Title: Their New Life

Summary: Takes place right after the end of the novel. I suck at summaries. Vivian/Gabriel.

Disclaimer: all characters belong to Annette Curtis Klause. No exceptions.

Chapter One

The alarm clock blared loudly as morning came way too early for Vivian Gandillon. As the new queen wolf of the pack, she was already starting to feel the pressure. She really didn't know how her mother had managed all those years. Rolling over, she tried punching the off button on the alarm clock, missing it entirely and falling off the bed. Landing on all fours, she sighed, stood up and then proceeded to pitch the clock out the window.

"Thank goodness I have great reflexes. That would have hurt," she thought to herself. She stretched out her tired muscles before knowing she had no choice, but to get up.

"Vivian, come down for breakfast," Esme' called from downstairs. She was about to call back but heard her mother start giggling followed by a man's voice. Tomas. Lately, he started coming around a lot. There were many nights in fact, where he didn't leave at all. At least her mother was pining after a man who was her age, she noted thinking of a time when Esme' had wagged her tail for only Gabriel. She quickly dressed in her oldest pair of jeans and a black t-shirt before going downstairs to join the other two.

She barely made it to the bottom step when a flash of white out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. Two seconds later, Vivian found herself flat on her back staring up into the beautiful blue eyes of her pack leader and mate, Gabriel. He smiled his cocky grin, clearly glad to have caught her off guard. Still not letting her up, he trapped her hands in his before gently kissing her.

"Good morning," he greeted. Vivian raised one eyebrow before kissing him back, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Good morning to you too. Now get off me." Reluctantly, he did so, pulling her up with him when Esme' and Tomas entered the room.

"Vivie, are you okay? We heard-," she trailed off. "Oh, it's you Gabriel. Never mind. Are you staying for breakfast?"

"If it's not too much trouble and Vivian doesn't mind," he said.

"Well actually-," she started.

"Good. Well, come into the kitchen then and get something to eat," Esme' said before leaving the two of them alone again.

Author's Note: Well, what do you think? A good beginning or should it die now? Leave me a message. But please, in the spirit that this is my first fanfic, no flames.