Hey everyone! It's me again! I know, I know, another story! But this one's good, I promise. And it's just a fun little piece I'm working on with NotOld who is my bestest friend –grins- (even if she is weird. But we all are, so….) it's an AIM session, so sorry if there's more chatspeak and grammatical errors than usual. It just adds to the fun, okay? Read on, good friends, read on!


S: Once there was a vampire named Emmett Cullen and he was the biggest prankster in…

T: Washington. One day he decided to pull a prank on...

S: his brother's human girlfriend, Bella. He just had to make sure Alice didn't tell her he...

S: wait. Forget that last part.

S: lets switch to EPOV, kay?

S: you start.

T: kay, even though I have no idea what that means.

S: Emmett's point of view.

S: shoot.

T: oh, ok.


T: Some people like too play their petty little instruments. Some people like to fix their pieces of junk they call cars. Some even like to collect stamps, but who likes to do that? I like trickery, and I'm not afraid to show it!


S: So one day, I decided that I was going to trick Bella by…

T: trying to convince her that Edward was "sneaking a peek" at Jessica.

T: again. ???????????????????????

S: hahahaahahahahaah!!!!!!!!

S: This was going to take a lot of my oh-so-wonderful (crappy) strategic planning (trickery)

T: But Bella is so gullible sometimes. Humans, they are an entertainment of a different kind. So I took...

S: a tape recorder and went to help Edward get ready for another one of his romantic dates with Bella.

T: This was especially difficult because of his oh-so-annoying talent. So I decided...

S: To only think about the "date" Rosalie and I had had the night before. That was sure to keep him out of my mind. But first, I had to get him to say the right things. I did this by...

T: asking him why in the world would he like Bella and then telling him about how Jess was "checking him out" at lunch today.

S: it wasn't working. So, I tried another strategy,

Hold up, t, I'm still writing.

"So what did you think of Bella last night?" I asked him, pushing play on the tape recorder.

"She looked amazing." he said. Jackpot!

T: He started carrying on and on and on about how the date went so well as per usual. It was getting boring so I had to bring the conversation toward Jess... sorry Say-rah gtg.

That's the end of chapter one, because as you can see, NotOld had to go –frowns- but as soon as we continue this, I promise to update. By the way, that's probably going to be tomorrow. And this is not taking away from any time that would normally be spent writing my other stories. That is saved for school, when I'm trying to be a little more formal.