Title: Fantasies
Author: Nekocin
Manga: Rin
Characters: Sou, Katsura, mention of Yamato
Type: Drabble shot
Genres: General, mild romance
Warnings: slight OoC, a bit naughty (but not really)
Rated: PG
Additional notes: has slightly sexual innuendos, shounen ai, Sou's PoV
Disclaimer: Rin doesn't belong to me.

Rin - Everyone has fantasies. Even if they're slightly... not really what Sou expected


When he has nothing to do, he starts daydreaming. Usually he fantasizes about anything and everything. Once, he fantasizes the red tabby cat clinging on to him while they hung down from a broken bridge. Another time, he fantasizes about Yamato's body which led him to initially conclude that he swung the other way.

But most times, he dreamed of Katsura. Katsura and his cute face. Katsura and his large naive eyes. Katsura and his reddened cheeks. If that wasn't so bad he realized he started fantasizing about what he would DO to Katsura when they were alone.

Would he start with a kiss? Would he start with some groping? Or would he just tear away any wall that prevented him from having Katsura completely?

He wanted a release.

Katsura looked up with that cute confused look on his face and asked him what was wrong. In a moment, he impulsively leaned forward, towering over Katsura's shorter body and captured those surprised lips with a lot of fervor. Katsura let out a surprised gasp.

He decided to do everything at the same time.


Uhm... yeah, not really a good one. :shakes head:

Thank you for reading!