Disclaimer: Okay so right now I'm watching The House of Wax and I have a question, what the hell is wrong with people in a scary movie? RUN AWAY YOU STUPID PEOPLE! And never, ever go looking around the crazy dudes house because you are always going to get caught and he's going to get you with some sharp of blunt object. And when you find yourself in a deserted town where the people are wax never go with the stranger, especially if he's the one your crazy brother threw a beer bottle at last night. AND ALWAYS run out the door, never up the stairs, because the guy in the scary mask will follow you and he will strong and knock the door down, and if you lock the door the one time you need it the most the lock will malfunction. Anyway, I don't own Twilight, making you crazy however is all me.

Okay this is the trilogy THIS IS THE LAST ONE. Anyway here's what's going on with the story:

1. This is 15 years in the future

2. Lily and Masen are fifteen and in high school (they are no longer in Friday Harbor and their powers have not yet developed)

3. Edward and Bella are seperated but still married, I'm not going to tell you every reason why but eventually you'll find out

4. Every chapter there will be a clip of the past


Edward came into the room with a look that said he knew what he was in for, I threw a navy blue duffle bag, and by some miracle it hit his chest before his hands flew up to catch it, he squinted at me, "What's this?"

"That," I said going into the closet and throwing two pairs of his shoes out the door, followed by pants, shirts, and socks, "is your bag, you will be sleeping at your parents house until I am able to deal with you again."

"Isabella we need to talk about this." Edward looked cold and distant, as if being here was too hard for him.


I shook my head vigorously, "I'm done talking, because if we start talking I might say a few things that I will regret, I might say that every converstation we've ever had is a lie, I might say that every person I called my family has been lying to me from the start under your order and that makes me hate you a little bit, and I also might say that I'm a girl who has truth issues, which you caused, and now I find out that my own husband has been lying to me from the second he saw me again and it makes me wonder about what else you've been lying about," I collected all the things that I had thrown out of the closet and threw them at him.

"Bella," his jaw was clenched now, "you do not understand what it is going on, let me explain. You need to let me explain, just stop and let me talk."

I stopped what I was doing, I was gathering the blankets, because they were driving me crazy, "No," I said looking at him, "Edward I love you so much that sometimes it physically hurts, but I will not overlook this for you, we've both done some pretty bad things in our lifetime, but at least I'm upfront about my emotional baggae, at least I've never lied to you. Never. Because that's what's marriage is about, telling the truth no matter what. Now just leave Edward."

"Isabella this is exactly what she wants, you don't know Lyla like I do." Edward's eyes were wild, like a dear caught in the headlights.

"And I don't really want to know her, Edward," I said pursing my lips, "all I really care about at the moment is getting you the hell out of this house." I gathered all the sheets together, leaving the matress bare and walking to the second floor landing.

"Isabella, I'm not leaving," he tried to sound like he was sure. I threw the comforter and sheets down the stairs.

It was done. It was enough. And I was very close to losing it.

I whipped my head around and hissed, "Do you think this is easy for me? Edward look at me, I'm drowning here, you're killing me. I'm tired and all I want is you gone. Just please Edward, leave" all the doors and paintings in the entire house started to shake, and the twins started to cry, I imagine they could feel that I was very close to having absolutely no control of my power.

I tried to take deep breaths and leaned against the wall, "Just leave Edward, plaese just leave, I can't . . . I can't look at you, or any of them . . . I just . . . I can't see you right you right now." I closed my eyes, and took deep breaths, and prayed that when I opened them he wouldn't be there, and he wasn't, when I opened my eyes I heard the door shutting quietly.

15 years later

I was in the kitchen in the new house, everything was unpacked and neat, it was new. But my life wasn't. I was still a Mom, I was living with my dead beat brother and sister and being followed around by my husband and his family.

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair, leaning on the counter. Edward and I had been seperated for years upon years, almost totaling up to thirteen. Lyla unforetunately had stuck around and made my life so completely unbearable that I wanted nothing else to do but get out. And when we had finally seperated she had left.

With a blaring noise of deafening rock music my daughter appeared in ripped jeans and a white halter top her copper colored curls flowing down to the small of her back, she hurled herself into a kitchen chair.

"Mom," she whined, "Masen will not stop with the anal cleaning it's driving me absolutely crazy, I got no sleep last night because of his stupid vacume."

"I'm surprised you can hear the vacume over that crap you call music," I said coming over and kissing the top of her heard, dropping a plate pancakes in front of her, "God your father would murder me if he found out I was letting you listen to that stuff."

"Last night was ass," Belinda said trudging down the stairs in a light blue night gown and a silk robe, "Danny and I could hardly concentrate with the combined noise of vacume and techno pop."

"I so do not listen to techno pop," Lily said shoving a piece of pancake in her mouth and yelling, outraged at the accusation.

"Out of all that was said in that conversation that is what upsets you the most?" I said walking up and pinching Belinda's shoulder, "Could you not swear and reference sex in front of my kid?"

"Oh come Belly Bell Lil knows where eveythings at," Belinda said walking over to Lily and warping her arms around Lily's shoulders and rocking her back forth, Lily giggled and smiled up at her aunt.

"Oh yes something I definetely want to talk about," I said holding up my hand and trying not to grimace.

"Oh, mom please," Lily said wincing, "have you seen the unwashed boys that go to our new school as if I would let anyone of them . . . ew its too gross to even talk about," Lily shook her head, "besides if I had I would have told you and Aunt Belinda." Lily said matter of factly, Belinda and I smiled at each other.

Just then Masen tromped down the stairs in his ripped and paint stained jeans and a faded red polo shirt, his ear lobe length brown hair messy, he grabbed the pan of pancakes and the syrup combined and started to chow down.

"Could you not do that next to me," Lily said holding up he hand to try and block out the image of her brother enhaling pancakes.

"Try not looking," Masen said forking up another huge bite of pancake into his mouth and then squirting an extra shot of syrup into his mouth.

"Its like a car wreck big brother you can't look away." Lily said finishing her pancakes and dumping them in the sink and grabbing her messenger bag, and sitting on the counter next to Belinda and I.

"Last night was ass," Danny said clomping down the stairs and sitting next to Masen on a chair, looking at the pancakes with disgust.

Belinda, Lily, and I burst out laughing and Belinda clapped her hands together, walking over to her husband and kissing him lightly, "We are so meant to be."

"Well its silent now," Danny said picking up his wife and carrying her upstairs. The kids and I all looked disgusted and winced.

"Belinda we have work in an hour," I screamed up the stairs, "and great example to set for the kids by the way." I sighed and leaned back against the wall and sighed, it was weird how I was happy and comepletely devastated at the same time.

"Okay so lets review the story," I said clapping my hands together. Talking about the story the twins were going to tell everyone about their family.

"Mom not again," Masen whined and dumped the pan into the sink and started to do the dishes, because that was my son. He hated mess but loved making them.

"Humor me," I said walking to the down stairs bathroom which was right next to the kitchen. My uniform was hanging up on the back of the door. I pulled off my pants and pulled on my short black skirt, I pulled off my top and finger the long silver chain which where my wedding and engagment ring hung. I sighed and pulled on my tight white women's dress shirt, buttoning the middler bottons and fastening my name tag, starting to do my hair as I listened to my kids drone on, reciting the story their father and I had taught them.

"We are twins-" Lily started

"Wow big stretch there," Masen interupted snorting as Lily whacked him on the arm.

Lily continued, "who live with our nineteen year old big sister, you mom, and her twenty year old brother, Uncle Danny, and his wife, Aunt Belinda. Carlisle and Esme Cullen our are Aunt and Uncle and we are very close to their adoptive children. Oh and by the way mom all the girls thought you were going to steal their boyfriends until they say how you and dad acted around each other."

"Can we not discuss that?" I said finishing my hair, it was pulled into a bun, except for two chuks of curls on each side that framed my face. I winced as I came out of the bathroom. I could handle myself around Edward in controlled amout of times but spur of the moment contact was not something I could handle.

Lily looked like she was going to protest, Masen was too busy drinking Orange Juice out of the carton. I whacked on the back of the head playfully and grabbed the carton away from him.

Thankfully the doorbell rang and I was saved from having to explain for the millionth time why their father and I jst needed to be apart for the time being.

I mentally prepared myself, "That'll be you're dad," I said slipping on my black high heels and going to the door. Edward was there to great me as brooding and as good looking as ever, it still took my breath away.

"Isabella," he said nodding towards me. Edward and I were civil, when we weren't sending each other brooding glances. This is what my life has turned into, the only contact I have with my husband is through our children. I still don't know what to do when I'm around him wether I should smile or cry. He doesn't know why were like this, in fact the only people who do know are Lyla Abbott and me. She had threatened the very lives of the two people I care most about so I promised to give up my true love, but that is a different story completely.

"Edward," I sighed, looking into the mirror by the door, I was pretty, except those eyes, the eyes that matched Edward's, the sadness, the dullness, the boredom, everything that's comes back in spades when he walks into the room. I cross my arms and turn around, biting my bottom lip, trying to hide the look of utter pain that flashes across my face as I call for my children, "Lily, Masen Dad's here."

The two come roaring across the floor, powerwalking to the door, it lightens the mood a bit, Edward and sort of light up when our children walk into the room, Lily, my height squeezes my shoulder as she passes by, Masen nearly a foot taller kisses the top of my head, and despite myself I fling my arms around the two and let out a happy sob, "Have a great first day."

They smile at Edward, he's there dad, and the two of us have that awkward moment that happens almost everyday when I say goodbye, and I walk out onto the porch waving at the car, the only one who waved back was Emmett, Rosalie was pissed that she had to go to high school when I got to have a job, Alice and I . . . it was just to awkward, Jasper and I had never been that close in the first place, Emmett and I . . . he didn't blame me for anything, he seemed to know somehow that I was just doing what I thought was right, and that it killed me but I thought that was what had to be done.

When the car was around the bend, I looked at my watch I had a half hour until I had to leave for work so I did what I always did after I saw Edward, I ran up to my room, closed the door, turned on the music as loud as it will go, and sob without tears, hit anything in my path, and collapse on the floor in utter agony, after fifteen minutes, I stand up calmly, turn off the music, do my makeup, get Belinda, and head for work.

Thankfully, my life is about to get a little less tragic.

Depressing right? I know, I know but the chapters to come will hopefully be better. I really have no idea because I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing with the story. Stay tuned!