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"Hey baby," a deep voice said from behind her. "You don't come here often, cause if you did I for damn sure would have noticed you by now." She sighed and turned to find Genma's eyes lingering on her barely covered rear. She rolled her eyes and went back to her drink. Sitting by herself at the bar, Sakura had only been seeking a few moments of peace before going home to change out of the disguise she had utilized for the mission that she had returned from not even an hour before and go to sleep.

"Go find someone who's interested Genma," she said after taking a swig from her drink.

"Aww don't be like that," he said resting one of his hands on her hip. She smiled invitingly and leaned into him to whisper in his ear.

"Since when do you hit on underage girls," she asked and felt him stiffen and pull back to look at her. She gave him a slow blink and a bland look that she had copied from Kakashi. His eyes widened and he smiled widely.

"Sakura." She finished her drink and put her money on the counter.

"Yeah, now keep your hands to yourself, pedophile." He laughed loudly as he watched her walk out of the bar. He shook his head with a laugh as he headed back to his usual table with his usual drinking buddies.

"What happened? You get shot down?" Anko asked with a smirk.

"When did Sakura fill out?" he asked Kakashi, completely ignoring her. Everyone turned to look at the senbon sucking shinobi. He just shrugged and gulped down a freshly poured drink. From behind one of his many orange books Kakashi just shrugged sagely and turned a page. Genma sighed then stared off into space for a moment. "I wouldn't have minded be walked over in those heals though."

At her small apartment Sakura tiredly walked over to her stereo system and turned it on. Kimberley Locke's voice poured out of the speakers and sighed as she sat down on the sea-foam green comforter on her bed. She took off the thigh high black high heeled boots that had accentuated her long legs but made her feet want to scream, not that anyone could tell of course because beauty was pain, and lay them in their box on her floor. Setting both feet on the floor she wiggled her toes in the soft pink carpet and stood to take off the short red skirt that barely covered anything, leaving her in a cropped mesh tube top and black string thong.

Quickly stripping off the latter she sighed in relief, glad to finally be rid of what she had aptly named butt floss. Sakura rooted through her underwear drawer for a pair of the sensible cotton panties that she had missed so much on the three month long solo mission on which she was to garner information on a lord that was supposedly smuggling illegal drugs in and out of the country. "Why hanging out with druggies means you have to dress like a whore I'll never know," she muttered under her breath as she stripped off the tube top and pulled on a sports bra and a cotton t-shirt. She paused at the side of her bed and looked at the bathroom door then shook her head. "I'll shower in the morning," she muttered before dropping onto the bed face down.

Sakura stood under the spray and let the water cascade down her body. She shook her, now muddy purple, hair out of her face with a grimace knowing that some of the dye was smudged on her face. For the sixth time she squirted cherry scented shampoo into her hand and rubbed it into her scalp. While working the shampoo into a fine lather she heard a loud banging outside and could clearly make out Naruto's loud voice through two walls and over the stereo that was drowning out the sound of the shower. How he could ever be heard over 3 Days Grace was amazing and she shook her head and sighed. She had been hoping to have at least a day to herself before being bombarded by her boys.

She held her head under the spray, ignoring him. "Aww come on Sakura! We know you're home, we can hear the music!" Reaching out of the shower she grabbed the plastic bag encased stereo remote and hit the volume button to turn up the music now that the rock had been replaced with the pop fluff of Cascada. "SAKURA!" Humming along Sakura again soaped her hair, scrubbing hard. "Sakura please! We're gonna be late!" Sakura quirked a brow. Late? Had she forgotten something? She wracked her brain as she once again rinsed her hair, happy that it was now at least some semblance of its normal color.

She turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, first wrapping her hair then her body in separate towels. Stepping into her room she heard repeated pounding on her front door. She slipped her feet into a pair of white slippers and stomped to the door. "What?" she yelled as she yanked open the door, expecting to find only Naruto, Sasuke, and Sai standing there. She blinked in surprise when she saw almost everyone in the hall.

Shikamaru leaned against the wall looking board; Choji stood off to the left a bag of chips in one hand and dango in another; Ino stood trying to play up her assets to a disinterested Sasuke; Kiba was leering at her, the beginnings of a nose bleed evident; Shino stood with his hands in his pockets looking too cool for the room; Hinata stood to Kiba's left doing that thing with her fingers blushing, most likely from close proximity to Naruto; Neji leaned against the wall next to Shikamaru looking extremely put out; TenTen smiled and waved; Lee looked over at her with hearts in his eyes, eyes staying firmly on her face unlike Kiba's; Sasuke looked slightly surprised to see her in only a towel, a blush staining his cheeks; Sai looked blank; Naruto stood in the middle of everyone, trademark wide smile on his face until he too noticed her semi-nudity.

Sakura rolled her eyes as his nose promptly began to bleed profusely and turned to walk back to her bed room to get dressed, leaving her door open for the others to enter. "What are you all doing here?" she asked after she had turned down the stereo.

"We all got summons from Tsunade. We're supposed to meet her in an hour. Did you get one?" Naruto asked loudly through the crack she had left in her room door.

"No. Just because you all got one doesn't mean that I would too Naruto," she said as she walked out in casual attire. She had on a pink tank top and baggy black sweat pants that dragged the ground. At that moment some one knocked on her door. Neji opened it to find Kotetsu at the door.

"Haruno Sakura?" he asked looking through the throng of people gathered in her living room.

"Here," she said walking to the door. He handed her a scroll then inclined his head in good-bye then disappeared in a puff of smoke and leaves. She unrolled the scroll, already knowing what it would say. She was being summoned to see the Hokage in an hour. There goes my day off, she thought with a sigh. Sakura looked around at her group of friends and stopped, doing a double take when her eyes rested on Kiba. "Where's Akamaru, Kiba?" she asked, not remembering a time that she had ever seen him with out his K-9 companion.

"Out side," he said. "He's gotten a little big to be in small spaces with groups of people." She nodded her understanding then walked to the small refrigerator in the kitchen area of her apartment. Upon opening it she found it to be completely empty. Great, she thought.

"Well people," she said to her friends. "We have an hour to kill and I for one am starving."

"Let's get ramen!" She smiled slightly. She'd never admit it but she had really started to miss that idiot.

Standing in front of Tsunade's desk, Sakura let her eyes settle on her green painted toenails and suppressed a sigh. Boarder patrol. All of them. Great, she thought. "So you all will be spending a minimum of six months at the boarder. Ibiki is your commanding officer and Shikamaru has been chosen as head of the strategist team. You will choose from this group and any already at the boarder to be apart of your team," Tsunade said, her last words directed at Shikamaru. He nodded. "Sakura, you have been appointed head medic and already have a staff assembled in the infirmary at your post but if there is anyone you would like to add to your staff when you get there run it by Ibiki first." Sakura nodded. "Everything else should be covered in your respective scrolls so that is all. You all depart tomorrow. Dismissed."

The crowd dispersed quickly and relatively quietly with the exception of Naruto and Kiba who talked loudly about their mission. Six months, Sakura thought with mild disgust. She would have liked at least a full two days before being assigned another mission. Rolling her eyes in acceptance Sakura made her way over to Hinata and matched her step to the dark haired girls then slowed. Unconsciously Hinata followed her, as Sakura had known she would. Finally she seemed to notice that she and Sakura were falling behind and turned to look at her pink haired companion. "I want you to be apart of my medic staff," Sakura said getting straight to the point. Hinata paled visibly and shook her head viciously. "Not as an actual medic," Sakura explained before Hinata could verbally object. "You have a calming presence and I want you to work recovery. You know, just make sure the patients are comfortable and things like that. No actual blood work." Hinata's face regained some of its natural color as she thought it over. Though Hinata would always come through in a crisis she would almost always be overcome by her squeamishness after everything was said and done.

Despite this the girl could work miracles in rehab. She seemed to be peace embodied to most recovering patients with her soft voice and soothing presence. She always had a kind word of encouragement for patients during physical therapy and could always get that one last push from them when everyone thought they had nothing left to give. Finally Hinata nodded her assent. "Alright," she said. "But pleaseā€¦" her sentence trailed off and Sakura nodded her understanding.

"No blood unless absolutely necessary," Sakura agreed. They smiled and lengthened their strides to catch up with the others.

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