Chapter one: Love at First Call

Chance sighed. Tomorrow was Valentine's Day and once again, Jake and himself didn't have anyone to celebrate it with. Not even his favorite re-runs of Scaredy Kat could cheer him up this year.

"Lighten up Buddy!" Said Jake as he finished closing up the shop, "It's just one day." The dark brown colored Kat said as he wiped a thin layer of sweat from his forehead, "I find it a waste of time and money, a conspiracy really by the candy, flower, and toy companies."

Chance growled, "And why is it that we always send Callie a bouquet of a dozen roses each, ever since we gave her the communicator, if you feel that way?" he glared at his partner, taking a swig from his can of milk.

Jake stuttered, looking at anything around him but his friend, "That's to say… I mean… well…" he just laughed, "I don't know. Why don't you send something to Turmoil?" he grinned as he saw the blush spread over Chance's furry blond cheeks.

"Very funny! If you don't recall, I only did that so she'd stay out of trouble. But she's not my type." He leaned back on the couch and sighed again. The phone rang beside him and he carelessly picked it up, "MegaKat Salvage Yard, how may I help you?"

"Sorry to call so late in the evening," came a timid female voice. Chance sat up right, intrigued at the voice, "What time do you open tomorrow?" Chance placed his hand over the receiver and beckoned Jake to come over from the kitchen.

"Hey, what time do we normally open?" he called.

"Around ten!" Jake replied, stepping out from the kitchen, "At least that's what should be doing, but just say eleven." He sat by his friend, propping his feet on the small coffee table.

"About ten thirty, ma'am. Excuse me if I'm prying into personal business, but what exactly are you looking for here?" He took a sip from his can and waited patiently for the girl to speak again.

"Oh! Do phone calls require that? Well, long story short, my brother needs parts for some science experiment he's doing, but being too cheap to buy it. Something about not having to hassle too much if his parts are pre-wired." The kat on the other line giggled, "May I ask for your name?"

Chance grinned, "If you don't mind me asking for yours. It's Chance ma'am."

"Chance…" she said slowly, causing the hairs on the back of the TurboKat's pilot to stand on end with mild excitement. She had a sexy voice in his mind, "Intriguing. The name's Katrice. See you in the morning Chance." She hung up the phone on her said as Chance did on his.

"Wow…" was all he could mutter.

"Who was it, Mr. Romance?" Jake chuckled, flipping through the channels once Scaredy Kat was done.

"What do you mean by that?" cried Chance as he stood up, placing the phone back on its cradle, "Just a girl who's coming by with her brother tomorrow for some parts."

"I dunno Chance, sounded like you were flirting with her. And I quote," Jake leaned back straighter with a smug look on his face as he pretended to use the remote as the phone, "'If you don't mind me asking for yours… beautiful.' End quote." He looked up at his friend with a toothy grin.

"I did not say beautiful!" the bigger of the two shrieked in embarrassment before adding quietly, "She has a nice voice…" he picked up a pillow and threw it at his friend. Jake couldn't dodge it in time as he spilt some of his drink onto his work clothes.

"What the… Chance!" Chance laughed, picking up the mess they had made from earlier. Once Jake stopped glaring at his buddy a question came to mind, "Well, if a gal like Turmoil isn't your thing, what is?"

Chance pause, "Well," he began, "I don't know. I want a nice girl with a bright personality. Independent for the most part, but willing to come to me if she needs a little help." He began to count off with his fingers, "I want someone I can trust, hell maybe trust enough with our secret if the time should ever come up, which I highly doubt. Not too clingy or emotional, modest, polite but a total spit fire if she gets upset…" a small shy smile graced his lips, "I want someone kinda pretty. Not drop dead gorgeous, but someone that'll look good if we ever got a chance to go somewhere nice."


The next day, the two woke up for an early start. The first up was Chance, who sped off into the shower. While soaking in the luke warm water, he began to envision his female guest today.

Running the sponge over one of his light brown stripped arms, he pondered. From what he knew, she had a sweet voice, which meant mostly likely she had a bright personality. One of the many features he wanted in a girl, he mused.

Once he was done washing his hair, he gave up on trying to guess what she looked like. He was going to see her after all. Changing into his green mechanic uniform and red cap, he stepped outside. Looking at the time, he realized he only had about an hour til she came, if she arrived at opening.

Ten thirty came, and a honk at the main gate alerted the crime fighting duo. Chance couldn't keep the smile off his face as he rushed outside with a set of keys. At the gate was a blue sedan, similar to the one Callie Briggs drove in town.

"Hi! You plan on opening anytime soon?" came the same teasing cheery voice from the phone. Chance looked up and nearly fainted. There, with her head poking out, must have been Katrice in all her glory. She had crème colored fur and black wavy hair that most likely hung to her mid back. Her eyes were a startling blue and she had the cutest little pink nose in his opinion. Three hoop earrings adorned her ears as black eyeliner and clear lip gloss finished off the portion of her body he could see.

Chance cursed at himself as he fumbled to open the lock. He almost cried in glee once it burst open. Quickly opening the gate, he walked over to the vehicle. "Katrice, I presume?"

"I take it you're Chance." She smiled a flirtatious smile as it found its way on her face, "You're a lot more handsome than I thought. Didn't know that someone like you would work in a crappy place such as the salvage yard. Where do I park?"

Chance was almost left speechless, "Uh… make a right here; there's a little alcove to park so it's not in this jungle." He stared at the car as Katrice pulled up to the area he said to go. His eyes grew wider as she stepped out.

She wore a black button up blouse that hugged her upper portion in all the right places, complimented with the tight low rider blue jeans she wore and black skater shoes. The outfit in all showed off her midriff, the blue star tummy ring shinning in the morning sun over her flat stomach. Chance mentally whistled.

"Bobby! Get out from the car!" she said as she leaned back in, her large bushy tail swing side to side in annoyance. From the other side of the car, a boy her age jumped out. He looked like the male version of her, and Chance had to admit, the guy was pretty good looking. Not that he'd ever voice it out.

"Come on over. We'll get you situated and have you meet my partner, Jake. He knows where everything is around here." He lead the two to the main shop where Jake was just stepping out into the sun, "Hey little buddy, our guests are here."

Jake took a double take at the girl as he looked her from head to toe, "Hey. Chance told me you needed some parts. Which in particular?"

The guy, Bobby, spoke up, "I heard you had some Enforcer wreckage here. I was wondering if I could pull out one of the control panels that are still in tact along with a couple of other things."

"Enforcers…" the she-kat hissed, catching Chance's attention, "Damn idiots didn't want to put me on the force. Trained for nothing." she placed her hands on her hips and looked inside the shop. "Listen, Jake, was it? Can you show my brother around, I'm not to keen on standing in the sun all day. I'll come back for you around noon, ok?"

But it was too late. Bobby was already dragging Jake along the trail of wrecked vehicles. Katrice sighed, shaking her head in shame, "God, twenty three and he still acts like a kid in a candy shop. If he wasn't my twin, I would have thought he was adopted." She laughed.

"You look younger than twenty three…" Chance said to himself, not realizing he said it out loud. When he noticed Katrice looking at him with a questioning look, he blushed. "Sorry, just thinking out loud. Want me to walk you to your car? You said you were going to leave…"

"I changed my mind. Mind if I hang around you for a bit?" she winked at him, "I just said that so he could get to work faster." She walked over to the ex-enforcer pilot with a sweet smile that made him weak at the knees.

It was only a matter of minutes before Katrice and Chance found their ways into the mechanic shop of his work/home. Chance was working on the engines of an old pick up truck when Katrice came up beside him.

"Chance, why are you working on Valentine's Day?"

"Why are you here on Valentine's Day? God, this thing is so damn hard to tighten! I don't have any damn room." he grunted, trying to reach a difficult spot in the engines he knew he couldn't get to even if he was underneath the car. He jumped when he felt a slender warm hand take the wrench from his grasp. He stepped back and stared at the girl.

"Probably same reason as you. I don't have a Valentine. Most guys I ever dated either forgot, went over board, or I broke up with before. Ah! It's tightened." She tossed the wrenched and leaned against the hood, "Besides, I really don't give a rat's ass about it. Why do guys feel compelled to show their affection on this certain day? Why can't he do it on his own, instead of being forced to do it." she sighed sadly, "I may not like it, but at least I'd like a call, or a little hand made card on this day. I could careless about the expensive shit. It's all a conspiracy! What about you?"

Chance couldn't help but laughed hysterically, "Th-that's what… what Jake…s-said last… night!" The laughing must have been contagious because Katrice found herself giggling.

Once the laughter died down, Chance cleared his throat, "Would you like a drink?"

"Do you have beer?" she said rather shyly, "This field of work always makes me want one."

"Got an ID beautiful?" Chance grinned as he tossed her one from the small fridge by the table, "If you're under age I could get in trouble, or if you get tipsy."

"Really? Well, Mr. Heroics, for your information, I have one hell of alcohol tolerance level. Last time I remember, it took eight cans of beer, three shots of vodka and half a pint of tequila to even make me get wasted. I ain't no weak pussycat." She turned her nose upward in triumph, opening her can as she leaned against the wall opposite of Chance, "What about you?" there was a gleam of challenge in her azure colored eyes.

Chance whistled, opening his as well, "Can't recall. It's been a long time since I even came close. I bet I can take a lot more than you could."

A flirty side of Katrice came back; "Is that a challenge?" she spoke softly as she sauntered towards him, her hips swaying seductively. Once she stood a mere few inches in front of him, she raised her hand and caressed his cheek, "I've yet to meet a tom-kat who could beat me. Do you plan on proving me wrong?"

There was no denying it; there was some kind of chemistry between them that pulled them together like magnets. She was beginning to show traits of his perfect girl, and he had to admit, she was damn well hotter than Callie by a long shot, and younger by at least two years.

The distance between their faces began to close when Chance declared his challenge, "Yes, I do. How about I take you on a date tomorrow?" his eyes droops as her breasts rubbed against his chest, her arms wrapping themselves around him.

"I accept your challenge. Prepared to get our ass kicked, but in this case, your liver." She laughed before she pressed her lips lightly against his. It was small chaste kiss that held promise. But to Chance, it meant the world.

For as long as he could remember, many girls he dated eventually dumped him for the hopes of going out with Jake. He didn't know why, but Jake always seemed to have more admirers than he. Perhaps Turmoil, sadly, was the only one who would have loved only him up to this point. He felt that Katrice was a lot more different than the other girls.

Their ears swerved to the sound of their companions coming back. Had time really gone that fast? They ended the kiss with a big smile on either of their faces as Katrice slowly pulled back with a slight blush, "Guess I should be going now. I'll take up your offer on that date. Here's my number…" she took a pen from Chance's desk and a paper she had in her pocket. Katrice quickly scrawled down her number and handed it to Chance with another kiss. "Bye…"

"Ma'am," said Jake as he left out a sigh of exhaustion, "What is up with this guy? He dragged me all through out the yard! What is his inspiration? Woo…" He stretched out his arms and yawned, "I'm beat, and it's not even three."

Katrice laughed, "I don't know." She shrugged with a smirk, "Well, what's the damage? Do I owe anything?"

Jake grinned, "Nah, it's on the house, but I don't think you car can hold all the stuff he picked out without several trips. Why don't I have Chance deliver it tomorrow morning with the truck?"

"Hmm," Katrice smiled, a thought coming to mind, "How about tomorrow afternoon? Around four or five? I've got some stuff to do in the morning until then." She leaned forward to whisper, "Do you have any idea what he likes to eat?"

Jake didn't miss the gleam in her eyes and couldn't help but cheer on his friend, "Ah, so that's what you've guys been doing…" upon seeing her blush, he laughed, "Chance likes grilled tuna and sautéed shrimp or steak. If you're pressing for time however, he loves plain cheese pizza."

Katrice nodded, taking it to account, "Alright. Thanks. Just load what you can into the trunk, please?"

"Not a problem. I'll have Chance help."

Once everything was loaded, Chance walked Katrice to her car where her brother was waiting. It was already a quarter past one and Chance couldn't help but be relieved that the Deputy Mayor hadn't called for SWAT Kat assistance all day.

"Tomorrow at five, right?" Chance asked as he opened the door.

"Yes, come in casual wear. After dinner, let's go to the movies. Or we can go out, splurge on all the alcohol we can buy and see who wins." She gave Chance another quick kiss before she settled into her car, "Call me tomorrow for directions, ok?"

"Sure thing, Beautiful!" Chance waved as he watched Katrice back out onto the road and drive off, "Sure thing…" Chance let out a dreamy sigh as his eyes softened. Yep, he was definitely in love.

Chance whistled to himself a happy tune. He hadn't been this happy since he first piloted the TurboKat, and that was several years ago. There was just something about her that made butterflies well up in his stomach. Chance chuckled.

'Guess I am a romantic. Damn…'he thought with amusement, "Hey Jake!" he called as he entered the garage, "You think I have a real chance with her? I have a feeling she won't be like the others."

Jake was currently putting in a new battery in the old beat up pick up truck his friend was working on. A small grunt was heard before spoke, "Why not? It's obvious you two have the hots for one another. I think this one will be different too." He looked up, grease smeared across his cheeks and whiskers. He gave Chance an apologetic smile, "Those other girls don't know what they're missing, buddy."

Chance shrugged, "Who cares? Maybe I should look at it this way… you were like a test to them. I admit it man, you have better looks than me. Katrice didn't even bat an eye at you, like the other used to when they first met you. I think this one will be loyal." A sad smile and a sigh escaped from him, "I really hope she is. Perhaps we can end the whole 'who gets Callie' by the end of all this."

Jake laughed, "I guess so pal. Let's close up early and head down to the gym. Gotta keep you on your toes for Katrice." He teased. Chance just choked on the beer he was drinking.


At Mayor Manx's office, two large bouquets sat on Callie's desk. She was working on another speech for the opening of the new Mini Mall next week. It was a wonder to Callie Briggs how Manx was elected for ten terms.

She sighed, putting down her pen as she looked over the cards again on her desk, one from each swat kat. The first was from Razor with a simple greeting. The other, from TBone, was a bit more… personal.

Wishing you all the love you deserve. –Tbone

It was sweet, and she was half tempted to call the boys and wish them a happy Valentines day too. But she decided not to at that moment. She would do it later when she was back at home, enjoying a nice can of tuna.

It's shorter then I had first anticipated, but whatever. I thought it would be good for now, and leave you wondering what will happen next. Yay! This is my second attempt of a non-Inuyasha fanfic, so be nice! Please?