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The Wolf Claims His Fox

by Starlit-Knight

© 2007, copyright: April 2007

Prologue: In the Beginning

For over one thousand years the Namikaze Fox Demons and the Uchiha Wolf Demons have been at war. No one knows how or why it started, only that there is a great hatred between both clans.

With the way things were going, no one thought it would ever end. Between the sheer power of the Uchiha clan and the speed and trickery the Namikaze were know for, every battle ended in a draw.

Then, one day, the Namikaze's oldest heir got captured by the Uchiha. Everybody thought the scale had final been tipped and one side would gain the greater hand, but, when the son of the Namikaze's Leader was placed to be guarded by the oldest heir of the Uchiha, disaster struck. Both heirs disappeared with only a bloody battlefield left behind. Many lost their lives that day.

Overcome with grief, the alpha female of the Uchiha clan demanded her mate to stop the war.

So, with the lose of both their sons, the Uchiha and Namikaze leaders came to a truce and as proof of their new alliance, the Uchiha alpha female suggested the unity of their remaining son and one of Namikaze's noble females. There had been previous rumors of a beautiful young fox demon living with the Leader who looked just like him. She was hoping it was perhaps a daughter.

Before Namikaze even had a chance to responded, the remaining Uchiha heir told everyone he preferred males. He thought this would be the best way to avoid all attempts his mother tried at getting him a mate. Only, his plan back fired when Namikaze revealed that the agreement would work out just fine, for he had no daughters and only one remaining son.

Much to the young heir's relief, his father declined, saying that he would rather have his son take someone who could produce an heir to continue the bloodline. The young Uchiha, having thought he was in the clear was proud of the plan he had come up with, but, the Namikaze leader revealed something that made the young Uchiha's heart stop. Fox Demons males could give birth as long as they were a Uke and Namikaze's son was, in fact, just that.

And now is where the story begins…

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