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House sighed. He'd forgotten just how long a work day could feel. He'd worked at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital for years now, but usually the time at least passed at a reasonable rate. Today, House swore it had run backwards! Something was missing; something important.

"House?" That's right; Jimmy had some stupid conference to go to. Really should talk to him about those. "I knew you'd still be here."

"Did you now," asked House. "And how did you acquire this knowledge? The Almightily Cuddy? The Gossip Chain? My Ducklings?"

"My masterful powers of deductions." House blinked. "I'm your ride."

"I could've called a cab," replied House, hefting his backpack onto his desk. Wilson laughed as he watched House pack up.

"Why would you do that? A cab would require paying somebody. I'm free."

"This is precisely why I waited. Very good, your skills are masterful indeed." Wilson laughed again. House liked making Wilson laugh, though he'd never admit it. He never admitted a lot of things.

"Well, seeing as that's why you stuck around, how about I buy dinner? Just to shake things up."

"Alright, what're we getting?" Wilson thought for a moment.

"Mexican?" House grunted his approval as he moved past Wilson and our of his office, his grinning friend trailing a few steps behind.


The two doctors had decided to do take out and eat their dinner in a nearby park. It was almost ten o'clock, so nobody was around. Even the squirrels had turned in for the night, leaving a very disappointed House. The diagnostician, having eaten his fill, was reduced to flicking his leftover rice at Wilson, smiling slightly ever time his friend twitched.

"I'm starting to sympathize with the squirrels," Wilson muttered, picking the miniature missiles out of his hair. He thanked God House had eaten all his beans. Sauce was a pain to get out.

Having run out of ammo, House stretched our on the grass and started trying to locate the big dipper. "Elusive little bugger," he mumbled after a few minutes, his electric blue eyes still scanning the heavens.

"What're you looking for?" asked Wilson, stretching out next to his friend.

"The big dipper; it's the only one I can never find!"

"It's right there." Wilson traced the pattern in the sky while House glared.

"Whatever, it's not so special." Wilson laughed. The two friends lay there as House pointed out all the different constellations he knew. They lapsed into a comfortable silence still watching the sky above them.

House was starting to doze off when Wilson gently nudged his shoulder. "Look." Opening his eyes, House watched as thousands of meteorites zoomed across the sky. He heard Wilson giggle beside him.


"You didn't tell me you were having a family reunion. Can I come?"


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