Title: Thoroughbred
Author: DaMoyre
Characters: Darren-centric
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
A/N: Written for bog100's first challenge, Beginnings


Darren MacElroy is a businessman. He knows a goldmine when he sees it. The fine specimen gallops before his eyes, exceeding all expectations: healthy skin, bright eyes, no sign of external parasites. His coat of golden hair shimmers under pale sunlight as he glides and leaps, displaying well-aligned, powerful limbs.

He might have him examined for laminitis, just in case, and considers using borium for his shoeing – err, his skates! Darren reminds himself that this is a child, not a horse.

"I'll take him," he says.

From this day on, his new investment's name – his son - is James MacElroy.

- Fin -