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'Til death do us part

Chapter One

Inside the room was, an unmade bed, clothes lying on the floor, a row of empty beer bottles against the wall and some flowers, for some odd reason. Outside, hangs a almost unreadable note saying "DO NOT DISTURB".

Tokiya wakes up with a start, which he immediately regrets as soon as the room begins to spin before his eyes.

"SHIT!!!" he curses.

Maybe partying all night long wasn't such a great idea, well actually he wasn't partying, he was just minding his own business, when THAT monkey forced alcohol on him. That's where it all became blurry.

He can feel his stomach rolling, his head pounding, his chest felt heavy and he is feeling nauseous and dizzy. He quickly grabs the nearest thing to steady his spinning head, and the nearest thing was something soft???

"Well, that didn't help..." Tokiya lays himself slowly down again and he shut his eyes, good and tight, hoping that it will stop the sick feeling in his stomach. And he soon dozes off...


The sunlight comes inside the room and shines into her beautiful face and messy hair. Fuuko didn't bother to open her eyes. Her head feels heavy and her mouth is dry.

"Oh, God!" Fuuko rubs her head and groans. ' I curse you Recca for forcing me to drink tequila and shots'

Of course she has a hangover, all because of her friend's 21th birthday. Recca celebrated his birthday yesterday by drinking "his age in shots", well actually they all had too, but most of them fell of after the 10th. Recca had borrowed Kurei's beach house and only invited his closest friends. So after the traditional birthday, with cakes and parents, they drove off with 2 vans and a car. When they arrived at the house, Kurei and the Uruhas were already settling down.

'I really hope some sleep will get rid of this freaking headache!' She tries to fall back asleep. She sighs and pulls a pillow towards her and cuddles it like a stuffed animal. The pillow feels warm against her chest and it smells good. She smiles with her eyes closed.

'Gosh, i'm even imagining it to smell like Mi-chan.' Fuuko presses herself closer to it, while she explores it with her hands.


Warmth against his chest. Hands traveling on his exposed skin. He shivers with pleasure at every touch. There is a trace of satisfaction on his face. It feels good...

He just had to return the sweet favor; the touch and the pleasure. And he hears a low moan. Perfect...

'Wait a minute..'

Tokiya opened his eyes...


Fuuko felt something rubbing her back, up and down. She lets out a low moan.

'Ganko's up early?'

Hands travelling down her back, to her legs, as it settles on her...

´But Ganko wasn't invited here!??'

Fuuko opened her eyes...

"WHAT THE HELL!" both shouted unison.



to be continued

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