"Hey, what's with the face?" An 17 year old Dean Winchester lazily asked his scowling younger brother.

"What's with your face?" The immature teen snapped back, thinking the remark was clever.

Well it certainly wasn't. At least that's what Dean thought. The last time he had to baby-sit his brother like this was four years ago when Sam was still a well behaved and quiet little boy. Now he was an adolescent nightmare, protesting to hunts by acting cocky and annoying. Especially when their father wasn't with the brothers, Dean found it a lot harder to intimidate Sam as the years went by, as he grew to realise in horror that his brother was reaching his height.

Although he was younger back then and was a lot less confident in protecting Sam, Dean missed those days, where had his polite and admittedly cute baby brother gone?

The rain drummed down against the single glazed window of the cheap motel room, making the room freezing. Dean ignored the surroundings of the faded painted walls and dusty carpet and turned on the TV plonking down on one of the single beds. The noise was quiet and the screen kept fading but it was still entertainment, and Dean was grateful.

What he was not grateful for, however, was Sam's ability to sigh louder than the TV. Dean ignored this until Sam huffed again, even louder.

"Is there something you want to say?" Dean asked calmly with his eyebrows raised, despite his rising temper.

"How can you go along with the hunts so easily?" Sam immediately answered. Dean rolled his eyes.

"God not this again Sammy."

"I mean, don't you ever feel bad? Or scared or even angry?"

"I feel angry you won't shut up and let me watch some damn TV, we've been on the road for days and I'm asking for a little peace and quiet." Dean said straight back, turning his head back to the TV.

"Yeah well that's not my fault."

"I am not getting into this argument again." Dean retorted simply, ending the conversation. Lately all Sam did was complain about being on the road, it was driving him crazy, not to mention his father who would often have heated 'talks' with his younger sibling.

"I'm going." Sam said also simply, getting up off the other single bed and heading for the door.

Alarm rose slightly in Dean's voice. "Hey…hey! Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm climbing the walls man I just need to get out for a few hours, what's the big deal Dad won't be back from buying ammo for ages yet."

Sam's wanting to leave reminded Dean of a painful memory of abandoning Sam in the same way and almost resulting in his death touched a raw nerve, and he shot up grabbing Sam's arm and pulling him back.

"You are not going anyway Sammy. Dad's order. My orders."

"Well I won't have to take them for much longer by the time I'm sixteen I'll be taller than you and I won't have to listen to you."

"Oh yeah right, and what are you implying? That would could beat me in a fight or something?" Dean scoffed, the idea of it was laughable, it was pure madness. Sam was a klutz, although brainy could be caught off guard pretty easily. Heck Dean knew after being on hunting trips with him.

"I bet I could, you're- you're just- nothing! You're just a bore and a- a follower of orders." Sam said eventually, coming up with his best thought insult yet. Apparently.

"Well if you're so sure then take me on now." Dean said, smirking. Sam looked panicked.

"What, now?" He said, his sure smile faltering.

"Why not, Dad's not here to give me any orders not to, I'll show you what nothing can do." Dean answered, enjoying tormenting his brother like that and standing as tall as he could. He wondered if he could scare his brother into being quiet, either way this was fun.

Sam backed away into the wall. "I'll tell him! Then he'll lay into you." He threatened as a last resort.

"Oh I don't know. I could twist the story, tell him the tale of how you lashed out and tried to run off, and that I only hurt you so I could keep you safe."

"That's not!- He wouldn't-…oh fine whatever!" Sam said quickly before interrupting himself.

"You really are smart then." Dean laughed and sat back down on the bed slowly, grinning. "I wasn't really going to hurt you, you know."

"Yeah 'cos you're so short." Sam said loudly.

There was a brief silence.

Dean sighed and leant over the bed and unzipped his bag, after rummaging about it he produced a roll of duct tape. "Then again, I know you too well to keep your mouth shut."

He was up next to his brother in seconds, tripping him up on the floor, Sam yelped with the sudden attack and the brothers ended up in a heap on the floor pounding on each other with a series of attack and defence sequences.

Eventually Dean saw an opening and with some strength flipped Sam onto his back, promptly sitting on top of him.

"You said you weren't going to hurt me!" Sam wailed, his face in the mouldy carpet.

"Yeah… you changed my mind." Dean sighed but couldn't help smiling at his squirming brothers misfortune, forcing his hands behind his back and wrapping duct tape around them quickly, snapping it off the roll.

He moved down to the bottom of Sam's legs and untidily wrapped more duct tape around him.

Sam turned over and sat up struggling.

"You have got to be kidding!"

"Last chance to apologise Sammy. What's it going to be?" Asked Dean breathlessly after capturing the thirteen year old, ripping off one more strip from the tape.

Sam's eyes darted from Dean, to the tape and the door, scowling.

"… Dad is going to kill you."

Dean pouted, shrugging. He pressed the tape over Sam's mouth in a quick action then jumped off the floor and back onto the bed.

"Aww, I missed my show." He said, disappointed. He turned to Sam who was on his side, frowning up at him. "It's okay I forgive you."

Dean laughed then turned up the TV. He looked out the window, it was still raining.

After a muffled grunt Dean turned his attention back to Sam who glared at him.

"It's okay I'm not going to leave you like that. But like you said, Dad won't be back for ages, and I could do with a little peace and quiet." Sam looked mortified. "Oh no, don't you try those puppy dog eyes on me or I'll put tape over your eyes… Oh and the floors dusty so you might want to sit up."

Sam did so, still scowling and not attempting to speak.

Dean chuckled. "Now who follows the orders?"