At the moment of Prue's death in All Hell Breaks Loose, her soul Astral-Projected itself into the body of an Alternative-Universe Prue. Suddenly she finds herself in a world where Victor had taken her with him when he left Patty, and where she has grown up without meeting her sisters-Piper, Phoebe and Paige-who make up the Power of Three, for many many years.

Everything that happened in the show still happens. This is going on alongside the show's happenings.

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The beginning of this chapter is from series 4, 'Charmed Again', and is set in the normal Universe.

Chapter One

'I'm a witch, damn it. I've summoned people before and I'm going to summon Prue now whether you like it or not! No more games, no more playing the good witch,' Piper Halliwell strode across the attic to where the Book of Shadows lay open. 'I want to talk to my sister. I need to talk to my sister. At the very least, you owe me that.'

She didn't know whether she was talking to herself or to the Elders. Either way, it felt good to get her thoughts out in the open. She took a deep breath and glared at the book.

'Here these words, hear my cry, spirit from the other side. Come to me, I summon thee. Cross now the Great Divide.'

White magical lights slowly began to appear inside the circle in the centre of the room. Piper, full of hope, stepped away from the book and held her breath. She waited, heart beating fast, for the arrival of her sister's ghost. The figure in the circle materialised, as much as a ghost could, to become…

'Grams?' Piper asked, disappointment evident in her voice.

'Hello, my darling. How are you?' Grams said with a kind smile as she gazed back at her granddaughter.

'How am I?' Piper snapped at her dead grandmother. 'Are you kidding? Do you guys not get the news up there?'

'I meant, how are you holding up?' Penny said hastily, not wanting to upset Piper even more.

'Not very well,' Piper looked tired. 'I'm a little lost. Why didn't you come before? When I called after…'

'I couldn't, Piper. I was… busy,' Penny didn't exactly want to talk about this subject, but she knew that it was inevitable.

'You were busy?'

'I was with Prue.'

'Oh,' Piper felt her heart wrench at hearing her sister's name. 'Of course you were. Right. Well, that makes sense. Is she okay?'

'Your mother and I are helping her through this.'

' But how is she?' Piper questioned.

'I'm not allowed to tell you now… just like you're not allowed to see her, at least not for a while anyway,' Penny replied vaguely.

'But, why?' Piper demanded, angry at the unfairness of the whole situation.

'Because seeing Prue right now, speaking to her, keeps her alive for you. Which keeps you from being able to move on with your life, to continue with your destiny,' Penny said, as gently as she could.

'What destiny?' Piper cried, flinging up her arms. 'Okay? It's over. It's done. Prue is gone. And I…'

'I know, sweetie. I know… but if there's one thing you've learned over the last three years, it's that there's a reason for everything…which means there's a reason for this, too. Your destiny still awaits. Blessed be.'

Penny Halliwell disappeared before Piper's desperate gaze. She blinked a couple of times, and found herself back in the Afterlife, face to face with her daughter Patty.

'Well?' Patty demanded, staring intently at her mother. 'What did you tell her?'

'That she couldn't see Prue,' Patty replied.

'And she accepted it, just like that?' Patty was unconvinced.

'Well, I didn't really give her a chance to think otherwise,' Patty admitted. 'Anyway, I told her that for her to see Prue would keep her alive, which means that the remaining Charmed Ones couldn't move on with their lives.'

'But where is Prue?' Patty groaned. 'How is it possible for her spirit not to be here, in the Afterlife?'

'Perhaps the Elders decided to make her into a Whitelighter…' Patty guessed, although even she realised that it was highly unlikely.

'Well, I need to talk to them,' Patty told her mother firmly. 'I have to find my daughter's spirit.'

Prue awoke with an aching head. She opened her eyes and immediately shut them again, trying to block out the glaring lights.

'Prue! Oh my god, you're awake!'

A voice came from somewhere, but it was an unfamiliar voice. Prue slowly opened her eyes again and stared about. She was lying in a hospital bed, with white sheets covering her, and some sort of tube attached to her arm. A man with dark hair and scruffy clothes sat on a chair beside the bed, and as the feeling slowly crept back into her limbs, Prue realised that he was holding her hand.

'Who are you?' she asked. Her voice sounded strange, and it was an effort talking. She was slowly gaining her memory, and she struggled to remember what had exactly happened to put her in hospital. Then it came to her in a flash.

'Shax!' she gasped in panic. 'Are Piper and Phoebe alright? What happened? I need to get to them, make sure they're ok!'

The man frowned at her.

'Prue, who are Phoebe and Piper?'

Prue ignored the strange man and sat up quickly. The room began to spin, but she clenched her jaw and forced herself to focus. She had to find her sisters.

'Prue, I think you're confused. The doctors said you might be…'

'Look, who the hell are you anyway?' Prue snapped as she tried to get out of bed.

'Oh no you don't, honey,' a nurse reprimanded her as she came into the room. 'Doctor Harris is about to check up on you.'

'I think she has amnesia,' the man whispered to the nurse. Prue's mind raced as she heard his words.

'Actually, I'm fine,' she told him with a fake smile. 'Could you get me a drink?'

'Sure…' the strange man frowned. 'I'll be right back.'

'Don't count on me waiting for you,' Prue muttered darkly as she watched both the man and the nurse leave the room. As soon as they had gone, she dived out of bed, pulling the tube from her arm. Blood began to flow from the entry point, but she ignored it, and snatched a bag up off the floor. As she had hoped, there was a clean set of woman's clothes. She stripped out of her hospital robes and threw on the clothes as quickly as she could. Then she slipped out of her room and ran down the corridor.

I'll go straight to the Manor first, and see if they're there she thought to herself as she left the hospital and headed for a taxi.

'Where to, miss?' the driver asked.

'1329 Prescott Street,' she said automatically. She picked her cuticles nervously as the taxi pulled out of the carpark. She couldn't get to the Manor fast enough. Finally, the driver stopped.

'Here we are,' He told her. Prue frantically dug into the pocket of her jeans and found a ten-dollar note. She breathed a sigh of relief, and thrust it at the driver.

'Keep the change!' she called over her shoulder as she hurried up the steps and pounded on the door.

'Piper! Pheebs! Open up!'

There was a sound from within, and the door opened to reveal a girl with dark brown hair.

'Who are you?' both asked at the same time.

'Look, where's Piper? Or Pheebs?' Prue demanded.

'Are you a friend of theirs?' the girl asked. Prue clenched her jaw. The girl was acting as if she lived there…

'Of course I'm a friends of theirs! I'm…'

'You can't know them that well, if you don't know about me,' the girl interrupted.

'Who are you, then?' Prue asked with the last ounce of her patience.

'I'm Paige, their half-sister.'

Paige was just in time to catch Prue before she hit the concrete stairs in a dead faint.

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