Becoming Jane: the Vignettes

By Icha

Rated: T

Summary: Drabbles of Becoming Jane. Can't stop loving it! Thanks to Rachel Kingston for the wonderful and faithful beta! For those who have yet seen the movie: SPOILERS ahead. But I suggest you to still watch it; it is most definitely worth it! And thanks for the read and reviews!

Chapter 1. Reading: Interrupted

The door opened abruptly as she was reading her Advice from a Young Lady for Cassandra. All eyes automatically fixated on a young lad who entered the room with an air of arrogance not unlike the manners of most wealthy Londoners. Despite his highly discourteous entrance, he was so disturbingly handsome that Jane Austen felt her heart skip a beat. To her relief, Mr. Lefroy senior cleared his throat and said,

'Friends, may I introduce my youngest nephew, Mr. Thomas Lefroy. Just arriving from London.'

The young man, rather indifferently, swept his stare over the entire room, catching sight of a girl with dark tresses and dark eyes who was standing prominent, holding a stack of paper. Lovely, Tom Lefroy thought idly as he sat by the window sill, aspiring to listen to her reading. Yet, as he found that her reading was 'juvenile' to his 'metropolitan' taste, he began to convince himself of his inevitable boredom in the prolonged company of this country girl.

He could not be more mistaken.

Author's note:

Okay. First meeting of Jane and Tom. I personally love this scene, as it showed the snobbish Tom Lefroy who very much disliked the idea of 'vacation' in the country. So, please review? Thanks!