Ok one day I just got really bored with work so I hopped on my laptop and typed up this baby!!!! It's a side story to Unexpected healing, it will make more sense later on in the fic. Enjoy!!

Have you ever wondered what Gaara did with the sand in his gourd in his free time? When he is all alone in his room during the night, knowing he could never sleep? Well…. Your about to find out……

Third person POV.

Gaara walked into his bedroom and sat on the edge of his bed, gourd leaning against the wall by the door. Thinking of the embarrassing conversation he had earlier with his brother.


"Umm… Gaara it seems to me that you are getting a little curious about girl so I think you are ready for the ummm……talk….."

"The talk?" asked Gaara

"Yeah. Ok. When a guy meets a girl that he really likes his.. umm… thing…stands up and wants to be.. umm touched and used…."

By now Kankuros face was beet red, but he continued knowing he had to give his baby brother this talk or he might get a girl pregnant and go nuts…

"Used?" inquired Gaara

"Yeah. Sometimes your… thing… can't be used so you have to take care if it yourself…"

Gaara just lifted a non-existent eyebrow waiting for his brother to continue.

"You can use your hand… or something else… umm… I can't explain it but like…… just let your instincts do the rest ok?..."

Gaara nodded a little confused and left the room…

Flashback over

Gaara shook his head in astonishment. He had never seen his brother so embarrassed before…

Lifting his shoulders in a shrug, Gaara laid back on his bed. A distant sound reached his ears. "Singing?" Gaara listened closer and heard the beautiful voice of Sakura. Sakura. thought Gaara. Her beautiful curves, those luscious lips… Gaara felt an exciting tingle "down there" and wiggled his hips uncomfortably, wishing it would go away. He usually had these feelings when he woke up or EVERY SINGLE TIME he saw Sakura. Gaara sighed and shifted his body again trying to get comfortable, but he could not. Standing up and taking off his cloths he sits back on his bed and sits Indian- style.

Looking down at his naked body he decided that he was handsome. He had a strong muscular, yet at the same time lean, chest. A trail of red hair sprinkled over his chest to go down in a straight line into a large patch or red hair.

Hearing the singing hit a sweet high note he moaned and hissed as his erection jumped at the image of Sakura popped into his mind's eye.

A movement caught his eye and he watched as his sand from the gourd jumped and swerved a the agitation that Gaara was feeling.

Suddenly an idea popped into his head. Calling the sand over to his body he let it run down his chest.

Gaara began to pant at the sensation and decided that he liked the feeling. Letting the sand go down farther, a quick intake of breath was heard as the sand ran over his heated erection.

Moaning Gaara watched in fascination as a pearl colored ball appeared on the tip of his erection. Commanding the sand to move faster, Gaara laid back and let the sensation flood his mind, the only thing that he could do was moan.

A shiver ran down his spine as Gaara reared up from the bed and a stream of white exploded from his body.

Breathing heavily, Gaara stared at the ceiling in shock at what had just occurred. Deciding he liked it he set the sand to work again.

Sorry! A friend of mine told me to write this fic so I just had to do it!