It's been forever, but here it is:

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Zuko snapped to consciousness at the sound of an ear-splitting scream, he stood bolt upright and was ready to slip into a fighting stance.

"Sokka, you meanie! And Aang! I would never expect this from you! How could you?!" Katara's voice cut through Zuko's state of alert. Katara was standing by their morning campfire, looking angry at the two accused boys. "Bugs in my breakfast? That's just great! Come on, I barely get my sustenance and now this?! Urgh!"

Zuko's back hit the comfortable oak tree and he slid down, exasperated at being on his guard for nothing. Sniggering from an all rock tent brought him back to reality. "Wow, Sugar Queen. I didn't think you were that dumb, but I guess I was wrong to put it past you." Toph's tent came down and she stepped out rather regally. "There's no way that Twinkle Toes and Snoozles here could think of a prank so ingenious!"

"You mean it was you?!" Katara cried outraged and stomped to her friend.

A satisfied smirk sat upon Toph's face, emphasizing her mischievous features. "Aww," She said her tone meaning to annoy, "Did I hurt your feewings?"

"No, it was just disgusting!" And apparently too angry to speak anymore, Katara just plopped down where she was and exhaled.

"Hey Katara," Sokka said hesitantly, "Your patient is up…"

Katara reacted immediately, "Argg! Do not speak to me!" She seethed, and turned around to face the other way, when a certain someone spoiled the view of the green trees. Zuko. How could she have forgotten?!