Two Of A Kind

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Kathryn Merteuil scrunched up her nose and sniffled. The coke she had just snorted was a substantial amount more then usual, Kathryn wasn't used to it yet. Her nose tingled as the white powder made its way into her system. She layed back on her bed comfortably staring up at her ceiling.

She fingered her diamond necklace playfully. Her petite pale hands gliding over the beautiful diamond on the white gold chain it was on. The necklace had been a gift from Sebastian on her 11th birthday and she wore it everyday without fail. Five years on and the necklace still was being worn, everyday.

She smiled to herself remembering that Sebastian had thrown the small box it was in at her the day of her party and then walked off to the pool side to stare at the girls whom were occupying the pool.

Sebastian Valmont scribbled furiously at his leather bound journal. He made careful note to write every detail of his conquest the previous night. The words he wrote included; Sexy, flexible and exhausting.

He finished writing down his events and placed the journal down on his bedside table. He ran a finger over the leather cover; the leather was clean considerably nice to touch. Memories flooded back to the day he was given the journal. Two years ago, he was fourteen and the brunette girl he lived with had thrown it at him after fighting over something.

She had scowled at him and yelled, screaming crude words across the room, then throwing the leather book at his head she told him it was for him, to write all his conquests in and what ever else he decided worthy of. Little did she know that the book became a place where Sebastian wrote down all sorts of things about his step-sister, Kathryn Merteuil.

Sebastian opened his door and stared across the hall to her bedroom. None other than his step-sister Kathryn. Since he was eight years old he had, had an infatuation about Kathryn. For over the years it had become more. Now him being the over hormonal step-brother he was, wanted to fuck her more then anything. But it wasn't just that anymore. Sebastian had feelings for his beautiful step-sister.

"Oh Sebastian" Kathryn's eyes fixated on her handsome curly blonde haired, blue eyed step brother, gazing at him flirtatiously. Her brown hair fell carelessly and elegantly down her back. Her green eyes could burn a hole in you.

Sebastian met Kathryn eyes with his, briefly his blue eyes wandered down her body. Kathryn stood in the middle of her room, hands on hips, in a very skimpy black bikini. It didn't leave much the imagination, it barely covered anything. It was what Sebastian liked.

"Would you be ever so kind to help me with this?"

Kathryn turned around, she needed help tying up the back of her bikini top, and Sebastian was oh too keen to help. But of course didn't want to show it to the Ice Princess herself. So Sebastian grumpily stormed across the hall into the blue and gold room of Kathryn.

"Kathryn, are you really that in-capable of tying up your own top"

Kathryn waited until he finished. His hands ran down the sides of her slim frame. His hands were warm against Kathryn's cold skin. She very much liked Sebastian touching her. Of course, nothing she would be too keen on admitting to anyone, especially Sebastian himself.

"No Sebastian, actually I just wanted to get you here so we could fuck"

"What? Are..I mean…serious?"

"Yes as serious as I am about sick little children"

He sighed realizing that she was joking. Kathryn would do just about anything with Sebastian except that. She wouldn't let him enter her. She wanted to be in control, to be in control she had to resist giving into temptation to give him the one thing he wanted.

"Well then, I guess you should lie your pretty ass down on that bed so I can fuck your brains out"

He gestured over to the bed, smirking at his step-sister in an evil but charming way. Kathryn wanted to tease Sebastian. So she went over to her bed and layed down, her head resting against pillows so she could still see him.

"Coming?" Her hands slid down her chest to her waist, biting her lip, and then licking her lips as if to say come and get me Sebastian.

Sebastian, taking the bait, walked over to Kathryn and pulled himself on top of her. Holding his weight by his hands, he teasingly kissed her neck the way only he knew how to. Kathryn melted away at this act of Sebastian's.

She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in for what meant to be a small and less than passionate kiss, it ended up lasting longer than most kisses and being more intense then any kiss they'd ever had before.

Kathryn pulled away first, turning her head to the side. Sebastian didn't give up. He kissed her neck playfully and grinded himself on her. Kathryn let out small whimpers, with almost nothing between the two of them she could clearly feel his hard on.


Kathryn's voice was sexy and soft as she moaned her step-brother's name into his ear. Sebastian more turned on rolled her over so she was on top. She grinded him hard, making sure he knew that she was in control and nothing would change.

Sebastian started to moan in pleasure, his hands held Kathryn roughly at her hips. He pushed her down and pulled her forward and back on to him roughly. She didn't care, she liked it this way. When she knew Sebastian was ready she licked his lips and got off him.

"And you thought I'd fuck you"

She laughed and fixed her hair in her mirror, she could see Sebastian in the mirror his face was priceless.

"Fuck you Kathryn"

"Oh sweetheart, that's just what your not going to do"

"Don't be so sure princess. I will one day be inside you and it will be the best fuck you've ever had"

He got off the bed, his hard on still noticeable, he walked over to a now seated Kathryn in front of her mirror. He reached down and pulled her hair from her face gently and kissed her neck.

"I'll have you one day Kathryn"


Her eyes were closed as Sebastian kissed her neck, reaching down and into her bikini top he played with her nipples, twisting them between his index finger and thumb gently, just the way Kathryn liked it.

"I'm serious Valmont. If you don't stop..oh…I will hurt you"

Sebastian wasn't threatened by Kathryn and continued to play with her breasts and nipples. Not noticing, Kathryn moved her hand to the back of her and grabbed Sebastian's erection, harder then he would have liked.

"OW FUCK!" He yelled, his eyes firmly closed, wincing at the pain she was inflicting on him. Kathryn got up from her seat.

"When I say stop I mean it dear brother" She let go and blew him a kiss, turning on her heel she strutted out of her room and downstairs to be surprised by both Kathryn and Sebastian's parents.

"Kathryn, why what a surprise" Tiffany Merteuil, Kathryn's mother addressed her daughter.

A startled Kathryn jumped in fright; she had not expected anyone other then Sebastian and the maids to be around.

"Mother, oh you're back from your trip. How are you?"

Kathryn walked up to her mother and gave her a tight hug, as family usually would. Unknown to most people but Kathryn hated her mother, she hated her more then she hated Sebastian's alcoholic perverted excuse for a father. On that note Edward Valmont appeared from his study.

"Kathryn dear, come here and give your step-father a hug" Edward made his way over to his beautiful and very much younger step-daughter. He pulled her into a tight hug, his hand going below where a normal father-daughter relationship should go. His hands made their way to Kathryn perfect shaped ass and he squeezed it gently.

"Edward" Tiffany said politely knowing exactly what he was doing.

Edward let go of his china doll step-daughter and returned to his wife's side.

"KATHRYN! BRING YOUR ASS BACK HERE I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!" Sebastian yelled from the stop of the stairs, not noticing that they weren't alone.

"You still have an erec-"

"Sebastian" Kathryn scowled at her rowdy step-brother.

Sebastian had reached the bottom of the stairs and stood next to his step-sister.

"Hello son, how has your week been?" Edward patted his only son's shoulder, showing a smile that was too nice to be genuine.

"Well it was good, until you and your gold digging whore showed up"

"Sebastian" Kathryn whacked her brother's arm and smiled politely at her mother who glared an icy stare at the younger Valmont.

"Sebastian that was rude, apologize to your step-mother"

Sebastian sighed then turned to his step-mother.

"I'm sorry mother for calling you a gold digging whore. I was meant to say it was good until my father and his gold digging, plastic, whore showed up"

Kathryn whacked Sebastian again, but harder this time. He let out a small yelp that was only heard by Kathryn and himself.

"It's okay Sebastian, we won't be here for long. A few days at the most. I have a charity even to hold and then Kathryn's Aunty Lucy, Uncle Ted and cousin Cassidy are coming in for the weekend"

Kathryn's eyes widened. The two things she hated, acting as Mary fucking Sunshine, just so her mother could parade her daughter around like a show pony and seeing her cousin Cassidy.

Cassidy was only a year younger. Cassidy and Kathryn had been close when they were children but over the years, mostly when Kathryn met Sebastian, things changed. Kathryn was no longer then small innocent child. Sebastian had filled her mind with mischievous ways and things to do. Unfortunately Cassidy always tried to copy this and acted just like Kathryn.

Sebastian sighed. Another charity event, another conquest and another Cassidy episode. It wasn't that he didn't like Cassidy, of course he liked her. She was almost as beautiful as Kathryn. Her hair was brown, a lighter shade then Kathryn's and her green eyes were stunning, nothing like Kathryn's but still something that were special. It was the fact that Cassidy acted like Kathryn and seriously one Kathryn is enough to last anyone 4 life times, he didn't need another Kathryn around to make his life a living hell.

"I expect you to be nice to your step-cousin Sebastian. This means no playing with her. She is out of the question" His father warned him.

Edward strode over to his step-daughter one again. He put his arm around her shoulder and eyed her cleavage.

"I'm sure you'll keep an eye on both Cassidy and Sebastian" He smiled that naughty Valmont smile; it disgusted Kathryn to be coming for such an old man. She didn't mind it when Sebastian smiled at her like that. In fact she liked it. But not him.

Sebastian saw how uncomfortable Kathryn was and rescued her.

"Kathryn, weren't you going for that swim? Why don't I join you"

He grabbed her hand and led her to the indoor pool with in the Valmont town house.

"Thanks" She said, gracefully getting into the warm pool and swimming laps.

The Valmont townhouse was decorated elegantly as The Upper East Side's richest entered the exquisite home of the Vamont-Merteuil's. The ball room was filled with the richest of the Upper East Side getting drunk and gossiping about god knows what.

Kathryn stepped down the first step of the stairs to the ball room in her elegant black, strapless Chanel gown. But before she could go any further someone pulled her into the darkness, where they were out of the eyes of the public.

Before Kathryn could question the fuck wit who dared to pull her away he started to kiss her. She kissed back, her hand moving to the back of his neck and his to her small waist. Once he had pulled back Kathryn regained focus and took a look at the man who had kissed her with such passion.


He greeted her by kissing her neck and caressing her breast outside of her gown. For a few moments Kathryn was caught up in all of this and just relaxed as her step-brother did as he willed to.

"You look wonderful tonight Kathryn"

"Don't I always"

Kathryn's hand moved to the growing bulge in his pants and she rubbed it hard, pushing herself against him as they continued to kiss.

"Kathryn" Sebastian murmured into her ear.

She was about to put her hands inside his pants when her mother started to speak on the microphone, addressing the crowd.

"First of all I'd like to thank you all for taking time out to attend this charity function. I'm sure as you are all aware tonight we are supporting the homeless.."

"Oh fuck" Kathryn whispered.

"What is it? I haven't even touched you down there yet" He laughed at her.

"Not that, I'm supposed to be making a speech in a few"

Kathryn pulled herself away and adjusted herself, checking herself in the nearby mirror. She looked down to Sebastian's pants that were now bulging with an erection.

"Down boy" She snickered as she made her way down the stairs to the stage to await her mother's introduction.

"And on that note I'd like to introduce you to my daughter Kathryn Merteuil" Tiffany smiled one of her fake smiles that made her look like her face was pinched together and stepped down from the microphone.

"Good evening, as I'm sure you aware I'm Kathryn Merteuil. I just want to address the importance of donating money to the homeless as I'm sure you already know there are millions of people who live on our streets…." Kathryn rambled on.

Sebastian sat at the bar on the far side of the room drinking and talking to a blonde girl.

"Oh you think so?" The girl giggled as Sebastian charmed his way into her heart.

"No Sally I know so, you're so beautiful I don't know why you're not already a model"

Sebastian's hand moved slowly up her thigh and caressed her leg softly.

"So I thank you all for coming, I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening and please don't forget to donate" Kathryn finished walking off stage. As she walked off she noticed her step-brother flirting with a blonde on the far side of the room.

She made her way over to her gorgeously handsome step-brother, when she reached him she pulled the blonde up.

"What are you doing?" The blonde screeched at Kathryn.

"Excuse me but my step-brother and I have some unfinished business"

As the blonde walked off in a huff Sebastian pulled Kathryn to the seat next him.

"What the fuck was that? I was this close to having her in my bed!" He yelled in a whisper to her.

"I could think of better things to do"

"Like what? Snorting some coke, sorry Kat but I think I'll leave that one up to you" He got up to leave when Kathryn stopped him.

She smiled at him and got to his ear, to anyone else this could have looked like a brother-sister talk but they both knew better. She touched his neck softly.

"Better things like you fucking me on your bed as I scream your fucking name through out the whole house"

Sebastian's eyes widened and she could tell he wanted to say yes.

"And if I agree?" He questioned.

"You'll have the best night of your life, not to mention the best fuck of your life"

Sebastian put his arm around his sister.

"Meet me in your room in five minutes, go after I leave that way it won't look suspicious"

Sebastian let go of his step-sister. "I'll be there"

Kathryn left Sebastian and he immediately made his way to his room. He sat in the dark thinking of Kathryn naked underneath him as he penetrated her small and fragile body. His dick was now hardening under the though.

Kathryn opened the door to Sebastian's room and entered it, making sure no one had seen her and to lock the door.


He walked up to her and kissed her passionately, pinning her to the door roughly and kissing down her neck to her breasts.

"Sebastian slow down god"

Kathryn pushed him off and walked over to his bed spreading her legs she sat comfortably on top of the 5 thousand dollar bed spread. "Come and get me"

Sebastian calmly made his way to Kathryn he positioned himself so he was on top of. He kissed and bit at her neck playfully, she whimpered softly. His hand travelled down to her panties and he pushed them aside so he could rub her.

"Your wet Kathryn" He whispered into her ear.

"No fucking joke, after what you did before"

He smirked; he couldn't believe he was actually going to bed the one woman he had been wanting to fuck since he was eight.

He pulled off her panties aggressively and made it so his face was in front of Kathryn's pussy. He licked at her and lapped up her juices as she moaned and groaned, trying not to be loud. She gripped his bed sheet tightly and arched her back.

"Fucking hell Sebastian" Kathryn groaned as she shook vigorously, she was ready to explode.

"Stay fucking still"

"I can't help…oh god…I can't help it"

He stopped licking at her and let go. "Now maybe you'll stop"

Kathryn was wide eyes and pouted her pale pink lips at him.

"I thought we were going to fuck" He complained to Kathryn.

"Make me scream and we will"

With that Sebastian put his head back in between her legs and lapped her up. Her hips bucked violently as she came inside his mouth.

"Oh fucking….ah!" She screamed. Luckily the party was downstairs and it was loud.

Sebastian licked his lips and kissed her neck.

"Now can we fuck? My dick is so hard Kathryn"

"Sorry Sebastian, but I have a party to attend to I believe William is waiting downstairs for me"


"William, you fucked his sister last week"

"Oh that faggot, why will you fuck him and not me?"

"Because Valmont you are no challenge and I like a challenge"

Kathryn got up from his bed and pulled on her panties and straightened her dress and hair. She placed a soft kiss on Sebastian's cheek and fingered his curly blonde hair.

"See you later Valmont"

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