A/N: To keep my mind straight, here is a hetrosexual pairing. RyoSaku, since it was what poked my curiosity and made me start reading fanfics in this fandom.

"Ryoma-kun...?" Sakuno gently opened the door leading to the roof of the school. Ryoma disappeared at the start of their free period which was about to end in the next ten minutes. She was greeted with a side of Ryoma rarely seen by people outside of his family.

His green locks of hair were messed up from his continuous unconscious shifting to find the best sleeping spot against the wall. There was no white Fila hat blocking his face and that arrogant smirk was replaced by a serene expression and the smallest of smiles.

Sakuno approached him slowly. She couldn't decide if she should wake up the sleeping boy or not. She was now only a hair's length away from Ryoma. She could feel the blood go to her face.


Her eyes widened and she suddenly fell backwards in pure shock. Was her idol...perverted? She quickly ran back to the classroom and tried to erase the memory. Ignorance is bliss, she reminded herself.

Back at the rooftop, Ryoma woke up muttering a string of English words that, thankfully, no one understood. "Break's over already?" He thought. 'And mom was just about to burn dad's magazines in the dream...too bad. I wanted to see the look on his face.'

A/N: Yes, I have a fettish with unruly hair, wind blowing at people, and naps. Very cliché, but I blame my muses. They won't let me think of anything creative.

I can't write RyoSaku for my life, so don't yell at me if this is crappy or you dislike straight pairings. I personally perfer shounen-ai/yaoi myself, but I have to attempt to perserve my sanity. Of course, I think that'll be practically impossible if I keep on hanging out in this fandom. So...what should I write next? Oh yah. HiyoTaki ... still have to type that ... eventually ...