A collection of Final Fantasy VII short stories.


Fantasy 01: Guardian of the Goldfish

Cloud entrusted Vincent with a very important mission.

A boy was heard narrating... -"The brave knight stood watch over the beautiful princess. He would not let the dragon harm her, he would protect her with his life! The dragon glared at the knight with a challenge reflected in his eyes. He wanted to eat the princess but the knight would not allow it!"-

"Meow! Hiss!" -"The dragon's war cry!"-

"Ow!" -"The knight has been attacked!"-

"Vincent!" Denzel stopped his narration and Marlene rush over to Vincent. She took the cat and held him firmly in her arms. "You need to behave while you're here Dragon."

At Shera's insistence Cid had gotten a cat which meant now Vincent was not only stuck babysitting Marlene and Denzel but also Cid's cat. He didn't mind too much but with Princess around things were significantly harder. But he made a promise to his friend Cloud, he promised he would protect his pet goldfish and even if Dragon made a scratching post out of him he would keep that promise.

To Marlene's amusement Denzel continued with his narration -"and so with the two wizards keeping the dragon busy the knight once again resumed his mission to guard the princess for he is Vincent guardian of the goldfish!"-

End of Fantasy 01

Disclaimer, I do not own Final Fantasy VII. Fantasy 01 was inspired by Snow-chan and her Vincent figure that guards her goldfish crackers.

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