Two companion poems related to the episode Sweet Revenge. Poetry is my first love. It is what got me started writing in the first place.

Thank you so much for your care and time.

Sunshine always, Karen



By: Karen B.



In a split second, everything had changed.

Metal showered all around us.

Tearing into the hood, the windows, the driver side door.

I stood motionless, shaking to the core.

Staring down at the ground where the exploding bullets had pulverized the concrete.

Where your blood was forced from your veins.

Where my life lay…


Torn apart right in front of me.

Confetti-like paper blowing in the breeze.



By: Karen B.


I am alive.

Because of you and for you.

I can breathe, and I love the way you look at me, watching me, as I do.

I have just awaken from sleep.

You settle next to me.

Open your arms and draw me near.

I give you a smile, still too weak to speak.

I can tell, that small gesture on my part…

Moves the earth for you.

I couldn't leave you behind.

I know you are not a bird.

But, I can tell you are flying.

I snuggle closer against you.

Falling back to sleep, about to lose you from my sight.

Staring into your perfect eyes…

I allow the darkness to happen.

Knowing you will be there come morning's light.