"That's so... AWESOME!!!" yelled an overly excited Sakura. "why are you yelling? I'm right here." muttered Tenten.

Tenten had finally agreed to going to the mall for new (school) clothes. Sakura had been bugging her about it all summer and she figured just to shut her up she would go.

So the next day they took the bus to the local mall. Sakura was wearing white Bermuda shorts with a pink tank top that read in white "Spoiled". She had on Pink sandals with white linings and pink dangly earrings. Tenten had on a jean skirt (not neccessarily by preference) with black leggings under it and a red off the shoulder top that read "Stop Looking Or I'll Kick Your Ass!" with a black tank top underneath. She had on white K-swiss with red linings. (A.N. They both had their regular hairstyles)

They walked in and immediately they were bombarded by boys asking them to go on a date with them.

Sakura just kept walking while Tenten shook her head and walked away.

Tenten saw an arcade store she wanted to go into but Sakura just pulled her away from it.

While they were struggling they bumped into two heartthrobs. Tenten rolled her eyes as Sakura faced the one with the chicken butt hair and had hearts in her eyes.

The one with the chicken hair had on a black shirt with a Uchiha crest on the back so she guessed he was a Uchiha. But the other one just had on a plain tan shirt. She didn't know him but she guessed he was a Hyuuga because he had the same eyes as her friend Hinata.

"Hey Minnie Mouse why'd you bump into us?" The one with the chicken hair asked. "Haha" she laughed sarcastically. "I wouldn't be talking if I were you, you look like you get your hair styled in a chicken pen." His friend scoffed. "You shouldn't be laughing either, you look like a girl!"

Sakura was kinda mad because Tenten probably ruined her chances with the hot guys but she was still pretty angry he insulted her best friend.

"Yeah shutup!" Sakura said (yelled).

"Nobody asked you to talk Pinky."chicken hair said coolly.

"Why you!" Sakura screamed. She struggled to grab him and beat him up (cuz thats the Sakura we all kno and love(HATE) but Tenten held her in a tight grasp.

"You would shutup if you knew you what was best for you" she said in a cold voice.

"You don't scare us" White eyes said coolly .

Sakura was surprised. Everybody she knew faltered at Tentens cold voice.

"Whatever" Tenten said and they walked off.

(With the boys)

"So what'd you think of that pink haired one?" "She was pretty hot" said Sasuke.

"I don't like either of them" Neji replied.

"C'mon man! What are you gay or something?"

"No!" Neji replied with a glare.

"I have my reasons" "For example, that bun-haired one has a mouth and she is too feisty" That is not how a woman should be"

(With the girls)

The girls had just walked in to FOREVER 21 and Sakura rushed around pulling Tenten and clothes. It was all a big blur to her.

Sakura finally stopped and pulled out a dress that was light red and had two smoked dragons coming up the sides.

She pulled it up and said "Tenten try this on!" "It suits your style."

So Tenten went into the dressing room.

Not long after she called out "ITS TOO TIGHT!!!"

"just come out!" Sakura yelled.

She came out and all of the boys started drifting toward her in midair (how?i do not know, that is just how it works in the anime world) and drooling.

The dress on her looked G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (sorry but im singing the song), it hugged all of her curves. Some Sakura didn't even know she had.

Sakura walked up to her took out her buns and said "there, perfect".

"Im not wearing this to school if thats what your thinking" Tenten said.

"o yes you are!"

"Uh uh no!"

"Uh huh yes"

And the fight went on like that for a while.

A.N. Sorry if it isn't long enough to your liking but its my story no yours so just DEAL. Jk but I WILL try to make it longer next time.

Oh yea and just to tell you the next time they will be at school.