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Chapter 1: The Lion, The Doofus and The Date

A man in late 30s, dressed in a sharp business suit ran down the streets of Timber. It was raining heavily as he gasped for air, clutching the black briefcase close to his body. The man turned the corner into an alley only to find a man dressed all in black with two Chimera's on a leash. The man screamed in horror as he tried to run back out the alley but found it blocked by two similarly dressed thugs.

"Mr. Chang, the briefcase." Demanded the thug holding the leash

Mr. Change began to shake with fear as the chimeras roared loudly at him.

"Nnnnnnoo. I will not." Proclaimed Mr. Chang

"Have your way. We'll just take it." Replied the thug as he released the chimeras

Mr. Chang began to panic as the beast ran toward him, suddenly a shot ran out and one of the chimera's was blow to pieces. The second one stopped in its tracks as everyone looked up to see a smiling Brandon and Nathan standing on a nearby roof. Brandon jumped down slashing the second chimera as he landed then pointed his gunblade at the main thug. The other two pulled out their electro batons, when they heard someone cough behind them.

They turned around to see a smiling Helen and Sabin. The thugs charged at them, Sabin ducked under one of the thug's arms then elbowed him in the gut, followed by and elbow to the face before he swept his legs knocking him to the ground.

Helen drew her blade with lighting speed as she sliced the thug's baton in half. The thug stood there startled, Helen smirked as she slapped him across the face with the side of her gunblade knocking him out.

The thug at the other end of the alley growled. He pulled out two knives and came at Brandon. Brandon blocked each one of his attacks with easy, he side stepped one of the thug's swipes then punched him in the face knocking him to the ground.

"Looks like we wrapped this up in record time." Smirked Helen as she stood over the downed thug

"Not just yet , Sabin look for…….GET DOWN!" Brandon yelled

Brandon pushed Helen out of the way as the thug whistled summoning a third chimera who was hiding in a nearby dumpster. Brandon glared at the beast as he slashed it in two. The thug tried to get up and run away but Sabin delivered a spin kick to the side of his head slamming him into the wall knocking him out.

Brandon helped the still shaking Mr. Chang to his feet. Chang took a big gulp as he dusted himself off. Nathan and Sabin tied up all the thugs as Chang eagerly shook Brandon's hand.

"Thank you, Thank you all. I didn't really think any one was going to come after me. Now I'm glad my company hired you. I owe my life to you and your team." Smiled Mr. Chang

"Thanks for the praise. But as for the finer details you may want to talk to our team leader." Smiled Brandon as he pointed at Helen

Helen gave Brandon a look as she walked over to Mr. Chang.

"Oh yes, sorry about that Miss." Replied Chang

"Thanks ok, I guess. Brandon, you guys take these goons to the police station, while I finish up the mission and deliver Chang to his office to sign the documents." Commanded Helen

"Right away captain Almasy." Chuckled Brandon

The guys grabbed a hold of the thugs and began carrying them off to the police station.

"Did you find who hired the guys to stop me and take the papers?" asked Chang

"It was your partner Salazar; we caught him back at the thug's hideout. Now let's get you to the office so I can complete the mission."

"Right, lead the way Miss."

Helen headed out with Chang following close behind.

Later that day the team had assembled in Rinoa's office for a debriefing. Rinoa smiled at the Seeds as she looked over the mission reports.

"Great job guys. They even paid us extra for finding the mole in their company." Smiled Rinoa

"We carried out our orders to the letter Maim." Reported Helen

"You sure did. You guys can go now, I'll file the last of paper work." Smiled Rinoa

Everyone began to walk out the door, when Rinoa called out to Brandon.

"Keep up the good work honey." Smiled Rinoa

Brandon chuckled slightly, as they headed out the door Helen shot him a look and he stopped laughing. They continued out of the office and began walking down the hallways.

"You feelin jealous?" smirked Brandon

"Me….jealous, please. I think your delusional." Retorted Helen

"I can't help if I got skills."

"To bad you're too much of a knuckle head to use them."

"Guilty, but you gotta admit I rocked on this last mission."

"I wouldn't say it like that, but you are getting better at doing your job. Which is a surprise."

"Owww, your complements they sting as bad your insults. You gotta work on giving out alittle praise when it's due."

"I will when you actually deserve it. As for right now, work on it. Maybe one day you'll become good enough to command your own team. I can help you out if you want."

Helen winked at Brandon.

"I think I'll be just fine."

"If you say so. You are getting better, you've changed. I kinda like the new you. Although still as annoying as ever sometimes."

Helen smiled at Brandon then walked through a nearby door and closed it. Brandon chuckled to himself then headed off to the common room to relax.

In the common room Nathan sat on the couch watching TV, Jillian laid across Nathan's lap wearing her brand new Seed uniform reading one of her textbooks. Sabin was sitting across an arm chair relaxing. Just then Brandon came through the door and pulled up a chair.

"Hey guys." Laughed Brandon

"Hey." They all answered

"So what do you guys got panned tonight, any of you wanna head into town and hang out." Asked Brandon

"We have a date, sorry." Replied Nathan

Jillian put door her book and looked up at Nathan apologetically.

"Sorry honey I have to cancel." Said Jillian

"What…why?" asked Nathan

"I have a big test tomorrow in geographical customs." Replied Jillian

"But I made reservations."

"I'm sorry, but I really want to do good with my fresh start."

"Okay. I guess I'm free."

"Good…..I guess. Sabin what about you?" Replied Brandon uneasy

"Well I…." a Seed officer burst into the common room

"Mr. Dincht, High Commander Leonhart wishes to speak with you, right away." Reported the Seed

"….Gotta go. See ya." Finished Sabin confused

Sabin followed the Seed out the door and headed for Squall's office. Brandon sat there confused as Nathan tried to focus on the TV again.

"That was weird." Stated Brandon

"Lot's of things are weird around here." Retorted Nathan

A few minutes later a trembling Sabin stood in front of High Commander Squall Leonhart.

"Sssir you called me in?" asked Sabin as he took a big gulp

"You can relax you're not in trouble." Replied Squall

Sabin sighed in relief. Squall scoffed slightly, he was so much like his dad.

"We've been given a special assignment that I'm giving to you." Stated Squall

"Me, why me?" asked Sabin confused

"Because of where the assignment came from." Replied Squall as he handed Sabin the file

Sabin smiled eagerly as he took the report and looked through it. The smile slowly faded from his face and turned into a lop sided grin as read the location of the mission.

"Trabia? My father sent this assignment?" asked Sabin

"Yeah, you head out later today. You can take anyone you want with you, but if you read through the entire report, you should probably choose someone with a good amount of technical expertise." Stated Squall

"I'll keep that in mind." Replied Sabin

An hour later Sabin was sitting in the tech lab next to Ami who was working on the school website.

"Come on, I could use you on this mission." Pleaded Sabin

"For the last time no. You know the Garden festival is only days away and as head of the committee I have things to do." Replied Ami

"Have someone cover for you. I really want you to head back home with me, maybe even meet my dad." Smiled Sabin

"I don't know." Sighed Ami

"I really need you to be there. Not just for the mission, but also for support."

"What's wrong?"

"I haven't seen my dad in a while. If you came….I just thought I'd be able to deal with things better."

"Okay, let me go get ready."


Ami smiled at Sabin and gave him a kiss on the cheek then headed out. Sabin watched her leave.

In the dormitories Jillian sat on her bed surrounded by books. Helen sat on a nearby chair helping her review.

"Thanks for helping me." Smiled Jillian

"It's no problem; with Ami gone I got no one else to hang out with."

"Well thanks for helping. How's everything going with your team?"

"Everything's good. Brandon's doing much better and the team has been recovering well after we lost Marco."

"That's good to hear, I feel so bad about what happened. I so lucky that people decided to forgive me after all the trouble I caused."

"Don't worry about it. How's everything going between you and Nathan?"

"It's great; he's a really wonderful guy. He's fun to be around and he's really caring."

"So everything's alright between you two."

"Well, we're trying to make our relationship start off on a good note. But I really want to make sure I do well with my second chance, so I'm trying to work hard to make the most of it. But Seed training really cuts into our being together time."

"It's a new relationship, things will get better with time. I've known Nathan my whole life. He's a great guy, totally reliable, you're lucky."

"What about Brandon?"

"Oohhh, He's arrogant, obnoxious, lazy…."

"Oh come on there's got to be some things you like about him. I bet you think he's cute."

"Ok, I admit, sometimes he can be…..somewhat good looking. And at times a bit charming, and on rare occasions he can be a very good Seed. He sure did surprise us by leading the charge against Locke. And ever since that day, he's been following orders, he hasn't screwed up once…..and he's actually been taking charge of situations. It's been surprising."

"Wow, that's a lot of good things. Why are always so hard on him then?"

"Its because I care about him…..as a friend. He has so much potential and I'd to see it go to waste. Now let's stop talking about this and get back to work."

The girls cracked open the books once more and started going through Jillian's notes.

Meanwhile in Balamb at a local bar, Brandon and Nathan were sitting at a table having a few drinks.

"I had everything planned out. We were going to have a nice evening, dinner at the best restaurant in town. Then we'd spend the rest of the night sitting under the moonlight just the two of us." Nathan belted out as he took another drink

"Aww forget it buddy. Forget it all, tonight is guy's night." Brandon drunkenly mumbled

"Yeah…yeah, you're right."

"Dam straight, let's have some fun. Two more Drinks." Shouted Brandon

"It's just we've only been in this stinkin relationship for a few weeks and already it seems like she doesn't have enough time for us."

"Dude, forget it. Women are trouble, and this isn't just the alcohol talking. Helen is always on my case for god knows what reason. I gave up a Fking promotion for her."



"You gave up a promotion."

"Look don't say anything. We all got our problems this ones mine and I'll deal with."

"Fair enough. Who am I to tell someone else how to deal with girl troubles."

"To the women in our lives and to how crazy they make us feel."

The two men raised their glass then took a drink. Brandon laughed as he shoved Nathan slightly.

High in the skies the Ragnarok barreled toward Trabia. Ami sat at the controls as Sabin looked over the mission reports for the hundredth time.

"So what's the mission?" asked Ami

"We have to protect the headmaster of Trabia Garden, while he attends a special celebration." Replied Sabin

"Isn't the Trabia headmaster your dad?"

"Yeah, he asked for me. I haven't been back in a while."


"I have my reasons. My dad sent me to Balamb when I was young."

"You know, you talk about your dad all the time. You never really talk about your mother. What's she like."

Sabin looked away out the window of the ship, remaining silent.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Hey when we get to Trabia, I know this great little place to get a bite to eat before we head over to the Garden."

Sounds good."

Ami looked at Sabin confused. He was acting stranger than usual, something was obliviously wrong. Ami checked the coordinates one last time as she made sure the ship stayed on course.

To be continued……………

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