The final installment of my mini series. Namine, the last of the Nobodies with a special gift and the will to be a SOMEBODY.

One We Are Nobodies, Two We Are Whole

Chapter 3: Namine

I'm sorry… I'm so sorry...

Never had she felt so used. All she wanted was to be a part of someone's life and be cherished like her whole self had been. Kairi was loved by both Sora and Riku. Why couldn't she have that? Marluxia promised her a place in the world so she wouldn't end up as the rest of the Nobodies. Existing in a world with no hopes or dreams, going by day by day like voiceless shadows. Namine didn't want to be a ghost. She had a chance to be with Sora, yet his will won and she had to place him to sleep. Was it so hard to ask that he be with her? Was she so different then this girl named Kairi? Searching through his memories, Namine realized that his love and compassion was to be earned truthfully, not out of trickery and lies. How ashamed she felt.

DiZ was the one to comfort her and help her mend the past she nearly destroyed. That was when she met Roxas, a special Nobody like herself. He too searched for meaning, yet he seemed broken, as if he really didn't have a heart or the will to continue. Creating the alternative Twilight Town wasn't just a way to keep him safe from his pursuers, she designed it so he felt as if he belonged somewhere. Deep down she knew she messed things up, but she didn't know how to fix things, at least not then.

When the Dusks entered his world of make believe as well as the strange red headed man, it was up to her to set things right. Little by little she gave him clues to defend himself and help him remember his forgotten memories she sealed away. The chains of his memories and Sora's were breaking and recontructing themselves for the moment when the two would meet.

The instant she let Roxas into her room, something inside of her changed. Perhaps it was Kairi calling out to Sora, trying to break the sleep she had created over his heart and mind. Roxas was the key to wake him up. There was a possibility he would be lost, but it was what he wanted in the end. Even when DiZ tried to stop her, her will prevailed once she saw the two unite. At that moment she would no longer be used as an instrument of evil things. She would forget her powers and journey on her own to find her heart that dwelled within the girl named Kairi. The only problem was to locate her. At her birth, she had no memory of where she came from, of who she was. It was something that needed to be discovered. She only knew of her existence from Marluxia. And so her quest began.

But again, she was alone as she wandered the worlds like a reaper, trying to find her real self. That was when she was captured by Siax, and taken to the dungeon. This was her chance to be whole and reunite with Roxas in spirit as he resided in Sora, lending his ture self strength. At first she was scared, what if she couldn't keep herself alive again in Kairi? Or what if her evil ways tainted the pure hearted Kairi? No, she had to do it.

Joining with Kairi was one of the hardest choices she had ever made, but in the end it was worth it. Once again she reunited with Roxas, the one who gave her a new meaning to continue to exist, her privilege to live on her own taken. It was her will and Roxas' determination that sent the two key blade masters back home to Destiny Island. Finally, they had a home, people who cherished them and it made her happy, happier than she ever felt even if it wasn't her they called for. Kairi... not Namine.

Marluxia promised her false hope. Kingdom Hearts would not give her a new meaning. She had to carve her own path, rely on herself and believe in the power to become whole. Within Kairi, she would have no voice; no will, but a heart, so full of emotion and life. She would stare through the eyes of the girl's and continue to live as the days go by. It was better then being a nobody, because she was apart of somebody.

Kingdom Hearts was the domain in which the Nobodies dwelled, waiting to be reunited with their true self. It connected them to everyone and everything. Kingdom Hearts could never give you a heart because there were none to give. It was a place of reunion and completion.

And so, I conclude my series of this. I hope you liked it! Chapters AXEL and ROXAS will be revised again soon. If anyone thinks I should do a SORA and/or RIKU chapter, feel free to let me know. I think I could manage that if you the readers want me to. I want to do it, but at the same time no. So motivate me some how. They both pretty much entered the realm of Nobodies with the knowledge of their existence. How would they feel, knowing that Roxas was once apart of Sora? Thanks again! And please REVIEW!