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NARUTO is one of my favorite animes and I LOVE vampires. So here is my combination of the two!

September 16, 2099

Dear Diary

It's me, Hinata. I know it's been I long time since I last wrote in you, well a very long time, but a lot has happened since my last entry. I have a different life and a new home. I have a husband now and a secret that could get me killed. You see, not only has the things around me changed, but even I have change. I am a creature of the Dark, a Child of the Devil, a vampire. It all started the first day of school. Let me tell you what has happened since then and probably you will understand why I chose to be a vampire.


"Hinata is useless! All she can do is healing. She can't even win a simple fight against the weakest ninja in this village, so how could she beat someone outside here? She means nothing to us!"

Her father and the elders were talking about her. Neji had brought her here just for she can hear what they plan to do with her. Neji was always arguing why they want a 9 year old girl to fight against someone who has more experience, but they except more from her since she is an heir in the Hyuuga clan. Neji was only two years older than her and the only person that cared for her. As her cousin he swore to protect her when she was in need. But this was too much for Hinata. She wanted to be stronger but was scared of killing someone.

"She is no use to us unless we put her up for prostitution. That can probably be the only thing she could be good at. She is a pretty girl."

Neji pulled Hinata closer to his embraced at these words.

"NO! No Hyuuga will be put up to that, even if she is weak. I can't put our name in shame. No we must think of something else."

Everything was quiet. Out the hall where Neji and Hinata were, all could be heard was Hinata's sobbing. Neji had his hand on her mouth trying to quiet her, but it didn't accomplish. Hinata was crying at this. Her father was trying to get rid of her. Neji stood up and walked into the room where the elders and Hyuuga meet. He walked towards them with Hinata looking inside.

"What do you think you're doing Neji-kun, especially with HER out there? Why did you bring her and how long were you two listening?" asked an elder.

"I'll take Hina-chan with me out to my place. She won't bother you and she can be in peace. Just let me take her and you won't have to worry about her anymore."

"Why bother with that when all she would do is become a piece of junk a in that apartment of yours?"

Neji grabbed Hyuuga by the neck and picked him up out of his chair.

"Don't you dare call Hinata a piece of junk old man!? She is a special person and my dear cousin. I can even call her my sister. If you can't respect your own daughter then why should she be here? Why should she live in a home that hates her? If she wants to leave then let her leave with me. But if you dare put her somewhere she will get hurt, I'm going to kill all of you and I swear it!"

Neji threw Hyuuga across the room. He walked out and pulled Hinata with him. They went to her room and packed all her things.

"Neji-kun, why are you doing this? Why do you help me so much?"

"Hina-chan, you deserve to be happy. I don't want to see you suffer for something as stupid as strength. Yes it is necessary, but your strength is healing and kindness. We all have different strengths and I don't want you in a place that people don't accept it. I'm taking you with me ok?"

Hinata shook her head yes and left her old home with Neji holding her hand.

'My life will be different and I will make Neji-kun happy! I and Neji-kun will be happy together!'

Chapter 1

"Hinata please stand and give a briefing on your report to the class."

Hinata Hyuuga stood up with a nervous look. Everyone began to whisper behind her. She looked over her shoulder and saw it was the "Pretties", a group of girls that were popular just because of their looks. They hated Hinata or some reason and always gave her a hard time. They were Yuriko and Yuko Asaka, Motoko and Tomoko Hanto, Saku Gira, and Lin-Han Chang. They were all perfect, perfect skin, perfect clothes, perfect life.

Oh, but Hinata had a rough life. As a sixteen year old sophomore with a job and trying to keep up with her school work AND trying to get in the medical field was a tough job. Her cousin was having a tough time too with work because he was a drop-out, and he could barely get enough money to sustain them with food and clothes. They both lived at one of his friends' house and Hinata wasn't comfortable there. The guy would stare at her with a look she could tell that was very wrong. But not only was it her cousin, but she had a few things she wanted to change.

She had problems with her look. She hated the way guys looked at her and how the girls would get jealous just because of what her mother gave her. She had long indigo hair with black highlights that reached the middle of her back, and she made bangs that covered her left eye. Her face was oval shaped and very white, just like the snow. Her eyes were white, no color at all. She was tall and muscular. Her body was perfect as they would say in the ninja world. Her arms and legs were long. But what she didn't want was her breast and hips. She had big ones and her hips were shaped out that caught attention. She wished she didn't have a body like that. Everyday she would wear Neji's clothing since they were loose but it didn't help.

"Umm….well…..I wrote about my mother and how she was a…..umm….a great hero to me. She always tried to save everyone in the village that I lived in. How I want to be her one day and try to save people all around the world with the remedies she passed down to me. Practically I just wish I can be just like her when I graduate and become a doctor."

'Yes, I made it without stuttering. That was so close.'

"I believe she could be a doctor now, if only she gave it a chance."

Hinata looked to the back of the class. There was Sasuke Uchiha looking at her straight in the eyes with a smile on his face. She was nervous seeing him like that. He seemed happy that he caught her attention. Sasuke was a senior that rarely showed up to school. He was pale with shoulder length black hair. His eyes were dark. He was tall and muscular. He was only nineteen but he looked about twenty five or older. Everyone was scared of him. He just had to look at someone in the eyes and they would run off. Hinata said hi to him on her first day of school but he just gave her a look that made her want to leave him alone.

"Well if I had the money and more experience then probably I could become a doctor."

"Alright you two, you can finish this talk somewhere else. Right now we have to finish."

Hinata turned back around to the front. Then she heard Sasuke's voice in her ear.

"Meet me behind the gym. We can talk there."

She turned around to see if he got up but he was just looking at her with a smile IN HIS DESK! She smiled weakly and turned around. She would go but with her defenses up and ready. She won't let Sasuke put a finger on her, let alone ALLOW him to put her in a bad position in class.

'No, I won't let Sasuke put me down!' she decided. 'He'll see me at the gym but ready to put him down!'