Summary: Sam and Dean have always been freaks, Sam found out when he was twenty two just how much of a freak he was. It wasn't until the boys are trapped once again by the demon that they find out Dean's little secret that none of them knew about. Just a quick one shot that's been playing on my mind.

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em or the show but man… I wish I did.

The yellow eyes bore deep into Sam's, the intent was certain. Its voice, thick with venom, turned his insides and he had to look away.

"You've only got yourself to blame. Only got him to blame. He didn't have to get hurt, if he just left, if you just left, he would be fine but now… I'm gonna make you watch him burn. Just like your mommy did, just like pretty little Jess."

"You bastard! Stay away from him!" Sam shouted, his gaze drifting between the unconscious form of Dean and the demon.

He tried to move but the all too familiar sensation of being pinned against the wall was far too strong and he couldn't break free, he could only watch helpless as the demon moved over to Dean.

"Wakey, wakey my boy." It taunted, kicking Dean in the side, like a child might kick an unmoving animal or poke it with a stick.

Dean moaned and began to stir, his head felt thick but when the memories of what happened came flooding back, he was pulling himself up off the cold wooden floor before the second kick came. The effort made him cough, spraying a small amount of blood in the direction of the demon.

His eyes searched the room, happy to find Sam's but then the demon spoke, grabbing Dean's attention.

"You're a weird one Dean. You're not like the others, you're disgusting actually. Pathetic. You're a waste of space and a burden to your family, to your darling little brother."

"Leave Sam alone." Dean growled through clenched teeth.

"Now you know I can't do that. I have plans and you just keep getting in the way." With a flick of the eyes, the demon sent Dean slamming against the wall, "The only good thing you've done for me is to get your Daddy to make that deal."

Dean growled again as he struggled against the invisible pressure pushing him against the wall, "You son of bi…"

His words were cut short by the strange sensation of being dragged up the wall. He tried his best to thrash about but he knew the demon wasn't clumsy enough to give him a chance. His skull collided with the ceiling and he cursed, bending his neck to look down, it was the only movement he was allowed.

"You probably know but I don't normally do this to males, so you could think of yourself as special." It mocked him.

"Leave him the hell alone!" Sam shouted, eyes widened in fear. There was no way out this time, no Dad to fight back and release the hold and no colt on the table if somehow he did manage to escape.

Dean was being dragged along the ceiling now, he was nearly at the centre and Sam could see the panic sketched across his face and when his body came to a halt, the panic changed to pain and Sam looked on in horror as his brothers abdomen started bleeding.

"Dean!" Sam cried out, tears threatening to escape from his eyes.

Dean tried to call back but the pain was too much and his voice just wouldn't work, all he could do was mouth 'Sammy' and then the real pain started. The fire forced its way around him, flames engulfing him and scorching him causing every pore to sweat, even cauterizing the invisible wound across his stomach. His voice worked now as he let out one long pain filled cry and then he clenched his teeth and bit back any other cries that threatened to escape.

The heat was causing him to breathe heavily and his eyes to water. In his mind he begged for release, begged to just die and be done with it but the fire just raged around him, spreading across the ceiling, turning it to ash as it went. It felt like he'd been up there for an eternity but it wasn't until he saw the first few pieces of ash fall that he realised something.

The demon had realised it to, roaring in frustration and commanding the flames to intensify. And they did. The were spreading to the walls now, jumping and flickering, stealing the oxygen from the air and feeding the demons anger but that didn't change the fact that Dean Winchester still wasn't burning. His skin was still a gentle tan and no more, with a couple of dirty marks and flecks of black from the falling ash. His hair, though singed at the very ends, was still very much intact and a golden brown colour. And his hazel green eyes, reflected fear and flames.

"Abomination!" It screeched, yellow eyes fuming with hatred and anger.

"Dean?" Sam whispered, half choked on tears and half out of uncertainty. He remembered that night with Jess clearly, especially because of the dreams but it was nothing like this. Dean had dragged him out before he could witness any more yet he was sure that flames hot enough to destroy the flat would have destroyed Jess almost instantly and yet here was his brother, flames getting hotter and hotter and he just refused to burn.

"Please! Let him go!" Sam pleaded, tearing his eyes off Dean and looking towards the demon, "Please!"

It turned to look at Sam and regarded him for a second but it merely shook his head, its attention heading back towards Dean. After all that boy had done, it was determined to watch him burn. How was it he was able to survive the fire? How was he still able to breathe? Perhaps it hadn't realised just how much of a threat Dean Winchester really was? And then again…

It smirked and the flames began to die, they continued to just disappear as if an invisible chill had extinguished them and the demon let the exhausted, sweating and bloody Dean fall to a lump on the floor. This was the boy who had exorcised his daughter, killed his son, without a second thought about the humans they were possessing, all for the sake of his family. Perhaps it hadn't realised just how much potential Dean Winchester really had?