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Chapter 1: Unusual Events


It's dark outside; nighttime. There is a man shrouded in shadow; he walks into a house that is not his own. He walks upstairs and into a bedroom where a man and a woman are sleeping. Out of his back pocket he pulls out a large knife. He takes a step forward and we see his eyes. His eyes look normal but with a look of pure evil. Stepping forward more we see he wears a suit that a businessman would wear to work. His face has light stubble and his hair is dark brown. He takes the last step towards the bed and he lifts the knife. It glitters in the moonlight. He lifts it up above his head and plunges it into the heart of a young woman. She hardly wakes up. The clock beside the couple's bed reads, 9:40pm.


Sam and Dean are in the car listening to some of Dean's music. It is a sunny day, and Dean is singing along in a loud, out-of-tune voice. He seems oddly happy. I guess it was because Sam and Dean had just got off a case. A simple poltergeist. They killed the poltergeist, Dean saved Sam's butt ...again, and Dean got a "date" with a really hot chick. Yes, he was happy. Sam's annoyed at Dean's happiness seeing as he is always the one getting hurt, and Dean takes pleasure in him getting hurt. Well he seems to but deep down he knows that Dean would never let anything serious happen to him and he always felt guilty when it did. But still Sam was annoyed.

Sam gives Dean a look. This cannot be my brother. Man, I so wish I was somewhere else right now.

Then, out of the ditch jumps a man in a black suit. Sam, even through his fear, sees this man is covered in blood but seems to move across the road with great speed. Dean swerves and misses him.

Dean yells. "What The Fuck!! Where the hell did he come from?"

"I don't know!!"

They look behind them, but the man has disappeared. They are both in shock. Dean gets out. "That skid better not have ruined the tires!!" He inspects the car from all angles.

Sam gets out aswell and wanders off to look for the guy. He sees a couple drops of blood in the middle of the road, roughly where they saw the man. There is a little amount and Sam doesn't know what to make of it. He then looks to his right and sees a couple broken branches broken apparently where the man went through. To his left there are more broken branches and a blood smear on a tree. "Is it ok?"

"She, Sammy, she and I think she is fine. You find anything?"

"Yea there are a couple drops of blood and a few broken branches but otherwise no sign of the man." There is not enough blood to be anything really important.

"Well if there was blood it means it was a real person." Damn. I really don't want another hunt so soon.

"Yea but we don't know who." I wonder who he was. Something about him doesn't feel right.

"So no sign then?"

"I said No." Man, he can be so deaf sometimes.

"OK, OK chill Sammy. Well we won't find anything else here. Let's get going." God he can be testy. Man I feel like we should get out of here. I have a bad feeling.

"Where's the next stop?"

"Beryl, Utah. Small town. Besides I need to fill up on gas." Great. Another hick town. I was hoping to fill up and leave. They get into the undamaged car. Dean turns down the music. He is really not in the mood to listen to it. They wait for one truck to pass and got back on the road.

They get to the gas station. Trusting Sam to fill up on gas, Dean goes in and gives the description of the man to the clerk, though he doesn't remember much except him almost ruining the car.

"Yea that sounds a lot like a man who comes in once in a while. Jake Hudson. A nice friendly guy." He's a nice guy. What could he have done? Dean also purchases a bag of chips for breakfast.

They get into the county police department files room, posing as FBI, without much question from anyone in there, to find out exactly where he lives, because the clerk didn't really know. This town didn't seem to be much into order, for nothing is alphabetized or in any other type of organization. They each grab a box and start to look.

During their search, an old female officer stepped into the file room, giving them each a cup of coffee. Dean looks up, hoping for a nice hot thing, but standing there was an older woman with a unkind face and quite a large body. She set the coffees down, gave both of them a scowl, then left. Dean just gave a huge sigh and went back to a young woman's file. Sam looked Dean and just shook his head.

After about 3 hours of searching, Dean starts getting angry. He takes the last gulp of bad cold police coffee and groans. "This had better be some kinda lead. If we are doing this for nothing and Jake is just some lonely drunk playing a few pranks, I'm not going to be happy." He crushed the styrofoam cup in his hand and threw it against the file room door.

Sam then jumps. "I found him"

"Finally" God I really don't like this town already.

"You have no patience do you?" He just doesn't learn.

"NO. Now where is he?!?!" God I need a beer and a hot chick after all this searching. "What did you find?"

"Well, his record is clean. He hasn't done anything wrong except when he was 16 he stole a pack of gum. There's no record of anything abnormal in his past. Nothing."

"Well, I say we go see if he is home. You said you saw blood on the guy? Well let's go see if he's killed anyone lately." The styrofoam cup is pushed on the floor as Dean quickly opens up the door.

Sam and Dean drive up to where the Jake lives but are stopped by police tape. Inside the tape is a one story white house. About 4 cop cars were there, also. Dean parks the car on the side of the road. He's thinking. Maybe there is something here worth looking at. Or maybe my drunken pranker theory is sounding good. They get out of the car to talk to a woman who was watching from the sidelines. "So what's going on here?"

I can't believe he would do this. "The cops are here checking out Jake's house for why he did it. The tape's here to keep people from contaminating anything if evidence is needed. It is so distressing. Jake was found on the side of the road a few minutes ago and was arrested for killing Laurie Pyre."

Where have I heard that name before. Maybe nowhere. "So how did you know the victim?" Sam is thinking in his mind if that maybe he had seen that name is Dad's journal. Dean wonders off leaving Sam to talk to this woman.

"In a place like this, everybody pretty much knows everybody. I knew Jake too. He was a nice man. I would sometimes see him out in his yard, just puttering, you know, doing yard work, and walking the dog, stuff like that. He didn't have a wife. He lived alone with his dog and his garden. I didn't know Laurie as well. She was someone I would once in a while see in the park with her husband, Chris. They seemed like a nice enough couple to me. Didn't do anything to deserve this."

"Well, thank-you" This really doesn't make any sense. Maybe Dean will have more.

Dean had been over talking to some police about the situation and if they knew what had really happened. "So you guys have nothing then?"

"Dean!! I think we have everything we need. Thank-you officers." You idiot. They walk away. "Why do you always do that? They're cops. You are going to get us arrested some day."

Dean kicks a stone as a turns. "I've said it once I'll say it again, they don't really know what is going on here. We are all alone on this, AGAIN. Didn't I tell you that once before?" Wow serious Deja Vu.

"OK, OK, What did you find out?"

"Well……...there are no hot officers in this hick town. I mean it's amazing. You'd think there……"

"Dean!! The Case!? Remember??"

They walk towards the car for a little more privacy. "Right. Well Jake was found with blood all over him, none of it his. And when he was found he was……well they said they don't know what it is. He was found lying completely still with eyes wide open. He's not responding to anything people say. It's like he's unconscious but not quite. And the victim, Laurie, was found with one stab wound to the heart. Her husband was left alive. He didn't even realize his wife was dead until a couple hours later when he woke up to the smell of dead body. He called the cops. But otherwise nothing out of the ordinary."

"So, where's the hospital?" What kind of creature could do that to someone's body. If it is even a creature.

"You mean you still think something is wrong?" God I want to leave.

"I just have a feeling." And it feels like something bad is going on here. Just don't know what.

"Oh. One of your famous Sam Winchester feelings. Fine we'll go but if we don't find anything then we're leaving." God I really want to leave. But I have a bad feeling too. Maybe its because I'm still hungry.

On the way to the Beryl Hospital, Sam is looking in John's journal for anything. Upon reaching the hospital Sam finds what he is looking for. He knew he had heard the name "Pyre" before. He reads through it once, and flips through more pages for more explanation. "Here it is."

Dean looks at him with a confused and questioning look. "Here's what?"

Sam has a look of concern. He doesn't even look at Dean. "David Pyre. Laurie Pyre's father-in-law. Her husband, Chris Pyre's dad."

Still confused. "Yea?"

"David Pyre was the 12th and last victim of a possessor demon. Dad went after the thing but as he tells it, he was ready for it, waiting where he thought the demon wound be, but it didn't show that night and he never found any trace of it again. It seemed to have fled. Then dad wrote that he found something even worse, though it doesn't say what, and he just left in the middle of that hunt." What's going on? "David died only 2 weeks ago. I knew I had heard the name before."

Dean parks the car in an empty spot quite near the hospital. He puts the car in park and turns it off. "Yea??" I guess I see what he is saying. And god what a nerd for even remembering that was in there. I remember reading something like that but didn't even think of it for this situation.

He gives Dean an annoyed look. "Well, maybe the thing is back and worse then before, and that's what's going on here. I mean I don't know why it wouldn't just go into Chris if it wanted to kill Laurie but it could be a demon." I do agree that it is a stretch, but it's the only theory I've got. I mean it's not that far off, it could be.

"That seems like our best bet right now. But how could the demon do something like that to Jake Hudson's body? And like you said why would it not just possess Chris? Unless it was after them both. Kill one, get the other in trouble, except that Jake was then found with Laurie's blood. If that was intentional... I don't know?" If dad went after it why is it still alive? Why would it just disappear? And why would dad just leave it, bail on a hunt?

"I don't know... But, it's possible right?"

Dean just sighs. "Hmmm." He perks up a little. Maybe it's...

"What, Dean?" He's got that look on his face. Is he thinking what I think he's thinking?

What if it is and we finally found it.

I knew it, Dean. I guess it could be but why would he show up now. Why would he make himself so obvious. But maybe... "Dean, I don't think it is. I don't think it's the Yellow Eyed Demon."

Dean remains silent. He wants it to be the demon so badly but he knows Sam was right. He can also feel it. How could it be the demon? It's not his MO.

Knock, knock. Sam was about to say something when they heard that knocking on Sam's side of the car. Instinctively, Sam quickly closes up the journal and hides it. Dean and Sam both see who's knocking. It's a young man, dressed in casual clothes, standing with quite a kind face. Sam unrolls his window a little for him to speak, and the man bends down.

"Hi. I noticed you guys were just siting there and I was...well not to sound rude but I was wondering if you were done with the parking spot. I need a place to park. I'm just here for a check-up. If it wouldn't be too much trouble..." He has a nervous look on his face and is shifting from foot to foot.

Sam has a sad look on his face. "Well actually we...umm..."

Then from Dean's side, a bright red car pulls out of there leaving a free spot open.

The man smiles. "Well what luck. Now I don't feel so bad. Sorry for disturbing you guys."

"OK," was all Sam could get out before the man walked away. He seemed like a nice man. They were both confused by this man though, Dean more than Sam, but still both confused. But that happening ended their awkward conversation. Dean was kind of glad but knew he would still have to face it later. Out of the glove box Dean pulls out two CDC IDs. Showing Sam, he smiles and signals for them to go.

A/N2: Beryl, Utah is an actually town I picked off the map, though any of the places mentioned like the hospital and gas station are fictitious.
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