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Chapter Thirteen

Seto had rented an entire beach area in Hawaii for him and Joey's honeymoon. When they first got there, Joey stood on the terrace and stared at the Pacific Ocean in awe. Seto came and stood behind him and wrapped his arms around Joey's waist and kissed the side of his neck. "I love you Joey" Seto whispered into his ear. Joey turned around and wrapping his arms around Seto and laying his head on Seto's chest and he said "I love you too Seto."

Then Seto suggested that they go for a moonlit walk on the beach because he could sense Joey's fear of making love. As the walked hand in hand along the beach Joey told him "are you afraid of tonight?"

Seto stopped and made Joey look at him and then he said "I'm scared to death of hurting you and if you want we can do it some other time."

Joey couldn't of love him anymore then he did right then. "Let's go back, I want to hold you in my arms and make love with you."

They walked back to the bungalow that Seto had rented and as he locked the door behind him, he closed his eyes and prayed that he would be able to make this night beautiful for the man that he loved.

As Seto walked into their bedroom he found Joey lying on the bed naked and he nearly burst out of his pants. Seto was breathing erratically and as he approached the bed he whispered "you're so damn beautiful that you take my breath away. Seto got undressed and laid down beside Joey and took him into his arms and caressed his body. Seto whispered erotic things into Joey's ear that nearly made Joey come right then and there.

As they started stroking each other, Joey took Seto's member into his mouth and brought him to a roaring climax. Seto couldn't believe that he could feel so blissfully content. Seto then started to prep Joey and as he inserted his fingers into Joey's anus to get him ready, Joey moaned and grinded against Seto's hand.

Seto then got behind Joey and started to insert his member into Joey and as he broke through he groaned because it felt so right to be making love to his mate. As he continued to go in and out of Joey he felt Joey's muscles contract around him and he groaned and told Joey "that feels so damn good." As he felt his climax approaching Seto reached around and wrapped his hand around Joey's member and began to stroke him and soon they were moaning each others names and then it happened, they both reached that euphoric plateau together and let go and they climaxed.

When Seto removed himself from Joey and they laid in each others arms they were both crying because they had just had such a beautiful moment and they both knew that they would have many more together. Seto kissed Joey and they feel asleep in each others arms.

When Seto woke up the next morning he looked down on Joey's sleeping face. He touched the side of Joey's face and Joey opened his eyes and softly said "good morning."

Seto leaned over and kissed Joey and then he whispered "thank you for last night, it was so magically, will you please make love to me?"

Joey then took Seto into his arms and they both started making love to each other and then Joey prepped Seto and as he eased deep inside of Seto he groaned and then he started moving faster and faster till they were both of he verge of going over the edge when he reached around and stroking Seto's member till they both were ready and then they released and as they did they screamed each others name. As Joey eased out of Seto they laid in each others arms and they fell back to sleep.

Later that day they awoke and got dressed and then they went out to dinner to celebrate their love for each other. They spent the best two weeks showing each other just how much that they loved each other and then they wanted to go home.

When they got home they immediately went together to their families and friends and thanked them for supporting them and giving them their love.

As they settled into their routines, Seto suggested that maybe they could adopt children and give them their love. Joey loved the idea and they adopted a little boy. His name was Jeffery Samuel Kaiba. He was the first of five children that they would adopt over the course of their marriage.


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