Summary: Ok this is my own warped brain working at it's weirdest. I got to thinking how funny and interesting it might be to use the characters from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift and PRNS in one fic together. There are ninja schools, but none of the actual power ranger stuff ever happened. I can't even explain how strange this is. If you don't like it I'm sorry! I just thought I'd put it out there. Oh and if you've seen FAFTD you know that a main character dies, well he's a love interest in this and he isn't dead and I'll explain why…promise…

Tori has a twin sister her name is Harley and she grew up in Tokyo after their parents separated and she lived with her mother. Oh you'll get all this is the story, just don't hurt me with comments to bad…

Chapter 1: The Bad Twin

Harley Moreen Hanson walked into the performance room. There was stadium seating and a performance in progress. This is everything she didn't want but she was stuck here all do to her father. Christopher Ryan Hanson that jackass. She remembered the day she knew she'd be coming back to Blue Bay harbor and this Art school rat nest she hated her entire life.

Knocking softly on the metal door that lead into the garage when the large bay doors were closed, she stood in the rain. She had forgotten her coat at the hospital and she had walked from the main street to the garage and she was drenched. Harley wore tight fitted jeans, a black tight t-shirt, and black boots. Her arms were crossed fiercely trying to keep warm, to no avail.

The door swung open to reveal a tall Asian man, long black hair deep brown eyes. "Harley." He said softly.

Her dark brown hair was a mess and she thought that she probably looked like a drowned rat, but he wouldn't turn her away. "Han, she…she died." She stuttered on her words.

No other words were spoken as he ushered her into the garage. A young man about eighteen, Twinkie, started walking over. "Hey Hardy har…what's…" But he silenced seeing her state. Han shook his head at him and took one of her hands and lead her down into the basement of the garage. He led her into a room and started removing her wet clothes.

"You're soaked, why didn't you just drive here?" Han asked softly calmly.

Harley shrugged after he removed her shirt, leaving her clad in a dark blue bra. "Forgot my keys in my jacket in the…in the…" She couldn't say it. The room her mother died in. Yes her mother was dead.

Han sighed. "Boots and pants I'll get you some clothes to wear, then send Sean to the hospital to get your stuff." He said kindly.

Harley nodded. It was funny he was only ever this sweet to her. "Ok." She said softly and sat down on his bed and started to remove her boots while Han rummaged in his drawer from clothes. He laid them next to her on the bed and left the room.

She changed into the clothes and lay down on the bed and curled up under Han's covers. A few minutes passed and the door opened and Han came back switching the over light off and he lay down behind her pulling her back against his chest. "I'm so sorry baby." He whispered.

It was then that Harley let the tears start to fall. "She's gone." She cried. Han hugged her to him tighter.

"I know." He said.

Harley rolled over burying her face in his chest. "Do you know what this means?" She asked him softly after crying for a long while and then letting the tears cease.

Han kissed the top of her head while his hand ran over her back lightly. "It'll be ok. You knew this was coming Har." He said softly.

Harley sighed. "I know, but Han I have to go back."


"To god awful blue bay harbor. My stepfather never adopted me so legally I have to go back and live with my dad. I don't want to. He went ballistic when he found out why I was kicked out of the Fire academy, and he'll make me go to that god awful performing arts school he's head master of."

"Baby it'll be ok."

"No it wont, because he wont let me see you anymore once I'm there. I'm only seventeen Han. And I have six months till I'm eighteen. What am I going to do without you?"

"Date someone your own age." He muttered.

Harley pulled back from him. "My own age? Han I love you, I don't care that you're eight years older than me. I don't care and neither should the rest of the world." She said softly.

Han brought her back into his arms. "I love you too." He said. There was a time when he would never have said those words, but things change.

"I'm going to miss you so much." Harley started crying again and Han just held her…

Harley snorted, god this was a joke. Her father didn't even want her around. He figured she'd corrupt his good daughter, her twin and by far the biggest goody two shoes in the world. Yep that was her in the front row with some dark haired kid and a blond sitting next to him, obviously taller by the difference in height as they sat.

Tori was text book clean teen. She wore the right clothes and kept her hair neat, while Harley liked to wear leather and let her hair do it's own thing most the time. But other times she would twist her hair into thin dreads held with heavy-duty hair wax. Unlike now. Now it just hung straight to the perfect stopping point just above her shoulders. Her brown eyes looked around. "Scarce let me guess nobody have talent these days." She said sarcastically.

"Harley." Her father acknowledged from the stage. The performance had ended and now only stood her father.

"Daddy dearest. So let's get down to it shall we. You don't want me here, I don't want me here, so just sign some emancipation papers for me and I'll be on the next flight back to Tokyo." She said walking down the path in between seating sections to the stage.

Climbing the steps to the stage Harley walked straight to her father. "Harley I can not do that." He said softly.

"Why not? I don't want to be here and the only way I can leave before my eighteenth birthday is emancipation so sign the damn papers." Harley said impatiently.

"Harley I can't let you run back to Tokyo to be with that man." He said almost angrily, but hiding it well.

Harley snorted. "That man is my boyfriend. And you are not going to stop me from being with him after I turn eighteen."

"You are a child." He said through gritted teeth.

"I am a legal consenting teenager." Harley said back her temper rising. "Just sign these god damn papers would you?" She asked bitterly handing him the wad of folded papers from her back pocket. He shoved them away.

"Your mother was a fool to let you keep seeing him." Her father groaned.

Harley's temper flared. "Don't you ever call my mother a fool! Don't ever speak about her again! She deserved better then you and she found it! His name was Johnny Shi and he loved her! Loved her! Like Han loves me and mom saw that and knew it would do no good to keep us separated!" She yelled at him.

"She was Tori's mother too. Have you even stopped to give her sympathies for her loss?" Her father growled back. Harley hoped off the stage and took a few long strides in her black boots, tight black leather pants and skimpy top and black leather biker jacket towards her sister.

"I'm so sorry for your loss. By the way thanks for the flowers you never sent and the visits you never made oh and the calls you never cared to dial! And the letters mom never got!" Harley said angrily and then turned back to her father. "There I've given her my god damn sympathies now sign the papers and I'm gone."

"I was busy." Tori said softly.

Harley turned back towards her. "Busy? Did you seriously just tell me you were busy? Did you have time to call friends?" Tori bowed her head. "Did you have time to go on your little surfing expeditions to Hawaii every summer?" Tori still didn't say a word though. "Thought so. So don't even tell me you didn't have time to come and see us. Mom was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and she begged to get you out there, but you didn't have time." Harley ranted angrily sarcastic.

"Maybe I just didn't want to see her like that." Tori muttered.

Harley snorted. "Oh my god." She shrieked. "And you thought I wanted to watch my mother deteriorate into a shell?" She asked bitterly getting in Tori's face. "Huh? Well did you think that? I want to know!"

"Hey back off." The dark haired guy next to her said.

Harley looked at him. "Let me guess, the boyfriend. Shut up and back off this is between us." She snarled.

"Don't take your frustrations with me out on her Harley." Her father said walking over.

Harley ignored him and got back in Tori's face. "I suggest you talk him into signing the papers or the next six months of your life are going to be a living hell with me around and trust me I coined the term bitch from hell." Harley snarled and walked off leaving four stunned people in her wake.

"She's right." Tori sighed.

"No Victoria don't say that." Her father sat next to her and patted her leg.

Tori shook her head. "I had the time I was just to selfish thinking of myself." She said sullenly.

"Don't listen to her Tor you had reasons." The guy next to her said.

"Thanks Blake but that doesn't make me feel any better."

"Is you're sister always that volatile?" The other asked.

"Hunter Harley is a tornado she leaves behind disaster where ever she goes." Tori said softly. "But she had a point. I could've called or wrote a letter."

"Tori…" Her father started.

Tori shook her head as she stood and left the room as well. She found Harley seated on the steps in front of the school. "Mind if I sit?" She asked cautiously.

"I'm not in the mood to keep arguing Tori." Harley said wiping at her cheeks.

Tori sighed and sat down. "I don't want to argue. You had a point, I should've done something but I never did. I always thought mom abandoned me, that she wanted you more then me."

Harley scoffed. "God no. Mom took me cause dad didn't want me. I was the troublemaker and you were the perfect one. They had to make an agreement so the custody battle didn't go to court."

"How come I never knew any of this?" Tori asked.

Harley sighed. "Mom told me a few weeks back. She told me the reason for the divorce to, but you'd never believe me so there's no point in telling you."

"What?" Tori asked.

"He's got you brain washed you'll just think I'm crazy."

"No tell me."

"He hit mom twice. Both times completely sober. Mom knew the old saying if he hit you once shame on him, if he hit you twice shame on you. So she wanted a divorce. He sued for custody and their lawyers helped them come to an arrangement soon after." Harley explained.

Tori bowed her head. "I should've gone there to see you guys."

Harley sighed. "Towards the end when she kept asking for you I died my hair blonde and put in blue contacts knowing she wouldn't know the difference. She said she loved you so much and that she was sorry for not being there longer."

Tears started to run down Tori's cheeks. "God I feel absolutely awful."

"Don't. It was wrong to yell at you. I was taking my frustrations out on you. If dad hadn't have been fire academy alumni he never would've found out about Han and he probably would've just let me get emancipated and live in Tokyo." She said softly.

"Why'd you do it?" Tori asked.

Harley looked over at her sister. "I fell in love."

"With an older man who was your sensei?" Tori asked.

Harley chuckled softly thinking about the occurrences. "I was fifteen when we met and he was twenty-three. I just couldn't resist him. He was amazing. We practiced together a lot in the woods and one day he pinned me and I remember getting lost in his eyes and then I kissed him. At first he was resistant and scared then he sort of just melted into it." She sighed. "It was explosive and I felt it all the way to my toes."

"But eight years older?" Tori asked.

Harley smiled. "After that we didn't kiss again until I was sixteen which was four months later and his birthday no less. He had invited me to the party at his garage and I was so happy to see him outside of the academy, outside of training, but when I got there I soon realized that he wanted woman. He wanted pretty in their short shorts, leather skirts and their boobs practically falling out and I got upset. I walked out onto this small balcony that looked over a soccer field on the roof of his garage work place and also out on Tokyo.

I was just standing there when I felt his presence. I tensed when his right hand reached out and closed over mine on the rail and his left arm went around my waist. I turned and pushed him away and started to storm off and he grabbed my arm and turned me around…

"Hey what's wrong?" He asked.

Harley glared at him. "Why don't you go bang one of the skanks I saw you with and leave me alone?" She said angrily pulling her arm from his grasp.

"Harley I don't want them. I want…I want you and that feeling really bothers me." Han said softly.

"Could've fooled a blind man by the way you let them hang all over you letting them stroke your ego." She said angrily. "And why would wanting me bother you?"

"Cause it's wrong."

"Wrong?" Harley asked bitterly feeling the cool night air sting her bare legs, exposed abdomen and arms.

"Yes wrong Harley. You are sixteen I'm twenty four it's illegal and not to mention I'm your sensei." He said in a hurry. "But I've never…"

Harley looked at him intent on getting out of him whatever it was so she could move on. "Never what?" She asked calmly.

"Never felt this way. All I know about you is your age, that you have a great high kick and that you're absolutely stunning and I think that I might be…falling for you." He said softly. This guy was so much different from her serenely and slightly cocky sensei, this guy was sweet almost.

Harley took a deep breath. "Well don't worry. I'd hate for you to get in any trouble so I'll just switch classes and you wont have to see me again."

"No, that's the problem I want to see you again. I enjoy going to teach everyday just so I get to see you. Ever since that day you kissed me." He told her truthfully.

Harley sighed. "So what. You said this was wrong and you're right."

"It is wrong, but it feels right." Han said taking a step towards her and his hand came up and caressed her cheek. Harley's eyes slid shut at his touch. One caress and she'd lose herself.

Harley sighed. "We shouldn't you're right."

Han leaned in getting a hairs breath from her lips. "Then why do I feel so wrong?" He asked before kissing her hard. Harley moaned softly and kissed him back.

"…That night we uh sort of confirmed our relationship and we've been together ever since. In the shadows of course." Harley said. "Up until a couple months ago."

"You mean you two had sex?" Tori asked incredulously.

"Whoa I thought for sure your mind wouldn't coupe well with that word, but yeah we had sex." Harley confirmed smirking. "Best damn night of my life."

Tori rolled her eyes. "So what happened? How'd it get out?"

"We were going to do the Hilary and Joel thing and come out after I turned eighteen, but that all got shot to shit when Han was in a car accident. High-speed chase landed him in a burning car. The nos tanks blew luckily he was able to bend into his flame form and the force blew him out of the car." Harley explained. "His friends swore they saw him blow up, so he came to me. Mom was home and when she saw him he was a little bruised up and she brought him into the guest room. She left us alone for two minutes and…"

"Han baby are you ok?" Harley asked worriedly looking him over for more cuts and scraps.

Han sighed and gently smoothed his hand over her hair lightly and gave a weak half smile. "I'm fine. Nothing a little meditation can't heal."

Harley let her emotions get the best of her and she kissed him soundly on the mouth wrapping her arms around his neck as she sat straddled over his lap on the bed and his hands held her hips kissing her back.

"I found the per…" Harley quickly turned towards her mother who walked back in and found them making out. "Harley Moreen Hanson!" She shrieked.

Harley quickly stumbled out of his lap and stood before her mother while Han sat there dazed. "Moreen?" he asked.

"Shut up." Harley hissed. "Mom it isn't what it looks like?"

"It's looks like you are making out with an older man who you said you barely know." Her mother said crossing her hands over her chest.

Harley sighed. "Mom I do know Han he's…shit…he's…私がなぜできなかったかがらくたの神は忌々しい私保つ …" She started ranting in Japanese.

"Harley!" Her mother yelled. "What is going on?"

Harley sighed. "He's my…sensei." She said softly.

"I'm sorry did you just say Sensei!" Her mother almost shouted.

Harley smiled sheepishly. "Yes." She said. "Before you go all nuts I love him mom."

"Han you are what twenty-two?" Her mother asked.

Han sighed. "Twenty four ma'am." He answered truthfully.

"My little girl is not having an illegal affair with a twenty four year old man. This just isn't happening. I'm dreaming! The chemo has officially ruined my brain!" Her mother said in disbelief.

"I wish I could let you believe that but I can't." Harley said softly.

"I love Harley Mrs. Hans…"

"No not Hanson. She divorced my father remember. It's Shi now." Harley whispered to him.

"Mrs. Shi I love your daughter very much and I know our age difference isn't ideal…"

"Isn't ideal? Isn't ideal? You are my daughter's sensei you are supposed to teach her to be disciplined and follow the rules and instead you two are making out in my guest room breaking a law." Mrs. Shi said.

Harley sighed. "Mom, please? Age doesn't account for everything. If you ask me age is only a number. I love Han so much."

"Is he the reason you go to those street races?"

"Mom this is Tokyo and those are packed with kids my age. I go for the fun."

"Harley…" Her mother said warningly.

"I started because of Han but now I go just to go. I've never done anything illegal there, except being there." Harley said.

"You aren't having sex with my little girl are you?" She asked Han warningly.

Han shook his head. "No." He lied.

"I'm not going to destroy my relationship with Harley over this, so I wont say anything more after this. I love my daughter very much, if you so much as lay one angry hand on her in any way I will not hesitate in killing you. Got it." Mrs. Shi said sternly.

Han nodded. "Yes."

"Harley I understand love better then you think so I'm not going to make rules to keep you two apart but I will say this, your relationship is technically illegal so be cautious I don't want something bad to come of this."

"We will." Harley said a little surprised at her mother. "Thanks mom." She said hugging and kissing her cheek…

"Well then how'd the academy find out?" Tori asked.

"I'm getting there. So after that some things went down between some friends and the guys that was the reason for Han's accident. We called him DK. Before he was sent away from Tokyo never to come back because he had dishonored his family he told the head master of the fire ninja academy about Han and me. He was angry so he took it out on us knowing Han was alive unlike the other's who thought he was dead. Anyway Han was fired and I was expelled."

"What about your ninja rank?" Tori asked.

"Unlike some schools Fire Ninjas can't lose their ranks. I was seventeen when I was expelled so, I was close to graduating."

"What do you mean can't lose their ranks?"

"I mean as fire ninjas we are given blades that are hand crafted for us, for our strengths to determine our ninja status and once yielded by the rightful owner our blades can never be handled by anyone every again. They are with us forever."

Tori nodded. "Wow, so do you have them?" She asked.

Harley nodded. "Han too. We still trained occasionally when he wasn't with me at the hospital after mom got real sick, or when we weren't hiding our relationship from the rest of the world."

"How did you explain Han not being dead to your friends?"

"We told them the truth. Not being ninjas meant we held no true connection to uphold the secret anymore. I mean we're still ninjas but…you know what I'm saying. Anyway I'm the bad twin and I guess I've lived up to that."

"What do you mean?" Tori asked.

Harley snorted. "Oh please. Dad hates me cause I brought dishonor to the family by having the secret affair with my sensei and I'm the bitch and the problem child."

"You make yourself those things, except you can't help who you fall in love with." Tori said.

"I don't mean to be a bitch it's just dad never wanted me. Ever! He gave me to mom and never once has he asked me to come visit." Harley said bitterly.

Tori sighed. "I would've liked you to come visit." She said.

Harley looked over at her sister and smirked. "I could say the same. I didn't mean to explode on you. It's just it got really hard the last three years. Johnny worked a lot because he had to, to pay bills and I was mostly the one driving mom to the hospital for chemo, sitting with her in the bathroom when she'd be sick, it just really sucked."

Tori felt a few more tears trickle down her cheeks. "I'm sorry. I should've come to visit. Or I should've come to say goodbye or something." She said sullenly.

"You did, granted it wasn't actually you, but mom thought it was."

"Yeah but it should've been me. Actually me, not you in disguise. I loved mom I did I just felt abandoned." Tori said.

Harley sighed and a few tears trickled down her cheeks. "I feel like that all the time now. Mom's gone and Johnny can't look at me without getting emotional, and I'm here all the way across the world away from Han and I need him to help deal with this. I need him in general."

"What's Johnny like?" Tori asked wiping at her tears, as did her twin.

Harley smiled at the thought of her stepfather. "He's a great guy. You probably would've liked the wedding it was very blue."

Tori smiled. "Was she really happy with him?"

"After we moved there she was sad. She missed you and even dad at times and when she met Johnny two years later it was like she was living again. I was twelve at the time and I could just see this glow radiate from her. She was so happy." Harley said smiling brightly at the thought.

Tori nodded. "I 'm glad."

"Looks like you girls worked things out." Tori and Harley looked behind them and saw Blake and Hunter walking up.

"Oh right the boyfriend, so what does that make you?" She asked Hunter.

Tori laughed softly. "That's Blake and that's Hunter and Blake isn't my boyfriend." She said.

"Shame." Harley muttered turning back. "I need to get out of her. I hate this place."

"Why can't you and dad try to get along?" Tori asked.

Harley snorted sarcastically. "That would be like forcing a lion to not eat meat, almost impossible."

"Why?" Tori asked.

Harley shrugged. "We're both quick tempered and I have a mean right hook, trust me. Han's caught it on occasion and told me so." She said.

"It is kind of weird how much alike they look." Hunter muttered to Blake behind them.

"Having secret twin fantasies?" Harley asked smirking at him.

Hunter snorted. "Not a chance." He said smirking back. Harley had a feeling he probably was a brooding type because of the smirk, she use to brood to and smirking was a trademark of that it seems.

"How did one twin get blonde hair and blue eyes and the other get brown hair and brown eyes?" Blake asked.

Harley chuckled and stood and started down the stairs. "Does it matter as long as we have decent racks?" She called over her shoulder. "See you freaks later!" She hoped on a black and orange Suzuki GSX-R750 sport bike quickly sported a helmet and sped off after starting the engine.

"She's rather…" Blake started.

"Blunt." Tori inserted for him. Blake nodded.

"Spunky." Hunter muttered.

Tori and Blake both looked over at him questioning looks on their faces. "What?" They asked at the same time.

"Spunky. That's what she is."

"Don't get attached thunder boy, she's found love and plugged that whole in her heart, so don't even bother." Tori said rolling her eyes.

"Tori we need to go over class rehearsal schedules. " Tori looked to her father that was exiting the front left door.

She snorted. "Do it yourself." She said angrily and walked away. Blake and Hunter gave curt waves to Mr. Hanson and went after her.