"You have no idea how glad I am to be getting out of here you guys. I mean, its one thing to work here but… being a patient sucks."

"When do you think you'll be able to get back to work?" George asked.

"Not for another month." Meredith sulked.

"That sucks." Izzie added.

"Tell me about it. Derek's been getting all of my good Neuro cases."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'll wait till you get back before I decide to bash my head in so you can fix me." Christina said.

"Thank you… I appreciate that."

"No problem."

At that moment, Derek came in with a wheelchair in front of him. "No way am I getting in that thing." She said, causing everyone to laugh.

"Meredith. It's hospital policy." Derek said, pushing the chair closer to her bedside.

"Look, I dressed myself this morning, no one helped me. I can walk out of this damn hospital by myself.

"Good god Grey. Just get in the damn chair because you and I both know that if you walk out of here and fall on your ass, you're right back in this damned bed… right?" Alex said.

"Evil Spawn's right." Christina said.

"Don't all look so surprised" He muttered.

"Awww baby." Izzie consoled as Meredith reluctantly made her way into the chair.

"Ok, well walk around me or something, so no one sees me." Meredith said.

"Now you're just crazy." Izzie said.

"Ok… Let's go." Derek said, standing behind the wheelchair and pushing Meredith out of her room.

On the way out, only a select few looked towards Meredith's way. Probably because of the death glares they were receiving from everyone walking with Meredith.

Once outside Meredith stood on her own to feet and, while holding Derek's hand, walked to the car. "Is there anything you want me to stop and get you on the way home?" Derek asked.

"No… All I want is a bed. I'm so tired."

"All you've been doing is sleeping."

"Have you ever slept in a hospital bed Derek?"

"Not recently." He smiled, getting into the car and starting it up.

"Ok then. Plus, I miss my bed and the silence. There's a weird humming in all of those rooms that I have never noticed before."

"It's the power cords."

"Whatever. They're annoying. Now I know why our patients are so cranky when we wake them up in the morning. I'll be more considerate next time."

"I'm sure that they will appreciate that Meredith."

"Shut up… When's Samantha going to be home? She'll talk my ear off and I want to be well rested for when that happens."

"Rob will drop her off after school at three."

"Who the hell is Rob?"

"He's currently her body guard. I'm not taking anymore chances until they find Finn."

"Has anyone found my wedding ring yet?"

"No. It's pretty unique. It hasn't been sold to any high profile pawn shops yet though. We'll get you another one."

"I don't want another one Derek. That ring was your grandmothers."

Derek sighed. "Finn probably still has it with him… The sick bastard. We'll get it back Mer."

Meredith leaned back into her seat and closed her eyes the rest of the way home.


Meredith had done exactly what she said she was going to do. Sleep. She slept until she finally woke to the sound of Samantha running up the stairs and opening the bedroom door.

"Mommy! You're home" She said, jumping on the bed and crawling under the covers with her mother.

"Yes sweetheart, I'm home. How was school?"

Derek finally caught up with Sammie and came into the bedroom. "Sammie, I told you that mommy might be sleeping."

"You said she might be sleeping daddy. And she was awake when I got up here."

Derek kicked off his shoes and got into bed as well. "She's awake because of all the noise you made coming up the stairs munchkin."

"Hey, hey. There is no arguing in this bed. Plus, I've slept enough."

"Then why are we all in bed?" Samantha asked.

"You're a smarty pants." Meredith said, attacking her daughter with tickles.

The family stayed in bed like that for hours. Just talking, laughing and tickling. All was good, for the time being.