"not Important now."

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Night had just seeped into day as Seras walked into her room and colapsed on her bed/coffin.

"I'm exsusted." She mumbled as she pulled her pillow over her head. She had just started to close her eyes as a loud voice raing out in her room.

"Nice work last night, police girl." Came Alucard's voice.

"Master?!" she wined and pulled her pillow tighter over her head.

"Come on now you can't be that tired." Alucard said as his hand appered and pulled the pillow from her. "Can't even lisson to your master's approval?" The only responce he got was a wine from her. Alucard became visabule and sat on her bed. Seras did the zombie as she sat up.

"Pillow, Sleepy." She moned and grabed her pillow and quicly ploped back in her sleep position. "Ahh...Sleepy."

"Fine i was gonna treat you to nice little treat." Alucard said In his own sweet way. Seras sat up and looked like she was about ask what kind a treat when sleep took over her and she fell agenst his sholder.

"Not... confortabule like bed... much better. Alucard soft." She mumbled unawere she was speeking aloud.

"Humm she realy must be out of it." Alucard laid her back down on her bed. He desided what he wanted to tell her could wait till that night. He was about to stand back up when Seras grabed his coat.

"Stay with me." Seras voice came pleedingly out of her emoshonless faced body. "Please, Master."

Alucard went to move away figuring she was just dreaming when her blue eyes snaped open with a look on pleeding. "Please."

"Do you realy want a monster in your bed?" He asked looking in her eyes through his yellow glasses.

"I see no monster." Seras said as she reched up and took his glasses off. Alucard's blood ruby red eyes were soft. "I see a man, a king, and a master."

Alucard smiled at her and laid down beside her. "Fine, but only today." Seras nodded and closed her eyes scooting into his arms.

"Thank you master." She said as he hit the coffin lid so the sun couldn't get them.

In side ther coffin/bed Alucard placed his arm around her and pulled her close to him.

Seras turned to him using her vampiric seeing to look at him.

"What did you want?" She asked now that she was awake somewhat.

"It's not inportant, now." He said as he looked to her with a smile. She nodded and fell asleep in his arms.