Recently read Futaba-kun Change. Great manga and I decided I'd write a crossover with it! So there! Be prepared for corniness. It strikes without warning and makes people gag. Frankly I need to go to the store and buy some more sap. I've used it all up. (Citation: Dominic Deegan.)

Secret Stolen Smiles


"Hey, Donama-kun? How far back does the line still go? Can ya tell me?" Ranma piped curiously at the guard watching the door on the far side of the room.

It was a rather comical situation she'd been landed in. If Ranma had been anyone but herself, of course. Currently dressed in a fuku-imitation of some magical girl, Ranma Saotome was currently an idol star.

Another girl, cute at about fifteen, stepped up to the desk standing before Ranma could hear Donama's answer. "He-hello Miss Lakara-san… er… I… well…"

"What's your name, Miss?" Ranma asked politely with a broad grin. "You shouldn't stutter so much. You have a very pretty face. Just smile and you'd outshine me any day, you know?"

The girl positively beamed! "Re-really! You really think so!?"

Ranma gave the same beam back. To parties back in Nerima, Ranma Saotome was still a man among men. Well, perhaps. Ranma really didn't know what people back there thought of him anymore. Here though, things were almost completely different. Frankly, she did enjoy the attention. Seeing so many smiles because of her was quite flattering. Not to mention incredibly likeable in comparison to "Prepare to Die, Ranma."

"Of course!" Ranma replied happily.

She meant it too. Any of these girls were more than beautiful enough to take over her position. Not many of them were ugly. And those that were, were just as easy to satisfy and send away with a grin and a bit more confidence then when they came. The autograph alone usually did that. Not to mention giving Ranma the strange sense of warmth she'd come to associate with those smiles of happy people dying to meet her. Even so, few of the people who came in reached the same innate beauty that this curly haired brunette exhibited.

"Now tell me," Ranma continued cheerfully. "What's that name?"

"Mi- er… Migeru, miss Lakara! Migeru Tsubeki." The girl said with a slight bow.

Ranma grinned widely and held out a slip of paper. "Can I have you're autograph? How much do you charge?"

The girl burst into giggles as she steadily signed her name. "Lakara-chan I couldn't possibly charge you for my name!"

Ranma shrugged. "Don't worry. The value of the signature will more than make up the charge Migeru." Ranma said giving the name a casual twist as she smiled warmly at the now un-nervous girl.

"Well I suppose you did want my autograph though right? Why in the world ya'd want that's beyond me…" Ranma murmured as she accepted the three autograph books that had been set on the table.

"Who'd ya like it too?" Ranma asked perkily while facing the girl, her idol voice firmly in place.

The frilly girl blushed cutely. "Could you please make it out to Sanida Sanda and this one to Aro Tsubeki? And… the last to me?"

"Sure!" Ranma replied, her cheery voice now utterly mastered. She had become perfect with the voice ever since she had become "Miss Disney Japan."

Ranma set about signing the pages of their five by three inch autograph books. It seemed Sanida and Migeru, the girl in front of her, had collected quite a few autographs but Aro's- Aro-kun's –was completely empty.

To Sanida-chan,

Hello! I'm sorry we didn't get to meet face to face, but I'm glad to know fans are out there cheering for me! I just hope I don't fall on my face when I'm up on stage next month! How embarrassing… Anyways! Thank you for the chance to meet you indirectly! Migeru is a great friend, to wait through that line for you. Just make sure to treasure her more than anyone you see on a poster and you'll go far alright? Miss Sanido-chan, I'll be forgotten one day but she'll be with you forever. Don't lose that.
Yours Truly,

Lakara Uundo.

Half a year ago Ranma wouldn't have thought rabid frenzied cats could make her write something that corny. And now here she was doing it out of her own free will… well not completely but that was a bit beside the point, as she was currently enjoying work.

To Aro-kun,

Hiya! Thank you so much for cheering me on! And an even bigger compliment, you bought a brand new autograph book just for mine didn't you! You shouldn't have! Make sure you get at least five more before you leave alright!? I won't accept anything less! Blushes


Lakara Uundo.

After finishing the wavy sign which stood for "Orchid" that had become her signet which she signed after her name on all her messages, letters, and autographs, Ranma smiled back up at Migeru. Orchid was the tie to her girl-form's actual name, "Ranko."

"And last is yours. Hmm. What to write to a girl like you though… ah… I know!" Ranma exclaimed happily.

The girl fidgeted a bit in mute apprehension but she wasn't nearly as nervous as when she had entered.

To Migeru-chan,

You are more than beautiful enough to be your own idol. I'm a little jealous in fact. Maybe you should give it a shot? Contact Marandi Akodova at the number below and tell him Ranma told you to call mm-kay? I wouldn't be surprised to see a new number one face on the idol star scene in three weeks! You are breathtaking, Migeru-chan.

With all love,

Lakara Uundo.

Writing the number for Marandi Akodova at the bottom of the page, Ranma quickly finished the short paragraph.

"There ya go!" She exclaimed happily.

The girl beamed back again as she took the three closed autograph books.

"Thank you so much Lakara-san! I—!"

"Please." Ranma interjected. "Just Lakara, or Lakara-chan if you prefer. We're friends now."

The girl's smile radiated that warmth that Ranma loved. "Alright Lakara-chan! Thank you very much!"

The girl turned with the books scooped up in her arms. Once she got to the exit of the room they sat in she turned. "Goodbye Lakara-chan! I can't wait to see you next month!"

Ranma shivered. "Don't remind me, Migeru-chan. I'm still worried about that…"

The girl's eyes turned into a bit of shock. "Y-you're worried about it? B-but. You are Lakara Uundo! You—!"

"I'm sorry miss." Donama, the guard at the door, interrupted suddenly. "There's a very long line. I must ask you to leave now."

The girl grinned at the guard, sheepishly. "Gomen Nasai. Thank you again Miss Lakara! You're everything I thought you'd be and more!"

Ranma waved to the girl and gave her another wide grin as she exited.

The girl exited and Ranma let out an exasperated sigh, that was filled with quite a bit of happiness too. A tired happiness. "Heh. How long is the line now?"

"It still goes a little past the middle, Miss Lakara." The guard behind her said grudgingly.

Ranma slumped a little with an edgy grin and a sweat drop. "That long!?" She moaned. She'd rather be doing this than actually modeling or fighting for her life. Perhaps not the second one. There was a certain thrill in fighting for her life. But still! She'd been doing this for six hours now! The line should have come down at least more than halfway!

"Well, Miss Lakara, if you would just sign your name instead of writing half your life to each person then perhaps this wouldn't take so long?" Imura behind her said, snickering.

Ranma pouted at the guard. "I'm not like other stars! I want my fans to know me and know who I am!"

I just found out who I am… and it feels good. She thought to herself, deeply. I want them to feel it too… somehow.

The other guard at the door, Donama chuckled. "She's right you know, Imura? Do you know anyone like Lakara-chan? I've never met someone so caring to her fans before."

"I've met one about the same." Imura who stood behind the desk, replied stoicly. "Only one, though."

"Who?" Ranma questioned. She bet she knew the answer.

"Futaba-chan. Futaba Shimeru." Imura said certainly.

Ranma smiled. "Heh heh. I thought so. Futaba-chan really knows what she's doing. I'm kinda jealous of how calm she can be about all this."

Imura blinked. "You know Futaba-chan? I knew you two were in competition sorta… Didn't know you actually knew her though."

I know Futaba better than anyone here does. Ranma said with a grin. She blushed a bit. That had brought up thoughts of the previous night spent with Futaba. Quite a night. Quite a night.

"Next one in." The other guard said.

The guards were all business once again as the next fan walked through the doors, sunlight spilling into the decently lit room.

At first Ranma was certain she was just seeing things. A man strode forth, her age. Jet black hair and a yellow shirt. Black pants, and a yellow and black spangled bandana. The man looked like he could lift the entire building with a pinky. And he could. Ranma knew it. For Ryoga Hibiki was one of the strongest people Ranma had ever met.

"He-hello!" He said gingerly. "W-wow I can't believe I'm really here,"

Nervousness radiated around Ryoga like the usual depressive aura that he had.

"Ry-Ryoga?" Ranma asked, shocked. Anger seethed but she kept her cool, without even using the Soul of Ice. All that was over and done with and she had forgiven the Lost Boy and… her. Soul of Ice or not, her entire though process fell several degrees at the thought of her.

"Sh-she knows my name…!" Ryoga muttered to himself, dreamily. Then he shook his head forcefully.

Ranma collected herself quickly. "H-hello sir!" She said her voice back to its normal idol form.

"Hi. Uh.. Hiya… w-well I."

Ranma sighed. She knew this would all be found out sooner or later. Perhaps if she played it off well enough, she could keep him from recognizing her?

"Sir, why are you so nervous? I'm not that intimidating am I?" She asked cutely.

"Well… er… No, I—." Was Ryoga's intelligent response. He seemed to gather himself. "I've been your fan for… weeks Miss Lakara-san, and I—!"

"Please, just Lakara, or Lakara-chan if you prefer. I want my fans to know me. I used to be some obscure school kid just like everyone else. There's nothing different between me and my fans so I'd like them to remember me as just another person. A friend. Okay, Ryoga-kun?" Ranma interrupted tersely.

Ryoga's smile brightened. "O-of course miss… hey… how do you know my name Lakara-ch—!"

Oh damn. Ranma thought as he watched Ryoga's eyes widen in recognition.

"That voice…" Ryoga muttered. He glanced down. "It… It can't be!" He studied Ranma with a look of recognition that was slowly turning to burning fury.

"Ranma! You imposter! How dare you—!"

Ranma sighed as she accidentally spilled her cup of water forward. "Oh! Oh my! I'm so sor—! What in god's name!" She acted. Being an idol star had given her incredible acting skills of late.

"Miss Lakara-chan?" The guard asked, not having noticed. All he saw now was a bundle of clothing in the middle of the floor. Camera's would have seen it though. "Where did that man go? Is… Is that his…"

"I don't… know. I spilled my water and…"

A small body launched itself forward from the clothes, directly at Ranma like a moving black ball of lightning.

Ranma smirked and caught the ball formally known as 'Pig Cute' while simultaneously opening a drawer. Taking a light fist, she swatted the pig across the head, firmly knocking it unconscious. Then she placed the small piglet inside and quickly closed and locked the drawer.

"Miss Lakara?" The guard asked. He hadn't noticed a thing. God she loved being a martial artist!

"Yes?" She asked daintily, wearing a face of innocence to rival Kasumi.

He looked at her oddly for a moment and then shrugged. He picked up the clothing and pack, noting how heavy it was but still able to lift it, barely, and brought it back behind the walls. Then he returned to his post.

"I… guess we'll just send the next one in…" The guard said.

Ranma smiled. She was a bit worried and agitated. Once Ryoga found out, and she would have no choice but to tell him the story after she was done here, then all hell would probably break loose back in Nerima. Oh well. Not her problem anymore. She'd been gone from Nerima for almost six months.

Guess the shit was bound to hit the fan sooner or later… Ranma thought despondently as the next fan walked in for her autograph.


Ranma sat smacking the face of the now-dressed lost boy rather firmly. They were in a secluded back alley in a ward of Tokyo between Mokohada where her autograph signing booth had been, and Nerima.

"Wh-what? Where am I?" Ryoga asked tiredly.

"Come on, P-chan. Wake up." Ranma replied harshly and smacked his face again. She knew Ryoga could barely feel the slaps so it didn't make her feel the slightest bit of regret.

"R-Ranma… Ranma!" Ryoga cried drearily first, alert the second, his awareness finally catching up with him.

Ranma smiled down at him, goofily. "Heya, cutie! What's up!?"

Due to the fact that Ryoga's mind couldn't possibly comprehend the words just sent at him by his most bitter rival, he opted to simply let them slide over him like water on glass. That done, he opted for the most simple reaction.

"Ranma! I can't believe you! How dare you impersonate miss Lakara! I can't believe how low you would stoop! Ranma! Pepare to—!"


The impact of Ranma's hand on Ryoga's face this time left a deep imprint. "I am Lakara Uundo, Ryoga." Ranma explained. "Anyway, You have absolutely no right whatsoever to get angry at me ever again, jackass!"

Ryoga blinked. And blinked again. "No way! I refuse to believe it…"

Now he was staring at Ranma. Her dress was that of Miss Disney Japan. The newest face add for the entire theme park. She wore a fuku skirt that was short beyond reason. Her breasts were covered by what appeared to be a band and her stomach was showing. Nothing was covering her shoulders either and beyond that, she wasn't really wearing much of anything save for a dense, beautiful circlet pulled back behind her bangs. Her hair, unbound and flowing, hung down to the small of her back.

"I… don't believe it." Ryoga murmured as he truly saw what Ranma was doing. Then. His face broke into a chuckle. "Y-you… are…"

Ryoga burst into laughter. "Oh my god, Ranma! Hah hah! What brought this on!? Finally decided to become a girl? Hah hah! Oh this is rich!" The lost boy exclaimed.

"Shh! Keep it down! I don't want them to find me, okay!?" Ranma demanded, nervously looking over her shoulder.

"What? Your fans!?" Ryoga asked through another fit of laughter. "Only natural for a girl like you to have so many! I can't believe you really … you!"

"Yeah, Ryoga. I did. I became a girl for this. Get over it." Ranma replied harshly. "You were a big part of it anyways so unless you want to lose your masculinity, I suggest you shut up." Her voice was cold and mirthless. Again, without the use of soul of ice.

Ryoga's mirth ceased and became a wilted look of guilt. "Ranma… Look man, er… I…"

Ranma's anger melted somewhat. "It's a long story okay Ryoga? And don't worry about that. I forgave you a long time ago." She said, only just now turning to look towards him.

It was then that Ryoga realized that Ranma had been watching both sides of the alley intently. Making sure no one was coming.

"Wanna hear it? The story I mean." She asked. And then, she unzipped the bag he hadn't realized she'd been holding, pulling out her usual Chinese outfit.

Ryoga just stood there, a bit shocked. Then he answered, "Y-yeah. I… Yeah, I do."

Once she finished dressing she reached for her long and unbound hair. Pulling forth the strand of string her hair had always been bound her hair with, she quickly became the Ranma Ryoga knew best.

"You were my fan, Ryoga?" Ranma asked quirkily.

Ryoga grinned back sheepishly. "I… well… yeah… before I found out it was you! Again! Dammit, Ranma, why are you always taunting me!?"

"Hey I didn't even mean to this time! I'm not modeling to taunt you! I'm doing it for the money. And… the fame is… nice. And… well… for…" Ranma said with a blush.

Ryoga's eye twitched. Ranma… blushing? Like a regular school girl! "Are you… sure you're Ranma?"

Ranma grinned. "Come on! There's someone I want you to meet! I'll start the story on the way, okay?"

Ryoga nodded reluctantly as his hand was taken by the cute red-headed girl. Was this girl really Ranma!? She may be dressed like herself now but she certainly wasn't acting it. They walked out of the alley, she leading him at a fast pace. Even as they walked though Ryoga could tell that there was something different about Ranma. It was a subtle thing but her stance, the way she held his hand and dragged him, looking back at him every few minutes almost fondly. She radiated 'cute girl.'

Ryoga thought that if it wasn't so funny he'd be terrified. He knew what he and Akane had done had really traumatized Ranma… so much that he hadn't seen the man in almost six months at least. But had it truly been enough to drive her to… this? As he pondered the girl began to speak

"Well, It all started when I saw you and... well, when I saw you two together. It… hit me really hard. I loved her, you know? Anyway, it was after that, I was pretty much brain dead. I was just wandering aimlessly for… weeks I think. Then, one day, in the middle of a thunderstorm…"


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