Bella stare down at the bottle of prescription pills in the palm of her hand. Anti depressant pills. She didn't need them. Charlie was wrong. Sure,she was depressed that Edward was gone. But she didn't want to be happy. She didn't want to move on and forget him. She wanted to stay in love with him. In love with her sorrow. She shook her head and read the warning label on the bottle. It said there should be various side affects including head aches,stomach pains,and some other things she didn't care about. It said she should only take three at a time.

" If the side affects occur she should stop taking them and you must immediately consult her doctor." The man at the pharmacy said to Charlie as he handed him the bottle. " That includes head aches,stomach pains,ear infections -"

" I understand." Charlie nodded and signed a little piece of paper. Bella sat in the off to the side sulking. She couldn't believe Charlie would stoop so low and get pills to make her get over him. Her teeth clenched. She gritted them together to keep from screaming with annoyance.

What was the point of it? It wouldn't make her feel any better anyways. Even if she wanted to. But she didn't want to. That was just it.

Don't do anything reckless or stupid. His voice suddenly started ringing through her head. Reckless or stupid.

She looked at them again as she sat on the edge of her bed. Reckless or stupid. She pushed down and twisted the child proof cap open. She dumped about seven of them into the palm of her hand and popped them into her mouth. They were hard to swallow with the bitter taste but she struggled to get them down and it worked. She swallowed them all.

Her hands began to feel tingly and a numbing sensation started taking over her whole body. She stood up and walked around the room. The room started to spin. She fell to the floor and hit her head off of the wood. She looked up at the ceiling.

"Look!" She yelled. " Its the Hip Hop Purple Duck Goat overlord! And he wants his cheese!"

Then suddenly,something fell from her desk and hit her on the head. Everything went black.