TITLE: Realization
AUTHOR: Captain Devine

SUMMARY: It took some time before everyone found out what he really meant to them.
PAIRINGS: None (A gen fic? FTW?)

SPOILERS: Ehh, if you can even call it that, for Love Hurts 1x20.

DISCLAIMER: If I owned House, Cameron would be long dead.

A/N: Was in the mood for some ranting, but decided to take that mood and make a story out of it. I'm not sure if it's any good, so PLEASE REVIEW.

It was a few months after it happened when Foreman realized how he felt. He had always seen House simply as his boss. He was just the heartless doctor that ordered him around, the man who took the credit for his team's brilliance. He'd despised the way he ruled the office. But after he died, and Cuddy had put him in charge of the department, Foreman found himself going through the old routines, as if House was still in charge. And that is when Foreman realized House was more than his boss. He had taught him how to work. He had been his mentor.

It was a few weeks after it happened when Chase realized how he felt. He had always looked at House as an abrasive, intolerant man who dismissed anything that didn't go his way. He'd frowned upon House's ways; appalled at his comments, taken aback by his actions. But after he died, Chase discovered he'd changed his good-boy appeal. No, he wasn't nearly as cynical and heartless as House was, but something had changed inside. He now saw all the angles, all the bad things about people he'd never bothered to look for before. And that is when Chase realized House was more than a cold man. He had shown him how to see. He had been a model.

It was a few days after it happened when Cuddy realized how she felt. She had always resented House bursting into her office with some insane procedure, a problem, or a rude comment. She'd been required to control him, and when she hired him, promised herself she wouldn't play his games. But he'd gotten her caught in his web and she danced alongside him, finding games of her own to play. But after he died, Cuddy noticed that every time someone entered her office, she was prepared with a comeback she'd never have to use. She missed his antics, and missed the challenge of getting him out of trouble. And that is when Cuddy realized House was more than a troubled employee. He had been her plaything.

It was a few Hours after it happened when Cameron realized how she felt. She had always pined for House, subconsciously lusting for him day in and day out. She was infatuated with him, infuriated by him, and she could never tear herself away. Even after their "date", when he'd shot her down, broken her, and sent the clear message he was not interested, she'd found herself wanting him more. But after he died, Cameron ended up in a restaurant, seeing all the couples about her, happy and sad, breaking up and getting together. And that is when Cameron realized House was more than just the object of her affection. He had shown her what it was like to be rejected. He had been her segue to reality.

It was the moment it happened when Wilson realized how he felt. He'd always viewed House as the opposite side of reality. He'd seen House in his own world, and a world he sometimes wished to live in. And with House as his friend, he obtained a companion and a new outlook. He changed when he was with House, no longer the stiff, white-collar boy his parents wanted him to be. He could come and go as he pleased, and often took long walks through House's side of the world. But when he died, right in front of him as a result of his world, his Vicodin, Wilson saw everything crash before him. He would no longer get to exit this reality, and be forever stuck in the perpetual motion of his life. And that is when Wilson realized House was more than just a friend. He had shown him a side of life he'd never have found on his own. He had been his escape.