Sebastian woke up with a sleeping Kathryn beside him, her face looked relaxed, as always she looked so beautiful sleeping next to him. She shouldn't have been there though, this was not her house and her mother was probably worried, then again maybe not.

He got up, trying so hard not to wake Kathryn, but as he pulled back the covers she stirred and her eyes opened just slightly. At first neither said anything, afraid of what the other would think, say or do. Until Sebastian had enough of staring intensely at Kathryn.

"What are you doing here?"

"I...I…I don't have an answer"


Kathryn was sick and tired of playing games with Sebastian, she loved him and if she had to shed emotion for a few minutes to let him know this then she was going to do it to get him.

"I don't have an answer for you Sebastian"

"How can you not know what you are doing here?"

"Isn't it obvious? I slept in your bed"

"I know but…"

Pulling the rest of the covers off her she went to his bathroom and turned on the shower, completely ignoring that Sebastian was even trying to talk to her. He followed after her, still waiting for a proper answer, but none came. He watched as Kathryn un-dressed her self gracefully.

"May I join?"

She waved her hand at him, a gesture for him to join. He quickly stripped and got in the shower with a very beautiful and very much naked Kathryn. Eying her up and down his dick soon began to grow with excitement.

Both Kathryn and Sebastian noticed this, he smirked at her and she smiled back at him, a mischievous one filled with lust and love all at the same time. They stepped closer to each other until their chests were touching and his hands around her waist.

"Kiss me" She told him, caressing his face.

Sebastian did as he was told, leaning down and cupping her face with one hand, kissing her with fire and passion. His tongue moved inside her mouth, touching and massaging Kathryn's with his own tongue. His hands wandered up and down her slender frame, squeezing her breasts and arse.

"Kaitlyn get my phone please" Kathryn asked.

Kaitlyn and Kathryn were at a boutique trying on dresses and Kathryn was right now in a stall trying one on, her phone was sitting on the couch and she could not reach it so she asked Kaitlyn to get it.

"Hello?" Kaitlyn answered.

Strangely enough she sounded like Kathryn over the phone.

"Mm you sound so sexy over the phone" Sebastian said, not knowing that it was Kaitlyn on the other end and not Kathryn.

"I know" Kaitlyn said, playing games with Sebastian.

"Come over and fuck me baby, I'm as horny as ever and I want you bad"

"Does it look good on me Kaitlyn?" Kathryn called as she stepped outside of the stall.

"Wait is this Kathryn?" Sebastian asked.

"Sorry it's Kaitlyn" Kaitlyn laughed.

"Oh can you put Kat on please"


Kaitlyn passed the phone to her cousin and grabbed a dress and went into a stall to get dressed.

"Hey" She said.


"What did you want?"


"Then why are you calling?"

"I wanted to see you"

"Well that's not nothing now is it?"

"I suppose not"

They both giggled something the pair didn't often do when they were by themselves let alone together. Both soon realised what they were doing and stopped immediately.

"I'm out with Katie, so I kind of can't right now"


"I'm busy"

"And you don't have time to fuck me?"

"I might come by later with Kaitlyn"


"The Dunkin's aren't still there are they?"

Sebastian laughed.

No, they weren't. Edward had gotten over his phase with Julie and her family and had told them to move out, of course Sebastian was a little disheartened at first he was going to miss Sadie. But he was fine with it now, at least no one would be home now and he would be free to bring home girls and fuck them.

"No, my dad kicked them out"

"Good, see you later Valmont"

"Don't you have to knock or something? You don't live here you know"

"I know"

Kathryn and Kaitlyn walked into the main room of Sebastian's town house. Of course Kathryn felt no need to knock as she knew Edward wouldn't be home and well really what was the point?

"Sebastian?" Kathryn called out.

No answer.

"Sebastian Valmont if you don't get yourself down here right now I am never and I mean never again…" Kathryn was silenced from behind.

"Shut up Kat, really do you have to come in here and scream your lungs out? I mean can't you wait till it's my name that your screaming?"

"Oh please Valmont" Kathryn stated as she moved from him.

"You know it's true Kathryn"

"God you two stop it" Kaitlyn screeched.

"Oh forgot you were here" Sebastian said. "Seems I forgot so much that I even invited another friend over, Kaitlyn this is Daniel"

Daniel came out from the corner, a very handsome dark haired man, soon enough Kaitlyn had followed the man to an upstairs bedroom.

"Daniel Sebastian? She's a fucking model, not a stupid debutante"

"She went off with him didn't she?"

"I suppose your right"

Sebastian kissed her passionately, both caught up in their thoughts and lust filled moments. He picked her up with ease and took her into his bedroom.

"Do you ever open your curtains Sebastian? It's like so dark in here"

"Would you like the whole of New York to see us fucking Kat?" Sebastian said sarcastically.

"No of course not"

"Then they stay shut mkay?" He said, pushing her onto his bed.

"You can't order me around Sebastian, I have power over you, in fact I should be the one ordering you around! I won't stand to be talked to like you are at the moment its dem…" Sebastian captured her mouth in his to shut her up.

His hands wandered down to her skirt and slowly moved underneath it, pulling down her lace panties to her ankles. She kicked off her heels, a loud thump as both hit Sebastian wooden door.

She stood up and stepped out of her panties and took off her top and bra, revealing her very perky breast. To Sebastian they were perfect, I guess they were perfect, there was nothing wrong with them, they were the perfect size, and everything.

"Take off your clothes Valmont"

As soon as the words left her mouth Sebastian stripped himself from his clothes.

He picked up Kathryn and pinned her against the wall, immediately her legs wrapped around his waist. He kissed her neck, softly, then roughly then as if the world was going to end the very next moment.

"Fuck me Sebastian"

He stopped.


"Excuse me?"

Sebastian dropped Kathryn and sat on his bed, still naked and not at all embarrassed.

"Kat I can't keep doing this"

"Doing what Sebastian? We're just playing"

"Dangerously playing Katie"

She sat beside him with a puzzled look.

"I love you Kathryn, I hate the word, I hate that I use it, I hate the fact that you're the only girl that can make me weak"

"You're such a pussy Valmont"

"Stop killing the moment Kathryn and let me finish"


He grabbed her hand and looked into her beautiful green eyes.

"You're the girl that I think I could spend the rest of my life with, have kids, have a home, a family. I know that's not what you want, I know you don't believe in the word love, but I know you love me back Kathryn. I know you do"

"Sebastian I…"

"Please Kathryn give us a chance"

"What will people think?"

"We won't tell them"

"There bound to find out"

"Then let them gossip. All I know is I want you"

"Sebastian we were related"

"But we aren't now!"

"I can't Sebastian!"

"Why fucking not?"

"Because I value my reputation and the thoughts of others too much"

"So you'll choose that over a life with me!?"

"Yes, I'm sorry Sebastian"

"You're not sorry you whore"

You could see from Kathryn's face that she was hurt, she got up and slapped him hard, leaving a red hand print on his face and a stunned Sebastian.

"You're right I'm not sorry, not after that"

She turned around and left.

"Fuck Kathryn"

He walked out his bedroom, still naked and still not embarrassed. Kaitlyn who had heard the bicker found him in all his glory, with still an erection.

"Nice" She commented.

She approached him and licked her lips seductively, tracing a finger from his jaw down to his hips.

"Fuck off Kaitlyn, I'm not in the mood anymore"

"Your dick begs to differ" She said, stating the obvious.

"My dick wouldn't fuck you"

"I seem to recall you trying to fuck me the other night"

"And I seem to recall the way you rejected me now your old, I don't want you anymore"

Kaitlyn Merteuil rolled her eyes and turned around, making her way down the stairs. Oh she would play him hot and cold, cold when Kathryn was watching and hot when she wasn't. She would get what she wants, she always does and Sebastian would soon enough succumb to her willingly with open arms.

"Stupid fucking asshole who does he think he is rejecting me like that, Blaine!"

"Calm down princess"

"No!" Kathryn screamed.

Blaine lit up a joint and passed one to Kathryn, maybe she would calm down after it, and if not, Blaine would sure be a little bit more willing to listen.

"He makes me so angry! How can he?"

"Well he gave you an ultimatum sweetheart, he's head over heels for you. Wow, our little Sebastian Valmont is in love"

"Trust me Blaine he's not little and I don't believe in love!" The word rolled off her tongue like poison.

"So where's Kaitlyn if you're here princess?"

Kaitlyn, where was she? Kathryn had left her at the house, she had forgotten to call her before she left damn it.

"At Sebastian's still"

"You have to go back there to get her?"

"I suppose so"

"Can I come?"


They made their way to Kathryn's limousine which took them straight to Sebastian's house. Kathryn walked in without knocking, Blaine followed suit. Both went straight up to his bedroom to find him sitting on his bed, still naked and very much exposed.

"Nice" Blaine smiled.

Sebastian looked up from the book he was reading to see Kathryn and Blaine.

"I'd like a piece of that" Blaine commented.

"Shut up queer" Sebastian put on some boxers and a robe over him.

"What are you doing back?" He asked Kathryn.

"Kaitlyn, where is she?"

"Not here"

"Fine, Blaine let's go"

Kathryn pulled on Blaine's arm.

"Kathryn wait! You can't just leave"

"I can and I'm going to, no body rejects me Sebastian and gets a second chance, same rules apply to you Valmont"

"I didn't reject you, I just want more"

Blaine pulled his arm away. "Okay this is going to turn out to a lovers tiff and I'd rather poke my eyes out then watch it, I'll be downstairs Kat" Blaine left, shutting the door behind him.

Sebastian stepped closer, inching a bit further every few seconds until he was almost touching her, her back against the wall. Both stared at each other intensely, neither of them wanting to back down.

"I know you love me Kathryn, I can see it"

"I don't love you Sebastian!"

"You do, I know it"

"Believe what you want Valmont, I know it's not true"

"Just give us a chance Kathryn, a chance for us to work"

"There is no us Sebastian!"

He moved in and captured her lips in a fiery attempt to change her mind, and it did the job. She no longer argued, she kissed him back with more passion and more intensity.

Pinning her up against the wall he whispered into her ear.


She was like jelly in his arms, she melted into him.

"Okay, fine, but fuck me around Valmont and I swear, I'll fucking kill you"

Kathryn always lived up to her threats.


He kissed her on the neck, moving up and down.

"And no cheating on me, I won't fuck others behind your back if you don't fuck others behind my back"

"Mhmm" He murmured, bringing her panties to her ankles.

"No flirting either, or touching, I hate it"



"Shut up and just let me fuck you"


She stopped ranting and maybe for the slightest of moments she smiled, something genuine, something she hadn't done since she was a little girl when her daddy would hug her and make her feel special. Kathryn felt special with Sebastian.

But it wouldn't last for long.

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