Tony noticed the blonde as soon as she stepped off the elevator. She scanned the bullpen with the air of someone used to evaluating their surroundings. Her gaze stopped at their team, assessing each of them quickly, before focusing on Gibbs. Tony was entranced as a grin of pure mischief lit up her face, and struck dumb as her dancing eyes flicked to his and she held a finger to her lips. She walked confidently through one of the other team's areas and along the back of the bullpen in order to come up behind Gibbs. Tony realised as she came closer that she was moving virtually silently, unnoticed by most of the agents on the floor.

Her eyes met Tony's briefly as she stopped behind Gibbs. Nothing could have prepared him for what happened next. Even though he had been watching her, he jumped as she barked out an order.

"On your feet, Gunny!"