by my pajama pants, pulling me to him so he could play with my breasts. His tongue flicked over my right nipple, rolling it in his mouth, turning it hard immediately. I grabbed the back of his head and held him at my chest, running my fingers through his short spiky hair as the heat of his mouth sucked at the flesh of my breasts. Feeling how he nibbled on the tip of my nipples ever so gently, sucking on one breast and then the other until it was me who had trouble staying as quiet as possible. I reached down and grabbed his shirt, tugging it up his body. He pulled away from my chest and let me pull it off him.

He laid me across the couch, pulling my pajama pants and underwear down my legs, tossing them on the floor beside us. I bit down on my lips as he crawled his way on top of me, burrowing his hips between mine. The weight of his body pressing against mine made me flutter my eyes shut, a soft moan escaping from my lips. His lips met with mine a second later, one hand keeping his upper body off of me, the other grabbing the back of my neck to pull me to him. His tongue ravished my mouth greedily. Biting on my lips, licking the roof of my mouth, my teeth, sliding and rubbing against my own tongue like a wild dance. The hand at the back of my neck moved slowly to the front of my body, caressing over my collarbone till his fingertips trailed over my taut nipples. I shivered at his touch, and moaned too loud when his hand cupped and squeezed my breast. He pushed his lips tighter to mine, muffling my moans as much as possible. His hand worked its way down my body, between our hips and between my thighs. He kissed me harder as I tried to break away and stare down our bodies, his fingers working my clit in small, soft strokes. I was getting wetter by the second, his finger sliding with the juices that escaped my body. He broke the kiss, placing his other hand over my mouth. I gave him a quizzical look, moved my head to get his hand off my face only to find out why he was trying to hold my mouth shut. His fingers stopped stroking my clit and he jammed them inside me. Rotating his index and middle finger in small circles as I moaned and screamed into his hand. He watched my face as he worked his fingers, pressing his palm over my mouth as I grew louder and louder.

"Shh." He breathed, moving his fingers in and out, "We don't want to wake anybody up." He smiled wickedly.

I bucked my hips into his hand, squeezing my eyes shut in an attempt to calm myself, but it was so hard with his fingers moving inside me the way they were. A moment later and I was grunting with pleasure instead of moaning, soft "mmm's" vibrating in my throat. His hand started to slip away from my mouth when I nibbled on the skin of his palm, tasting his flesh. He moved his hand off of my mouth and worked his other hand faster. My hips helped me fuck his hand.

My arms wrapped across his back, nails digging into his skin, my teeth clamping down on his shoulder as he brought me with the flick of his fingers. I laid back down and let my head roll to the side, eyes clouded over with orgasm.

"You're so wet." Dean stated, bringing his slick fingers up from between us. My eyes started to focus on the TV. screen, the porn was still playing, some guy fingering a girl. I cocked my head a little, a second later Dean's voice finally hit me. I turned to face his gorgeous face just above mine, his fingers wet and glossy. He smiled down at me and brushed his fingertips over my plump, swollen lips. My juices coating my own lips. I stared him in the eyes as I licked my mouth where he touched. He placed his fingers on my lips again and shoved them into my mouth. I sucked my juices off of him, taking his fingers into my hot mouth, flicking my tongue and sucking on him the way I did his cock.

"Fuck," He moaned, shoving his hips against mine so I felt just how hard and swollen he was, "you like the way you taste don't you?" He moaned, rubbing his dick against me again. I sucked on his finger harder as my answer, making another "mmm" sound.

His eyes flicked to the TV and back to me, drawing his finger from my mouth. He leaned down and kissed me as his hand trailed between us for a second time. He lifted his hips from mine, grabbing himself as he guided his way inside me. I writhed beneath him, holding in my moans with each inch of him that glided inside my wet pussy.

His hips started rocking into mine, his cock gliding with ease because of how wet I was. I moved beneath him, rotating my hips, meeting each push of his hips with an upward thrust of my own. I matched his rhythm, helping him drive his hips into mine as he thrust inside of me over and over. We held in our moans, instead our breathing was heavy and small grunts of pleasure escaped our lips. His hips slammed into me with welcomed pain as he picked up his speed and dug his head into my shoulder, his breathing escalating into fast, sharp pants. I grabbed the back of his head, my nails digging into his scalp, pulling on his short hair. My eyes caught sight of the television set again and I my eyes widened.

"Fuck," I breathed, watching the television screen. We were acting out the porno. I stared at the screen as Dean's rhythm picked up speed. I watched our reflection in the television, almost perfectly on top of the couple fucking on the TV. My breathing started to race as I watched our reflection and the porno. I looked back at Dean when he rose his head off my shoulder to find him smiling. He grabbed my chin and held my face to the tv.

"Watch us." He whispered into my ear, turning his head to the screen. He slowed his rhythm, pulling out of me tauntingly slow and then ramming his cock inside me. I writhed beneath him over and over, the pressure between my legs building up as I watched him fuck me through the reflection, watched his face and mine both watching ourselves and the couple on tv. My breath started to come out shaky, my legs quivering as he thrusts in and out of me again and again, rolling his hips into mine almost in sync with the man on tv. I grabbed at his back, feeling the pressure between my legs building more and more.

"Fuck, yes!" I moaned. Watching his hips slam into mine. I tightened the muscles between my legs, twisting my hips around him. He moaned loud and clear, his eyes closing for a brief second in the reflection. "Oh god yes, fuck, yes. " I closed my eyes, trying not hold in my moans. His grip on my face tightened.

"Watch me fuck you." He demanded. I opened my eyes and when I did, the girl on the tv came screaming beneath the man. Her body arching off the bed, nails digging into the mattress, mouth open as she screamed into the room they were in. But the tv was on mute.

My nails dug into Dean's back, ripping through his flesh as I watched the girl come, the man ramming into her at a faster speed to please himself. Dean's warm breath caressed my ear, his voice strained.

"I can't hear her come," he whispered. My nails dug deeper into his back as the guy came next, pulling out of the girl so that he shot his seed all over her stomach. "Let me hear you come." Dean breathed. "Come for me." And just like that, I came, screaming at the top of my lungs, forgetting to be as quite as possible. My entire body shook with it, the muscles between my legs clenching down on Dean's cock as the orgasm rode my body. I watched myself come beneath him just as I had the girl on TV, Dean came second after, my body milking him dry as we watched our reflection and a new porn scene started.

I laid beneath him, my body shaking, and legs weak. He let go of my face and slipped himself out of me. My eyes stayed glued to the TV and I noticed a new reflection. I squinted my eyes and then turned to look over Dean's shoulder.

"What…" I trailed off as my eyes focused on Jeanna and Tom's parents, staring at us with eyes about to spill out of their face. "Shit!" I curled up beneath Dean as he lifted his shoulder off of me, my arms wrapped around his shoulder to hold him in place. "Shit, shit, shit!!" I breathed.

"What's wrong?" Dean asked.

"The parents are home, the parents are home." I repeated over and over, throwing a hand to the floor, feeling around for my clothes. Dean shot a glance behind him, his body stiffening on top of me. I heard what sounded like a stampede coming down the stairs and knew we had woken everyone up.

I grabbed my clothes from the floor and slipped my shirt on, trying to keep Dean in place so the father wouldn't see me.

"We're in trouble." Dean said, as everyone from the sleep over filed into the room.

"Mom, Dad. What are you doing home?" Tom asked, rubbing his eyes. Everyone's eyes seemed to be on the parents. I grabbed Dean's boxers from the floor in an attempt to grab my underwear. He quickly snatched it out of my hands and sat up.

His parents didn't even move when they answered his question, "The business trip was cut short."

We both slipped on our underwear as fast as possible. Dean was smiling, I wanted to punch him. This was so not funny.

Everyone seemed to follow Tom's parent's eyes all at once, and then there was a huge gasp from everyone.

"Autumn!" Jeanna shouted.

"I told you she found her next prey." Tom laughed as he stared at us struggling to get the rest of our clothes on.

"Everybody, get back up to your rooms." Their mother announced. I sat up as I slipped my pajama pants back on, giving Dean his shirt.

"Where's my bra?" I whispered. I moved around on the couch as little as possible, completely embarrassed. Dean leaned over to grab my bra from the floor, accidentally pressing the mute button on the remote so that the tv came back to life. Everyone who had started to move toward the stairs spun around and started laughing as the porn blasted into the house.

Their father moved to the TV, making sure not to spare a glance at us and turned it off. Dean held the bra out to me. I grabbed it and slapped a hand to my forehead at how bad my luck was.

So the rest of the night was all about lecturing and yelling from the parents, giggles and snide comments from the girls from the sleepover, Sammy telling Dean that their father was going to flip on him, and how I owed them a new couch for getting cum and shit all over it. Dean smiled and held in a laugh throughout most of it. After a while I couldn't help but smile, picturing the parents face and what they must have saw. When Dean caught me smiling he leaned over, ignoring the yelling parents, and whispered, "I told ya' you were going to have some fun."

I shook my head and busted out laughing, which got the parents seriously upset. But he was right. That was the best sleepover I ever had, and I sure as hell had a blast with him.

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