A/N:: This is Albus's reply to "How Long?", but you don't really have to read that one to understand this one (unless you just want to make me happy! Hehe).

FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 079- When?

Disclaimer:: If I was J.K., I'd be able to write a lot better, and Albus and Minerva would be together already! ;D

Something to Look Forward to

I find that I am rambling once again. I often do this in your presence… When will you stop me? Is it my imagination, or are you actually interested in what I have to say?

Those glorious green eyes- ah, how I could speak until the sun rises just to keep them upon me!

Suddenly, I am taken back to a distinct memory in my past, in our past, when I first fell for you; I offered you a lemon drop.

"A what?" you asked.

"Try it, Minerva." I insisted.

Your face scrunched slightly (and quite beautifully, might I add) as you declined. I suppose it was not the proper time for lemon drops…

You stand, bringing me out of my sweet reverie. We say goodnight, but I wish you did not have to go. I yearn to embrace you, to kiss you. You turn to walk away; when will I be brave enough to come after you?

Tonight is as good of a night as any, I decide.

"Minerva, wait."

I walk over to you, staring deep into your eager eyes.


Courage, don't fail me now… I am surprised to feel you take my hand. I lean closer, and you meet my lips with yours. We become lost in the kiss. How long has it been? A second? A minute? I do not care, as long as it lasts forever.

I feel you smile as we release.

"I've been waiting for that," you reply breathlessly.

"As have I. Do you mind if I walk you to your rooms?" I offer.

You nod as I take your hand again. I smile to myself; though I must leave you tonight, at least I have this to look forward to each night.