Summary: Two strangers meet in the subway, and sparks fly.. Who knew love could be found in the subway, of all places? Just you wait, Yamanaka Ino. This'll be a game, set and match in no time. M for later chapters. Tem x Ino.

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In the Subway

In the late hours of the evening, the subway chugged along, its occupants oblivious of the raging storm above them on ground level. The rain-slicked streets were empty and barren as lightning pealed through the clouds, the sky turning an ominous red as thunder rumbled throughout the city.

The light fixture in the ticket counter flickered on and off before finally the room was engulfed in inky blackness. Along with that lonely ticket room that led into the subway transportation that went throughout Konoha Metropolis, the rest of the city fell into total darkness.

As the lights in the city began to fail one by one, the one subway that was moving in the ungodly early hours of dawn started to slow down. Slower and slower it went, until it came to a screeching halt. The lone riders, two women, glanced worriedly at the dark gray walls outside.

Then the lights flicked off.

The woman closest to the doors muffled a gasp as she clutched her tennis racket closer to her side, her baby-blue eyes screwing shut. She let out an involuntary whimper as she listened to the groans and creaks that were normally blocked out on her regular subway rides…but perhaps the fact that never having taken the 2'o'clock subway before did that.

The other rider glanced quizzically to her left after hearing the whimpers from her fellow rider. Her turquoise eyes seemed to pierce through the dark like a knife cleaving through a fruit at her, and the blue-eyed woman immediately stopped. She shook her head, amused that the other was afraid of the mere absence of light. She herself had always lacked the light…even when the sun was out.

"Hey, you okay?" Her voice came out rougher than she wanted, and she clearly startled the other woman, because she let out a high-pitched 'eep!' before falling to the floor.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine, thanks," She replied shakily, blindly groping at the seats to pull herself closer to anything that indicated human company. Her pale hands touched skin, and pulled back as her companion shifted her thigh uncomfortably. Though she could not have seen, the blue-eyed woman hastily pulled her hair up into a messy bun.

"Temari." She stopped moving, her hands still at her head as she blinked at the woman who spoke.

"Pardon?" She said, not quite sure she heard right.

"Temari. My name's Temari no Sabaku."

"Y-Yamanaka Ino." Ino silently cursed herself as she lifted a hand to her flushing cheeks—she was as bad as her old friend Hinata, who stuttered like an idiot (a shy idiot) in every sentence.

"What brings you to Konoha, Ino-chan?" Temari asked conversationally, her full lips twisted upward into a grin as she felt Ino's apprehension and nervousness roll off of her in waves.

"I don't live here," Ino admitted, hoisting her racket onto her lap. She patted it softly. "I came so I could compete in the Fire Tournament." Ino grinned also, Temari's infectiousness completely encasing her.

Temari cooed appreciatively. "So you're an athlete? Cool! So'm I!"

"You are?" Ino replied stupidly, before berating herself for sounding like a fool, running a hand roughly through her platinum-blonde locks, which had come loose…again.

"Yup!" Temari laughed, standing up. "I'm actually competing in a tournament, too. How neat is that?"

"Which tournament, Temari-san?"

"Oh, please don't call me 'san'. It makes me feel as old as my mother, who's six feet under at the moment."

"Sorry, Temari-sa—er, Temari."

"Anyways, Ino-chan, I'm glad you asked! I'm the representative for my cross-country team in Suna. I came to compete in the nationals, also. Perhaps, if I make it, I can go on to the internationals. That would be amazing, right?"

"Right." Ino felt like she was floating. She was having a conversation with someone she couldn't see, so that counted as a dream, right? Ino tried to imagine what Temari would look like, and since Temari was from Suna, the one flourishing city in the middle of a desert, she probably had dark hair and eyes. ((A/N: Ha ha…wrong-o, Ino))

"…so you say you're in the Fire Tournament, which is for many types of athletes. I said I'm a runner, so what're you? A swimmer?" Ino choked on her own spit before keeling over in hysterical laughter.

Still bubbling with mirth, her eyes locked with the turquoise through the dark as her lips slowly spread into a wide smile. Temari quirked a golden eyebrow, hands on her hips.

"What, may I ask, was so darn funny?"

Ino giggled. "I tried being a swimmer, but let's just say it didn't work out for me. I'm a tennis player." Temari plopped down very close to Ino, nearly sitting on her lap, as she started to express her amazement and how impressed she was.

"So how long you think we'll be stuck in here?" Ino blurted, and her eyes widened at what her words implied. "Oh, no no no no!! I don't mean that you're boring or anything, 'cause you're really funny and interesting, but I really don't like being in the dark and I hafta go home soon because I wasn't supposed to be out and my friend Sakura is supposed to check up on my apartment soon and—" She was silenced by a finger to her lips.

"Sheesh, won't you just shut up? I'm not pissed or anything, Ino. Honest."

"You sure you're not mad at me?" Ino looked up at Temari from under her eyebrows, which were scrunched up in worry.

Temari hooted, slapping her thigh. "I just met you and yet you're such a worry-wart that I might be mad at you? Jeez, who can get someone pissed in less than a minute? Wait, don't answer that." Temari added the last part in as she remembered her ex, an extremely lazy shogi player that irritated her to no end.

"…I think I hear something." Ino clutched Temari's bare arm to her chest, hiding her face in the crook of her neck.

"…" Temari sweatdropped. "I think you just heard the wind."

"No way! Wind doesn't make the sound—"

Knock, knock, knock.

"There you go," Temari said, wryly, removing Ino from her side. "It's just someone at the door."

"Temari! What are you doing?" Ino hissed from her place at the seat as she watched the woman, unconcerned, reach up to open the door.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm opening the door for the guy—or girl."

"But what if this is the person who did this? It could be a murderer or rapist or—"

"Or maybe a repairman? Don't worry about it. Besides, I can take out any guy with just a kick to the groin with my super awesome running legs." Ino was sure she could.

"…fine. But if it is…"

"If it is, then I'll protect you." Ino blushed, and then blushed some more when she realized that she was blushing. Wait…why am I…?

"Oh, hello, ladies! I'm the repairman from the subway transportation unit, I was sent here to get out any remaining passengers." The man flicked on an emergency light switched, and Ino blinked. Temari turned and shot a dazzling grin at her.

"See? Told you I was right."

Ino just sat there in muted shock. She couldn't believe that the whole time she was sitting next to someone as close as perfect in beauty as that! Suddenly, her almost nonexistent self-esteem obliterated as she meekly brushed past the confused runner. She stopped, wanting to convey a quick message to give her apologies for bothering the other woman. Why, you ask? Well, simple. Because she felt smaller than one of Shino's insects at the moment, and didn't want Temari to know that. Weird, huh?

"…have a good day, Sabaku-san." Ino said, coming off harder than she hoped. Temari flinched, and Ino's heart jumped as she imagined her innocently confused face crease into an incredulous look. Oh, damn.

"'Sabaku-san'?" Temari shook her head, giving a cynical laugh. "What the hell happened to you?"

"I…I'm sorry, but I must take my leave. I hope to see you again soon." That was a total lie. She did not want that goddess behind her to see her ugly face. God, just when she thought that she was finally looking good…

"Bull. Can't you say a nice friendly goodbye without being such a frosty, Ino? Or should I say, Yamanaka-san?" Ino winced at the sharp tone, starting to turn to give her apologies again, but stopped, reminding herself to keep her face hidden.

She stood there mutely, her hazy mind grasping desperately at something to string together for a sentence, but found none. Instead, she started to run. But no matter how fast Ino was on the courts, Temari, the cross-country runner, caught up to her in no time, slamming her into a wall.

Ino cowered as the furious woman grasped her tank-top to pull her nose-to-nose with her. Turquoise eyes flashing dangerously, Temari said, "What the hell is your problem? Not thirty seconds ago you were talking to me like a civil person! Then as soon as the lights turn on you run away from me! What's wrong with me? Am I different than you thought I'd be?"

Ino was on sensory overload; her mind could only register that Temari was flush against her, her angry breath fanning across her cheek, Temari's golden bangs tickling her forehead.

Still, she managed to croak, "Yes, you are a lot different than I though you'd look like." In shock, Temari started to pull away, but Ino leaned forward with her and whispered into her ear, "You're much prettier than anyone I've ever met." And just like that, she was gone, faster than Temari had ever run.

"Damn," Temari chuckled, shaking her head, "She should've gone for the track team." Touching her lips where Ino's had brushed hers, she glanced back at the seat they had occupied, and grinned.

"Well, well, looks like little Yamanaka forgot her tennis racket." Turning to the repairman, who had been standing there in confusion, she asked him, "Where's the Fire Tournament going to be held?"

"…at the Hokage Stadium, ma'am."

"Thanks." Just you wait, Yamanaka Ino. This'll be a game, set and match in no time.

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