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" Bella..I'm so,so,sorry.." Jake said,his voice shaking as he walked towards her. She stared at him,her eyes wide,as the blood streamed down her arm. She winced as he reached out and touched her wounded arm.

" Jake..what did you do.." Sam Ulley said from the doorway. They both turned to look at him. His eyes were narrowed and his face was twisted into an angry expression.

Bella backed up away from Jake.

" Bella..I'm so..sorry..I didn't mean to.." He stared at the long scrape going down her leg through her torn jeans. She backed up and hit the wall,tears streaming down her cheeks mixed with the dirt and blood. " I never wanted to hurt you."

" Jake! What did you do?!" Sam repeated.

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The end. x3

- Alice xxxx my names alice too xxxxxxxx