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Consciousness slipped in and out of Zuko's clutches. A hard object hit his head; and Zuko knew no more.

Toph felt Zuko's heartbeat, and could almost imagine his pathetic form just lying there in the grass. She had gone out for a late night walk, and was sorely disappointed that it was going to have to be cancelled. Toph ran back to camp to tell the others of her discovery. She was elated that she was making a helpful addition to their travels.

As blind as she was, Toph wasn't stupid. She knew what had gone on with the Gaang before she joined. She knew that Zuko the Fire Prince was out to get them all.

Toph's heart jolted as she felt Sokka near by; looked like he was going to be the first to know.

"Sokka," Toph said in her rough voice, "Come with me! I have something to show you!"

Sokka bounded down towards the thick forest-y area with Toph and wasn't expecting what he was about to see. Sokka's eyes bulged as he saw a bleeding, unconscious Zuko lying in the grass in front of him.

"Toph," he breathed, "As much as I don't like Fire Nation, we have to do something! If he dies…wait that's good thing…" Sokka was now very confused, and sickened. Zuko wasn't pleasant sight, and his smell wasn't a bouquet of roses either.

"I know what you're thinking," Toph said as she bended a flat rock beneath him and carried him that way all the way back to camp.

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