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Chapter 1: New Councilor?

Daine looked out of the window of the bus she was in, staring off into space while being entranced by the pouring rain.

"Daine! Earth to Daine! We're at your stop," one of her best friends, Miri, informed her.

Daine wouldn't snap out of it so Miri went to the next level: pulling Daine's brown, shoulder length hair.

"Ow! Ok, ok I'm alive!" she said jerking up. Truth is, she heard Miri the first time but chose to ignore her.

"Finally," Miri replied, brushing her newly died black hair out of her face.

Miri stood and was only a few inches taller then Daine at five six and Daine at five four, though they both were sixteen and only a few weeks separate in birthdays. Miri was July fourteenth and Daine's was July twenty-seventh. Once they got off the bus, they were soon joined by the last of the three musketeers, who was named Evin at birth and was standing at five seven, birthday on June twenty-fourth, and had slightly darker hair the Daine but not as dark as Miri's black hair.

Instead of running for cover like most people do when it's raining, the three decided just to walk slowly with Daine to her counselor's office. She was supposedly getting a new one by the name of Numair Salmalín. The only reason she ever went though was because her foster parents made her when they found out she cut and has smoked before. Though it was only once and she had said it tasted gross they wanted to stop her before she went on to drugs and suicide, which she found ridiculous. Now she would have to explain her whole life to some new stupid councilor? Like the other one wasn't stupid enough already! She moaned out loud in aggravation. The sound of explaining her whole life in an hour was just pleasant sounding.

Miri guessed what she was thinking of and 'accidentally' bumped into her friend. Evin did the same on the other side.

"You guys sure you don't read minds?" Daine asked suspiciously.

"Positive. Now go met your new councilor and get the hour over with. I wanna go shopping afterwards for some new makeup. My sister used up all of my old stuff." Miri urged.

Daine nodded and hugged the two before entering into grounds that were forbidden for her them. To her it was all around forbidden grounds that her foster parents told her to cross, but hey, she had no say in this what-so-ever. She might as well get used to this.

The secretary looked up as Daine walked in through to door which made its usually beeping sound.

"Daine Sarrasri… back so soon? Well, don't answer why, probably your foster parents again I presume?" Daine nodded. "Well, let's see… your new councilor is in room number nineteen. Right next to your old one. Lucky you!" the tall blonde girl commented.

"Must you always be so comforting?" Daine mused, stretching out the word comforting.

"Yep. It's my job as secretary you know. Well, hurry up, Mr. Salmalín is waiting for his newest patient," she pushed.

Daine groaned in reply and started heading toward room number nineteen. Little did she know that would not only trust her new councilor, but feel something for him once she learns of his past and such.

She knew from experience that when meeting a new councilor it is best to knock for a good 'first impression' but she only did these things for the fun of it. So, she knocked on the door and heard an icy voice from the other side call "Come in." She opened the door and quickly closed it behind her.

"You must be Daine, correct?" the man behind the desk commented.

"Yes. I'm surprised you didn't use my full name just from the start, as most people do," Daine pointed out.

"You will see that I am not like most councilors. Please sit," he said turning his chair towards her and waving toward the chair in front of his desk. Only then did she get a good look at his features. Black, medium hair that hung about the same height as hers, dark eyes that were guarded well, and even just by sitting, Daine could tell he was at least six feet.

"Now, what brings you here today?" he asked, leaning his elbows on his desk, chin on hands.

"Well that line surely gets old," Daine pointed out, laying her feet on top of his desk and relaxing. He sighed. She watched as his gaze lifted up to her blue-grey eyes, noting that they were well guarded. She's a smart one. And most likely stubborn as well, no doubt. He glanced at her bare arms and noticed a few scars, which he noticed with ease that most were done on purpose. Well I'm in for a joy ride.

"Alright then, let me rephrase it into better terms Veralidaine Sarrasri," He smirked in triumphant when she twitched at her full name but quickly went back to a straight face. "My name is Numair. I am thirty years old. You will come to respect me. You don't have to treat me as a friend or anything of the sort, but you will learn with ease that I am trustworthy of any secret or complaints. I'm used to hearing teenage drama crap and many things worse then that. Now there is my introduction, what about you?"

She gaped at him slightly but quickly recovered with a small smile, earning respect for him right then and there. She nodded her approval which he just gave a small grin to. She wanted to fall out of her chair at his grin, so handsome to her. She shook her head clearing her thoughts.

"My name is Veralidaine Sarrasri, but call me Daine. I'm here mainly because my parents don't want me to end up doing suicide and/or drugs from when they found out I was cutting and smoked once. My closest friends are Miri and Evin, both sixteen like I am. I lost my mom when I was four to a gang who said she owed them money and so I changed my name to Sarrasri to honor her. This is the only family that has kept me over a year because as soon as each family saw me cutting they quickly tossed me back to the foster home. I cut because I always end up getting picked on, even at the foster home and always get my stuff jacked from me. I've known Miri and Evin since the family before this one and we declared ourselves the three musketeers. You will find my life full more then just normal teenage drama because of my past conflicting with the now. Today is March 15, 1998. It is raining outside and will most likely for the rest of the week. Any questions?" She informed him, crossing her arms over her chest.

She's good. Catches on quickly. But as do I. Numair smirked.

"Cut the smirking and get to the real deal. It's been 30 minutes and all we've really done is get through introductions. Aren't you going to ask how I do in school and all that?" Daine demanded.

"Nope. Quite the opposite. I will wait until you are willing to give me any information. By the way, you are my only patient through out the weeks I will be counseling you because your last councilor said you were enough of a handful on your own and I'm new here. You are free to contact me anytime, for you should already have the offices number but here's my cell incase I'm not here," he answered, handing the shocked girl a piece of paper.

All she could truly do was gawk at him. She was speechless. No one had ever been able to out smart her like that. How… When… all she could do was take the piece of paper and nod in reply. She stuffed in her pocket and sighed inwardly, thinking to herself. These meetings shall be interesting to say the least…

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