The idea just popped up in my mind, and I had to write it: What if Odin asked Loki to return to the world of the gods? XD

MaLoRa is (c) Kinoshita Sakura

I command you!

"Loki! I command you to return to Asgard!"

The Norse god of trickery and chaos blinked in disbelief, briefly.

"You're kidding, right, Odin?"

His figure in the mirror shook his head, looking annoyed. "LOKI! As the Allfather it is my duty to make sure the equilibrium between the worlds remains stable. Broken the stability, the worlds could collapse, the Ragnarok could start and end with everything, and not you nor I nor any force in all of the worlds could save life. Your stay in Midgard is a threat to that equilibrium, do you understand that?"

"Odin..." Loki trailed off, fixing his eyes on the wooden floor, "I don't ..."

"I am ordering you to return to the world of the gods, Loki Laufeyjarson...!"

Loki oh-ed. He was starting to get it... his lips curled in a smirk that had been famously infamous during his days as a rouge in the world of the gods.


His very own reflection in the mirror's jaw dropped slightly. "What?"

"I said," the god repeated slowly, tauntingly, "I want you to beg."

"Loki..." His reflection said in a threathening voice, eyes narrowed.

Loki's mordant smirk didn't wane.


Gritting his teeth, Odin, using his reflection's body, muttered under his breath, "Would you please return to Asgard?"

The trickster god was having a hard time, trying to keep his smirk from turning into a toothy grin.

"On your knees..."

"You're mad if you think---"

"Ah ah," Loki taunted, looking calm and dandy, "I'm afraid I could never possibly go back after all I have been through here in Midgard..."

Odin rubbed his brow, and after much inwards struggle, bent on one knee.

"Would you please return to Asgard?" he repeated, clutching his hands in impotence in such a brusque way he dug his nails into his palms.

In that moment, Loki would've just given his immortality away for a camera.

"Nah. You know what? I like it here."

XD I enjoyed writing this a lot. OMFG imagine Odin on his knees begging Loki to return. xD

BTW, Odin talks to Loki through Loki's reflection in a mirror. Just in case it wasn't clear :P