Forget to Survive

Harry, Ron and Hermione sat on the Gryffindor common room by the fire, doing homework. Harry had just come back from one of Professor Dumbledore's lessons and so he was exhausted and couldn't concentrate properly. Especially since Ron and Hermione kept stealing glances at each other and blushing. Harry dropped his quill in exasperation and sighed,

"I'm going off to bed, guys. See you tomorrow." He said, packing up his things in his backpack. Ron looked from Hermione to Harry and said,

"OK. See you tomorrow, mate" Hermione nodded, not letting her eyes of her work. Harry flung his backpack over his shoulder and walked off to the boys' dormitory. He didn't bother changing into his pajamas and just laid down on his bed. Harry thought of Dumbledore, and Voldemort. Then he wondered how life would be if his parents were still alive. Then, Harry noticed a tile on the ceiling that was out of place. He stood up and pushed the tile aside, it revealed an empty space. Harry's curiosity took the better of him. He poked his head in the hole and had to blink several times before the sunshine blinded him. Surprised, Harry quickly removed his head and jumped off from his bed to tell his friends.

He ran out of the room and turned around the spiral staircase but stopped short when he noticed his two best friends kissing like there was no tomorrow. Covering his mouth with his hand to stop the waves of laughter that his mind really wanted to let loose, he slowly stepped out of the scene. I guess I'll discover its secrets alone. Harry jumped excitedly on his bed again and lifted his whole body into the whole, which seemed to expand to his size. When he was fully in it, he recognized being in the Hogwarts' Greenhouses, but they somehow seemed different. Harry looked down to where he had come from and discovered that the tile was gone.

He couldn't return to his room. Oh God. I'm going to be in trouble. It was plain midday. He looked around and ran out of the Herbology area. Suddenly, a bell rang. Students started streaming out of the castle. Most of them running towards the shades of the trees or near the lake. Harry was so confused, Why is it midday? It was midnight a few seconds ago! Why don't I know any of these people anyway? He walked towards a group of four Ravenclaw girls and asked them,

"Hi. Um, what time is it?" The girls all looked at him as if they couldn't' believe he was talking to them. Then the one who looked like the boldest of them answered.

"It's 2:30pm. Break just started. Wait, aren't you James Potter?" she inquired flirtingly. Harry frowned and shook his head. She actually doesn't know who I am. Wow, this is crazy. He ran a hand through the back of his neck, like he did when he was nervous.

"I um, I'm Harry. Harry uh, Granger". Harry answered. He didn't know why he had said Granger instead of Potter. This was a weird world. He felt like changing his last name for something. And Ron's couldn't work because maybe someone knew it, seeing as he was a pureblood. The girls shrugged, nodded and turned to talk to each other. Harry left them, walking absentmindedly towards nowhere in particular. Suddenly, he felt himself bump into something hard. It turned out to be a person. Harry straightened out his glasses,

"I am so sorry! It was my fault! Are you OK?" he asked the person. He focused his eyes and noticed it was a girl. A redheaded girl that had shiny emerald eyes, very much like his. Harry's stomach did a flip. WHAT IS MY MOM DOING HERE? OH MY GOSH! I know! It all makes sense! This is the 1970's! Lily Evans turned and laughed, then seeing whom it was, her expression turned cold.

"What do you want, Potter? Actually, don't answer. Let me do the conversation. I DON'T, repeat; DON'T want to go out with you. Just bug off!" she cried. Harry looked at her quizzically. What? How does she know I'm a Potter? Wait. No! She thinks I'm James! He looked at her in the eye.

"Sorry. My name's not Potter. And I don't want to seem rude but I wasn't just about to ask you out" He whispered. Lily scrutinized him. Then her expression softened.

"Oh! I'm so terribly sorry! You just look REALLY similar to someone I know. But, now that you mention it, you're not like him. At all." She exclaimed, noticing his bright green eyes, which looked, very much like her own, and his politeness.

"It's ok. So um, I know this might seem like a really stupid question but, what year is this?" he asked Lily politely. Lily looked amused, not annoyed.

"Haha! It's 1977, silly!" she laughed at the boy. Then realized she hadn't introduced herself properly.

"Oh, by the way, I'm Lily. Lily Evans. I'm a 6th year Gryffindor. What house are you in? I haven't seen you around." She asked. Harry's theory of the 1970's was proved correct. He was in his parents' 6th year at Hogwarts. Harry's mind calculated the odds of having an exchange student at Hogwarts. Whatever. I hope she buys it. Harry stuck out his hand.

"Harry. I'm a 6th year Gryffindor, temporarily. I'm an exchange student from Ireland." He lied, crossing his fingers. Lily seemed content enough with the explanation. She liked Harry. He was nice.

"Ok well, Harry. Do you want a tour of Hogwarts and its student population?" she asked. Harry nodded. Wow, she is so kind, thoughtful, and polite. She's gorgeous too. Just look at the way her flaming hair flows along her head.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?" he answered, exited to be in his mother's company for the first time. Lily grabbed her backpack and put her arm around his shoulder. She led him towards the lake.

"That, Harry. Is the lake. It is a big pool of water in which submarine creatures live in." She explained sarcastically. Harry laughed and Lily smiled at him.

"That forest over there is Forbidden. And for a good reason too. There are many dangerous creatures there. Like werewolves and centaurs and Tasmanian devils." She said. Then, Lily led him towards the front doors of the castle, but before they could reach them, a group of boys stood in front of them, blocking their way.

They were four extremely handsome boys, about Harry and Lily's age. One of them was short, plump and looked shy and nervous, he wasn't good-looking at all. The boy standing next to him was holding a book in his hands and had sandy brown hair that fell to his shady grey eyes in a cute way. Harry noticed the boy closest to him shut his book and turn to look at them. He had long black hair that was tied up in a ponytail behind his head, his black eyes resembled laughter and fun, and his Gryffindor crest was embedded with an M. Then, Harry's stomach did another somersault, was his father. He had messy jet-black hair that framed his face beautifully, hazel eyes that wore round spectacles and his muscular figure showed years of playing Quidditch. Lily rolled her eyes and tried to move out of their way but James caught her arms.

"Where are you going, Evans? You didn't even give me the opportunity to ask you out yet, today!" he sneered. Peter laughed. Sirius noticed Harry and pointed at him.

"Who's that?" he asked James. James' eyes widened for a moment but then his cold expression returned.

"Yeah. I don't think I've seen you here before. One: Who are you? Two: Why are you messing with my girlfriend? Three: Don't you know who we are?" he asked Harry harshly. Before he could answer, Lily pushed James' arm out of the way.

"POTTER! I HATE TO BREAK THE NEWS TO YOU BUT I AM NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND! This, is Harry, an exchange student from Ireland. He is kind, respectful and polite, unlike you. So, LEAVE. HIM. ALONE!" she shouted at him. James glared daggers at Harry, who was looking hurt. This is not the kind of relationship I was hoping with my father. Lily grabbed Harry by the arm and dragged him off, leaving the marauders standing there, watching them leave. Sirius muttered something under his breath and two invisible ropes shot from his wand, tying themselves around Harry. Lily shouted in anger. She swiftly moved her wand and the spell undid itself. She forced a smile on her face and skipped over to James and his friends, who were laughing their head off. All of them except Remus, who was looking at Harry as if he was a ghost. Lily leaned in as if to kiss James who looked bewildered but leaned in as well. Lily then took her arm back, removed her face and punched James as hard as she could in the face. While Remus rushed over to help his bleeding friend, Lily sidestepped and slapped Sirius hard across his cheek. Then she hollered,

"DON'T MESS WITH MY FRIENDS, JAMES POTTER!" and then she added quietly, "And you wonder why I don't want to go out with you" And with those words, she left the boys to attend to their wounds and rushed over to Harry, who was watching the scene with glazed eyes. Why do my parents hate each other? This can't happen! Lily pulled Harry with her and sat under a tree.

"I'm so, so sorry, Harry! What must you think of me, going and punching people like that! But you have to understand, they are, well, you saw them. It just annoys the hell out of me that they treat people like scum because they can and they are so powerful and popular that they think they can do anything they want!" Harry nodded, he knew how that felt. Malfoy was a good example, like Hermione had punched his dignity off of him in third year. He grinned at the thought. Lily stared at him.

"What?" she asked. Harry shook his head.

"Nothing. It's just that back in my tim-school, I know this boy who is as annoying and mean as him and my best friend, Hermione, she punched him in the nose so hard. It felt good to watch him stagger." He answered truthfully, well, most of it anyway. I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST COMPARED MALFOY WITH MY FATHER! Lily suppressed a laugh and looked at him, smiling. After a moment, she said,

"Well, do you want to start packing up? The bell's about to ring" Harry nodded,

"Sure! What class do you have next?" he asked. Lily's face lit up.

"Charms! I don't like to boast but I'm really good at that subject! What's your best class?" she replied excitedly. Harry's gaze flicked towards where the Marauders were talking under another tree.

"Defense against the Dark Arts. I've always been good at that. I had one of the nicest and best teachers ever on that subject when I was in third year." He said, still staring at his father and friends. Lily bit her lip,

"Oh! What was his name?" she asked. Harry stiffened. How am I going to get out of this one? I said he was amazing so I couldn't have forgotten his name and I can't say the truth because she'll know I'm from the future. Oh god. He looked at her. My, she is beautiful! No wonder dad fell for her.

"I, um…His name was uh, Professor uh, Professor Dimitrov" he said, remembering an Irish player on the Quidditch team. Lily nodded, and just then, the bell rang.

"Oops! Let's go, we don't want to be late!" Lily exclaimed. Harry stood up and went after her. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw James and Sirius separate from Remus and Peter and head towards him and Lily. Lily saw them and rushed Harry into the castle.

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