Forever (The Wedding of Shadow and Rouge)

Shadow and Rouge get married (lemon in last chapter)

Chapter One


Shadow the Hedgehog stood in front of the mirror, the sweat was running down the back of his head, he kept trying to take a few deep breathes, he was wearing a ravishing black tux with a white shirt with shiny black lapels and black bow tie. He had taken off his white gloves and gold bracelets and he was wearing shiny black shoes instead of his usual sneakers.

He had been dreaming about this day for a long time, he had been looking forward to it for a long time, and now he was really nervous. Shadow stared at himself; he could hardly believe that he was now marrying the woman of his dreams, he was nervous of seeing her, and how it would turn out in the end.

He thought back to when he proposed to her, he was standing on the cliff staring at the sunset with her. He was feeling sad and upset because it had been the anniversary of Maria dying on the ARK, and he had gone to Club Rouge to find the one person who would make him feel better. That would be Rouge the Bat.

He was very close to Rouge, as she was his partner on missions and they were always at each other's side no matter what happened, and he loved her for that, in fact, he loved her more than life itself and he wanted to declare his love for her, so he had bought a ring on his way and had gone to see the white bat.

He had taken her on his motorbike to the cliffs where they could talk, and Rouge had been so comforting to him when he talked about Maria, and she said to him that she would always be there for him, no matter what. Shadow then took her hand and got on one knee saying he had always wanted to ask her the question, and then asked her "Will you marry me?"

"Rouge was surprised at first, then she smiled at him and threw her arms around him with a loud "Yes!" she had always loved Shadow the same, but she never imagined that Shadow would ask her to marry him! Because she didn't know if he felt the same for her!

They had then spent the next few weeks planning their wedding and who to invite and who would play what part. Now the time had come, he was excited to be marrying Rouge the Bat, but he was nervous too, he fiddled with his cuffs and tried to straighten his bow-tie.

Meanwhile, Rouge the Bat was putting the finishing touches to herself; she was wearing a long white dress made from white satin and diamonds on the tight corset which showed her ample cleavage and her bare arms.

She studied her make-up, instead of her normal blue heavy eye-shadow, she had a dusty gold on her eyelids and mascara, and her lips, instead of blood red lipstick she normally wore, she had a soft rose pink colour on her lips.

Behind her a young pink hedgehog dressed in a red bridesmaids dress was adjusting her veil and the silver and diamond tiara on her head, "you look so beautiful" she said, her eyes were welling with tears, she was thinking about a certain blue hedgehog. "Oh I so wish it was me getting married"

Rouge smiled "oh thank you Amy" she whispered "you also look so stunning" Amy blushed, she was wearing a beautiful red satin dress that showed off her pretty cleavage and her luscious bare arms, and around her delicate neck she had a red choker with a red rose.

Rouge turned to look in the mirror, she studied her diamond incrusted corset and then her hands ran up her bare delicate neck to touch the silver and diamond necklace that Shadow had given her for her birthday. Then a small rabbit held up a bouquet of white lilies and pink roses, "you're beautiful Miss Rouge" she said in a sweet voice.

Rouge took the flowers and smiled at her sweetly, "thank you Cream" she whispered "and you too look so pretty" the rabbit blushed and smiled cutely, she was wearing a red dress with puffed sleeves, with pink roses behind her ears and holding a basket of red and pink rose petals, she was the flower girl. Rouge looked back into the mirror and smiled again.

"You look so gorgeous Rouge" whispered the pink hedgehog, "I feel like crying" Rouge smiled, "I've been so looking forward to this day" she whispered, she reached up to grab the veil behind her, Amy lifted the back of the veil and put it over the huntress's head so it covered her face making her look more mysterious and beautiful.

Rouge studied herself again and smiled, "I think I'm ready now Amy" she whispered, "I'm ready to become Mrs Shadow the Hedgehog", Amy smiled and began to walk towards the door, "let's go" she said "we can't keep everyone waiting!" Rouge smiled, and Cream who had been practicing her skips and dancing for when she went down the aisle ran ahead of the Bride and Bridesmaid.

In the other room, Shadow fiddled with his cuffs, he had these silver cufflinks in the shape of skulls that Rouge gave him, he saw the purple chameleon brushing his suit down, "you look so ravishing Shadow" he said smiling. Shadow wiped the sweat from his forehead, "I've been waiting for this for weeks Espio" he said in a shaky voice, "now I feel so nervous"

Espio chuckled, "come on Shadow, you'll be fine" he brushed the hedgehog's tux down and straightened his bow tie, "I don't believe it Shadow, you're the fearless merciless Ultimate Life form and you're nervous about this" Shadow growled, but smirked at the Chameleon.