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Chapter One

Joey went to his best friend Yugi and asked him a question that has been bothering him for a very long time. Here is the question and Yugi's answer.

"Yugi, how do you know if you really like someone?" Joey asked.

"Well, if you really like someone, you can't stop thinking about them and your heart rate goes up and you can even start to sweat uncontrollably, why do you ask?" Yugi wanted to know.

"Every time I get near or even hear Seto's name my entire body goes nuts. I start to have tingling feelings in every part of my body and I'm afraid that I will embarrass myself, if you know what I mean." Joey said.

Yugi laughed and then he said "yep, you've got it bad."

"Got what bad?" Joey wanted to know.

"You've got love sickness." Yugi replied.

"Is there a cure for love sickness?" Joey franticly asked.

About this time Yami came walking into the room and upon hearing Joey's question he started to laugh. That caused Yugi and Joey to jump and then Yugi opened his mind link and asked Yami "not to say a thing to anyone."

Don't worry abiou I won't say a thing." Yami told him.

Joey had a worried look on his face and then he realized that they were talking through their links and he got red faced and yelled "Yami if you say anything I'll, or shit there isn't a damn thing I can do to you except beg you not to say anything."

Yami walked over to Joey and he told him "don't worry I didn't hear a thing." Then he winked and walked out of the room.

Yugi laughed and told his friend "you know that Yami is a man of his word don't you?"

Joey then said "I know but I'm so damn scared what Seto will do if he finds out how I feel. Hell I don't even know if he, you know is gay or not."

"Joey, you know that sooner or later you're going to have to say something to him or it will eat you alive don't you?" Yugi said.

Joey wiped the tears from his eyes and he then asked "will you help me write some kind of not to let Seto know how I feel, and then can you also help me get out of town?"

Yugi smiled at his friend and then he told him "you tell me what you want to say and I'll help you write something and I'll even get Yami to give it to him."

Joey then said "thanks man." And promptly fainted.

Yugi yelled to Yami "come help me get Joey off the floor."

Yami came running and when he saw Joey he started laughing so hard he nearly fell down. "What happened?" He asked Yugi.

Yugi told Yami and they both started laughing and they nearly dropped poor Joey on his head, but they finally got him off the floor and got him on the couch.

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Chapter Two Coming Up... What will Joey's note say??