Hi everyone,

This is my new story. I was kind of surprised that I got the idea so soon.

Anyway … just to clear things up a little.

Logan went to London in this story and they broke up a few months afterwards.

So, everything that happened in and before 'Partings' happened.

After that it's my imagination!

Love, Miss92

Wanting The Loved One

Chapter 1: 'The Usual'

"The usual, please." I tell the barman and sit down.

"Of course." He says and immediately starts making my drink. "New problems, mate?" He asks and I sigh.

"Yeah. I'm afraid so." I say and gratefully take the drink he hands me.

"Do you want to talk 'bout it?" The barman asks. He cleans the other glasses and I sigh. I know that I'm going to tell him. Just as I do every time I come in here.

"I guess that it would be better to do so." I say and the barman nods.

"Still having problems with your love life?" It's more a statement than a question and I nod.

"She's engaged." I say barely above a whisper. "She's engaged and I didn't even see it coming. I still had this hope that she would come back to me eventually, you know?"

"Life is hard, my friend. Life is hard." The barman says and I nod.

"You're right." I say with a sigh. "But… I don't get to make my own choices, you know? Life is handed at me and I take it. Well, my work is handed at me and I take it. My love life … damn, that's something different."

"You should be happy that your work is good. You shouldn't even be sitting here. You should sit at a fancy pub full of smoking, rich man wearing suits." The barman says, but I don't even hear him.

"I love her, but I screwed it up. I shouldn't have worked for my father. I should have told him that I didn't want to work for him, because if I did … I would have still had her. My Ace." I whisper the last two words. "And I still thought that I would win her back eventually, you know? I would just walk up to her and say: 'here I am'." I take another sip of my drink.

"Look, mate, I like your stories. But I've got to say that you're pathetic. You're wasting your time. You come here, lets say, once a month and tell me about your 'Ace'. You keep telling me how beautiful she is and how much you love her, but have you ever told her about that? Have you ever told her that you will always love her and that you're wasting your time without her?" The barman says and I look up at him.

"What … that's … you shouldn't confront me. You should listen to my drunken stories." I say and the barman nods.

"Fair enough. I just thought that you needed some confrontation." He says and I chuckle lightly.

"You, you are a good man, my friend." I say and the barman smiles.

"Tell me more about your 'Ace', mate." He says and I nod.

"Like I said; she's engaged. It's all over the papers. Typically Emily …" I say, but before I can go further the barman interrupts.

"Wait. Emily? Who's that? Is that her real name?" He asks and I shake my head.

"Nope. Emily … Emily Gilmore is her grandmother. The one who has always loved me. She wanted me and Ace to marry. In fact … the first time I had dinner with the family she was asking me if I liked kids. That was a blast, but … I felt very uncomfortable. But hey! It was the first time I committed to someone …" I say and the barman nods.

"And at the same time also the last time you committed to someone." He says.

I nod. "Yeah. That's true. You should have met her. You would like her. She's very witty and charming. And her eyes … they are deep blue and I see them every night in my dreams." I say dreamily.

"I have the same with my wife, but she's awful. Why do you think I'm always here? But hey, don't ask anything, because I like your story better. Go on." He says and I chuckle once again.

"She … she has beautiful dark brown hair and when I first met her, I can't believe it myself, I didn't really see her. Maybe because she was too innocent for my taste. But when you hear her talk … gosh, she's feisty and witty. That's what I love about her. And when she's rambling … I just want to kiss her." I say and the barman frowns.

"Seriously … I never feel that urge when my wife is rambling, but maybe that's because she's always chasing me with a knife." He says and I look up at him. "Okay, not a knife … a spoon." He says and grins. I smile.

"Luckily she didn't chase me. But … she did confront me. When she found out that I slept with my sister's bridesmaids when we weren't together she freaked out. Which isn't weird, I guess. But when I tried to win her over she was at Paris' and Paris confronted me by asking if I had a STD. She was even better at confronting as Rory was. But … when I looked in Ace' eyes it always hurt me when she confronted me. With Paris it just seemed kind of … funny, actually." I say and the barman nods.

"It's awful to see your woman in pain. Especially when you cause it. It gets worse when you don't know what you did and she is in pain and you're the cause. Then it gets difficult." He says and grabs my glass to fill it again. "That's why my wife chases me with a spoon."

"Does marriage suck?" I ask.

The barman sighs. "I know that you want me to say yes, but it doesn't suck. It's hard sometimes, but most of the time it makes you happy and you feel loved. And I know that a guy shouldn't say this, but all we want is to be loved, right? I guess that's the reason why you're here." He says.

"Yeah. I think I am. I just … she told me she loved me first … maybe I waited too long, you know? And leaving to London didn't really help, I guess." I say and the barman chuckles.

"Nope, it didn't, mate." He says.

"Thank you for the comfort." I say and the barman just shrugs. "I thought … I wanted to please my father so much, you know? I didn't even think that Ace and me couldn't handle this, because … we were so great together. Before I left, I mean. Jumping of that cliff was good for one thing. And that was winning her trust back."

"Aye, mate. I'm sorry, but I have to close up. It's one o'clock." The barman says looking at his watch.

"That's okay. I guess that I should go anyway. You're right, you know. I am pathetic." I say and the man gives me a sympathetic look.

"Just remember that I like your stories, mate." He says and I smile.

"I'll see you next time." I say.

"Hopefully not that soon. Because when you return soon it's bad. When you don't … it's quite all right." He says and I smile.

"Well, I'll hope the same then." I say and walk out of the pub.

Wanting The Loved One

"I wish you and my granddaughter all the luck in the world. So, people, raise your glass towards this young, beautiful couple with talent and say 'cheers'." My grandfather ends his speech and I smile at him.

"Cheers!" Everyone says and I feel him let go of my hand.

"Thank you so much for this wonderful words, Richard. I'll take care of this beautiful woman next to me." He says and turns towards everyone. "If anyone wants to know how I made this beautiful brunette fall for me? I'll tell you. And … I don't want to bore you, but it was quite easy, might I add."

I gasp. "It was not! You have been sending me flowers for three months before I agreed at going out with you and that was only because I thought you were wasting your money on me." I say and everyone laughs.

"Well, besides those horrible three months … it was quite easy. Because this beautiful woman here next to me has a thing for coffee, which I figured out soon, luckily." He says.

"So, I fell for the coffee, but I didn't immediately fall for you." I say and everyone laughs again.

He pulls me close to him and kisses my cheek. "But you did fall for me and here we are. I am the most lucky man on earth to marry you, my darling."

I hear people saying 'ooh' and 'awe' and I search the crowd for my mom who's standing in the middle. Her arms are crossed in front of her chest and she smiles a forced smile.

I smile at her, but my mom doesn't seem to feel any better.

"Excuse me." I whisper in his ear and I walk away waving at my mom that she should come to see me. "What's wrong with you? I know that you don't like George, but you don't have to act like it in public. You promised me that you wouldn't pout all night. You would smile and try to be happy for me." I say and see my mom shake her head.

"You know that I disagree, Rory. And that isn't because I don't like George. I'm sure he's a great guy, but … it is about something else which I'm not allowed to say out loud, remember?" She says.

"Don't be so childish, mom!" I say frustrated. "I'm over him. I've moved on. I loved him, but we are over. We were over a long time ago and we weren't meant to be. I'm with George now and I love him, so could you at least try to be happy for me?" I ask and my mom nods.

"I know. I'm sorry. I'll try." She says softly.

"Everything okay over here?" I hear George ask and I turn towards him.

"Yes, of course it is, honey. We were just talking." I say with a smile and my mom forces a smile too.

"That was a great speech, George. Really, I enjoyed it." My mom says.

"Thank you, Lorelai." George says and he grabs my hand. "Shall we join our guests again, honey?" He asks and I nod.

I let my mom stand there and sigh. I know that she's right. George is a great guy and I love him, but a part of me isn't able to move on from a long lost love. But that's not what I'm going to think about.